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An innovative VR Coloring Book that lets you experience and interact with your own artwork through virtual reality goggles
An innovative VR Coloring Book that lets you experience and interact with your own artwork through virtual reality goggles
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    1. IF Interactive Creator on

      Hi Maricy,

      We will check for you.

      ImagineVR Team

    2. Missing avatar

      Maricy ortiz mercon braz on

      Could you please check my package? I have not received it yet.

    3. IF Interactive Creator on

      Hi Silvio,

      We haven't received your response to the survey. That's why we cannot send you the reward. Please login to the kickstarter and fill up the survey. Thanks.

      ImagineVR Team

    4. Silvio Douven

      Hi creator, just checking up, seeing your previous comments, I still haven’t received my package, can you please follow up with the courier for me? Don’t believe I have ever seen any tracking information? Thanks

    5. IF Interactive Creator on

      Hi Maricy,

      We sent out all the rewards in December. I will check with the courier for your case.

      ImagineVR Team

    6. Missing avatar

      Maricy ortiz mercon braz on

      I have not received my package yet. What is the delivery date? I bought it in November and so far I have not received anything...

    7. IF Interactive Creator on

      Hi, Sheryl

      There is user guide in the third page of coloring book. Please kindly check and find the registration code. Thanks

    8. Missing avatar

      Sheryl Fishmam on

      I got my book, but there is no registration code, so I can’t register ... so my kid can’t see beyond the first image. Help?!

    9. Missing avatar

      Eve on

      My registration keep failing despite double, tripe checking the password on the book

    10. IF Interactive Creator on

      Hi Phil,

      Thank you for your support! Enjoy!

      Imagine VR Team

    11. Missing avatar

      Phil Cassell on

      Nevermind!! Found it. This is pretty slick. My daughter shouts all excited that her mermaids were dancing! Great job!

    12. Missing avatar

      Phil Cassell on

      Hello! Got the product today and so far so good. The only thing I cant find is the registration number for the app. Where can I track that down.


    13. IF Interactive Creator on

      Dear All ,

      Thanks for your support to our product.
      The APP is available to be downloaded now. Please refer to the instruction of coloring book to experience your artwork in the beautiful 3D space. Any question, please let us know. Thanks

      Imagine VR team

    14. IF Interactive Creator on

      Hi, Denise

      We had arranged the shipment to UK. It will take about 10-15 days for shipping. Please kindly have a wait and hope you receive it soon. Thanks

      Imagine VR team

    15. Denise Chung

      When are you going to ship to the U.K.?

    16. Missing avatar

      John J on

      Received mine today. Here in Florida. Nice packaging . Haven't opened to view coloring books yet. Quick delivery.

    17. Jessica Klapperich

      I got my today in California. Beautiful box! I cannot wait for the app to be up and running. Wish i had grabbed more than one. Just looks so amazing! Thanks :)

    18. Rebecca Baker on

      Woohoo! I received mine today in Oklahoma! I can’t wait to try this, but I promised my daughter that if I got these, I’d wait to do mine with her. :) Thank you so much, we’re so excited!

    19. Missing avatar

      Suzanne C Dwyer-Doruff on

      That explains why I can not get the app, hopefully soon!

    20. IF Interactive Creator on

      Hi Ann and all backers,

      Our app is almost ready. We are still waiting for App Store's approval for listing. I think we will get the approval on next week. However, to avoid the unforeseeable shipping during Christmas period, we started delivering for some of the backers before the app is online. If you got the reward, please kindly waiting for the app to be online.

      Wish you enjoy our products.

      Imagine VR team

    21. Ann Voelkel

      I just got my VR coloring book in the mail! However when I try scanning the code for the iOS app, it says it's not available in the US Apple App Store. Do you know when it will be available?

    22. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      congrats guys!! Looking forward to surprising my kids!
      FYI... The credit card I used expires this month... I assume it should still go through, but I may need to change pledge to use my replacement card (sorry, new one arrived after I pledged....)

    23. IF Interactive Creator on

      We did it! Thank you everyone who love our product. We are preparing for the manufacturing and make sure we can deliver on time.

      Thank you for your support!

    24. Missing avatar

      Rajesh Menon on

      Awesome, I am so happy that you are fully funded. Our entire family is looking forward to using this. I had told all my friends too to go ahead and buy one since I loved your concept.

    25. Rebecca Baker on

      Congratulations on being funded! I know my daughter will be looking forward to this on Christmas, as well as myself!

    26. SCOTT on

      Well cool thank you very much I really appreciate that yeah I mean I really feel that this will help a lot of people like myself that are bipolar and agoraphobic you know

      I mean I tried suicide 127 x I don't really have any family left I have a few friends and that's about it and something like this to release your mind is great

      No people say fly drones well I have a few drones but to be honest you really can't fly I'm when it rains you really can't fly on when it's windy and you surely can't find where it snows and I live in the North so but yeah this will be perfect for me so I can just relax so thank you very much I appreciate it and yeah I agree this would be amazing for you know medical groups and stuff like that cuz it's affordable and it would work.

      Sometimes the best thing to do is just use your imagination and creativity and for me that's what you need to do because when you're bipolar and agoraphobic and body dysmorphia scism and what that means is I don't like the way I look people make fun of me sometimes the way I look I mean I'm six foot seven and I'm 207 pounds.

      In fact I actually had a friend of mine last night went to get me out of house so he took me to the movie theater locally where I live in Tunkhannock while not locally but close by and it's the first time I've been a movie theater like 15 years and to be honest I was in so much pain after sitting in that chair that I probably will never go to another movie theater again they don't make them for people my height and that sucks so I'll just stick with my home entertainment system

      But yeah I'm off topic I can't wait to get this this looks amazing thank you so much I just hope you send me the right size t-shirt because I am you know six foot seven so yeah thank you again and God bless and I recommend Everybody by this because this could absolutely help you and change your life

      You don't need to cut yourself or anything like that if you get depressed and feel like suicide call somebody and get help and the doctors will tell you that the best therapy of all is creativity and this right here is creativity cuz it lets you enjoy without spending a fortune and that's what we need.

      Bipolar by dysmorphism agoraphobia is a very very serious disease and if more people find out about it the more people's lives you know we could save I mean I don't think you know this but over three thousand people a day commit suicide 3000 people

      Out of those people over a thousand people cut themselves doing it or called Cutters like myself, that's a lot of people going through this add a thousand people a day cut themselves to relieve stress and pain and we need to really do something about this and get more we're in this on this subject.

      I've been going through this for the last five four and five years

      I mean in 2012 October 15th my fiance killed herself

      Then December 15th my dog died 2012

      Then in January 27th 2013 my mom died

      Then on December 15th again 2014 my last dog died

      And then October my best friend died 2015

      And then just recently on June 26th 2017 my uncle passed away

      So all I do now is just stay in the house watch TV and that's it because I'm on disability and yep that's pretty much my life

    27. IF Interactive Creator on

      Hi Rebecca,

      There are 2 ways you can get one more product.

      (1) If you have another email address, log in with that email address and pledge 1 Early Bird reward.

      (2) You can change your pledge amount to 3 sets, plus shipping cost. If your shipping destination is United States, the total amount is USD $78, or HKD $609. We will keep the record about your pledge and deliver 3 sets to you.

      Thank you.

      The Imagine VR Team

    28. Rebecca Baker on

      That doesn't quite answer my question. I'm wanting to know if I were to keep my 2x order (Your early bird special that I still want.) May I change the amount of that to 650 instead of the 405 so I can get 3x? There isn't an option to purchase 3, and I have no use for 4.

      There is no way to combine two different pledge levels to add my 2 to become 3, but what I an do is raise the amount of pledge to give you 'extra' so I could buy one more.

      Is this something we can do? And if so, the amount I should put for 3? I'm hoping you can accommodate, as I really would love to have some for myself, my daughter, and my sister-in-law for Christmas!

    29. IF Interactive Creator on

      Hello Rebecca,

      Thank you for your support! You may adjust your reward or pledge amount by following these steps. (1) Log in to Kickstarter. (2) Visit Imagine VR project page. (3) Click the ‘Manage Pledge’ button and select a new reward. Let us know if you have further questions.

      The Imagine VR Team

    30. Rebecca Baker on

      May I pose a question? I backed your set of 2 at the early bird price. But, I wondered if there is a way to add to my monies offered so I couldn’t get a third one?

      My sister in law would love this, so I’m hoping I could spend a little more, get you a bit more, and save some money at the same time?

      Please, let me know when you can. :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Hay Young Collaborator on

      Hello Scott,

      Thank you so much for supporting our Imagine VR and shared your review. First, we would like to let you know that our project has come to the production stage and we are committed to deliver in December this year. Hope you will enjoy our VR Coloring Book in the holidays.

      Scott, you are our hero. You are fighting against depression every day. We hope our VR Coloring Book can bring you peace and harmony. As you might know, the great American Abstract Expressionist painter, Jackson Pollock, regarded art has a healing value. He took inspiration from the Indian sand painting, a ritual for curing the sick person in the tribe.

      Your comment reminds us about the VRT (Virtual Reality Therapy) project we experimented years ago. It’s a project which blended VRT and Art Therapy. The therapy was for children with psychological trauma, with the purpose to help them to overcome fear and depression and regaining a positive self image. Kids would engage in making artworks and interact with the VR scene. It was a laboratory experiment. Perhaps our company should think of making an affordable, home-base Virtual Reality Art Therapy product. It might help a lot of people like you. This can be an add-on or another Kickstarter campaign.

      As for your suggestion about the add-on of color-pencils, we think it will be too expensive to ship. We would suggest you to buy in the supermarket nearby and it will save you a lot of money. Also we want to let you know about the reason why we don’t provide the head strap for the VR Goggles. According to research, using your hand to hold the VR Goggles can reduce VR simulation sickness, particularly when you are turning around to experience the VR scene.

      Scott, to show our appreciation, we will send you for free our add-on product, a T-shirt and a sheet of temporary tattoo. Hope you will like them.

      Best regards,

      The Imagine VR Team

    32. SCOTT on

      Normally I said I would never back another Kickstarter promotion but I have to say that this is actually something that could help a lot of people in the world especially people like me who suffer from bipolar agoraphobic body dysmorphia system disease

      I don't have any friends or family my mom passed away for years ago and to make the story even shorter I tried suicide 127 x my doctors recommend things like coloring or lights or something like that to relax me and when I saw this I was really blown away because it's something I've never seen before

      I mean I know there are temporary tattoos that you can use an app on they come alive but to be honest they look like crap and they were really expensive but the coloring book is a great idea because not only do you get to color and just use regular color pencils which are super cheap and everybody has them and if you don't get them online or eBay or Amazon for less than $2 but you just need your imagination and that's what's important about this

      And really for $26 that's not a bad price considering what you're getting I mean to take a coloring book and make it come to life that's pretty damn cool

      So yeah I can't wait to get mine and please make sure I get the adult one because I am an adult

      And I really hope more people buy this because I think this would help a lot of people with depression like myself especially with the holidays coming up you know this would be amazing because you could use your mind which is something that even know when you're bipolar agoraphobic you still have it it's just doesn't work that well

      Maybe you'll have a special bonus real send us coloring pencils or even if you get a higher amount of money made you even send us another coloring book for free that be kind of cool you know add-ons they call it when you hit a certain amount of money you need for your campaign anyway thank you and please keep me informed and I can't wait to receive this and I really really hope that you do ship in December and you don't delay it like a lot of companies do

      Because that's the problem with Kickstarter and Indiegogo promotions is the company promises Big Ideas and unfortunately in the end they don't deliver or they never ship or the item they get pretty much is not what they promised and I really hope you don't have that also it would be great if you had a way to strap the headset on your head it won't be that hard just put a rubber band or something to the package anyway thanks for listening and God bless

      And sorry for my grammar it's not easy to type on the phone and I use Google speak for all my messages.