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Become an EAT TRASH advocate and send DIVE! to every Trader Joe's and Whole Foods across the country!

96 billion pounds of food is wasted every year in America.

DIVE! is about saving this good food and getting it to hungry people.

We want to craft a special, limited edition of DIVE! to send to every Trader Joe's and Whole Foods in the country. We're looking for finishing funds to get the job done, specifically to cover the new artwork, manufacturing, and shipping costs to make 1,000 DVD's.

We hope to raise 10K in 20 days. We want people to take an active role in this project, to find that their voices are being heard and amplified, and connect with one another by becoming advocates of ending food waste. Find out more at

We've uploaded a new campaign video--you can still find the old one here:

Pass it on!!!


DIVE! was finished just over a year ago. It was Jeremy Seifert's first film and had a budget of just $200, so there were no plans for it….just get through it without losing anyone's mind and move on to the next project. Numerous friends and one of the film's producers, Joshua Alex Kunau, encouraged him to submit it to some festivals, so he chose a few that had artsy sounding names or good graphics or beautiful locations. After winning at its festival premiere in Gig Harbor, WA, the film's composer, Timmy Vatterott came over with a credit card and insisted on submitting to more festivals. They submitted DIVE! to a few dozen festivals that night and both laughed about how much money was stacking up on the credit card, which was many, many times more than the film's budget.

A year later, DIVE! has won 19 festivals from all over the world, and on December 7th Congressman Jared Polis hosted a screening on Capitol Hill. Jeremy had the honor of being on a panel with amazing people like Eric Davis from Feeding America, Kelly Shea from White Wave Foods, former Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman, Sue Kincaid of Capital Area Food Bank, and Elizabeth Kucinich! The reception and accolades have been exciting and humbling, and the real change taking place because of the film has been tremendously encouraging. But so much more needs to happen.

We've spoken with the grocery stores to no avail--it's time to send a message! And this is where you can contribute and be a part of something really exciting: changing corporations for the good of the needy and our planet. And what better way than through art and film?

Please help us send a copy of DIVE! with a letter of exhortation to every Trader Joe's and Whole Foods across the country. We've had less than three weeks to raise $10,000 to cover the manufacturing, shipping, new art, and design costs to produce and send out 1,000 DVD's. We're getting close but we need folks to dig down, spread the word, and share the message with friends and family!

Here's a cost breakdown of how we'll use 10K to punch food waste in the face!

DVD's + custom made case's = $3,000
padded envelopes = $350
shipping = $1,400
labor = $1,500
overhead/administration = $1,500
design + cover art = $1,000
DVD authoring = $500
Premium costs = $750
TOTAL = 10,000 Big Ones


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