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You have a great opportunity to help us fund our summer tour. TopherMan is solely a ministry and exists only for the glory of God.

TopherMan is heading out on a two month tour starting early May!  God has called, so we must go!  Alot of preparation and thought has gone into this tour, along with prayer. We believe that God is going to do some amazing things through it and truly use us in a big way. 

A tour requires a lot of funds, funds that we don't have. As much as we would like to say that we are a well-paid traveling band, that is just not the case. The only thing that keeps us going is our Savior and our very supportive fans that stand behind us through thick and thin. We know God will provide a way and that is why we have decided to partner with Kickstarter. 

With much thought and consideration we have decided on a goal to raise $1,000. We feel this is a number we can reach with the fans, friends, and family that have continued to support our music through out the years. This is just another way that our amazing fans can continue to contribute to our career, and in return, we've come up with a few packages to show our appreciation! 

Take a moment to watch the video above and look around! Please pray about what God would have you give and help us further his kingdom! 

We love you all! 



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    A sticker and poster of your choice. Oh and our love.

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    You will get a physical copy of our record and digital download of our new EP set to release in August. Also you get what is included in reward #1

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    You will get our new EP due out in August. This includes the vinyl and digital download. We will also create a video based on your imagination. Explanation: If you pledge 50 dollars we will contact you and then you will come up with a video idea for us to film. All credit for the film will go to you. You also will get everything in reward #1 and #2 as well.

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    We will take you and some friends out to dinner. You will also receive everything in Reward #1,#2, and #3 as well.

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    We will write and record a song just for you. We will also give you handwritten lyrics to your favorite TopherMan songs. You also get everything included in all previous rewards.

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