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An addictive, multiplayer, location based game, that imitates the thrills and excitements of the world's leading secret agents.

Trust no-one and be ready to act on a moments notice... no matter where you are...

Mossad is an exciting mobile game of agents and espionage, which uses location based technologies and augmented reality to deliver an unparalleled experience.

Join us in building the next generation of RPG. During the last two years, we have spent countless hours designing and perfecting the infrastructure of an amazing game, providing our agents with virtual assignments to be executed in the real world.

Our Beta version will be lunched soon, and we would like to invite you to be part of this exciting journey.

With your assistance we will be able to add new missions, create special weapons and tools for the agents and enhace the game's experience. We would also use your contribution to migrate the successful Beta to the Android platform so even more players could enjoy the game.

The Mossad development team


The Mossad game starts in the war room of an underground bunker in an unknown location. Your agent's training begins by meeting agent Z who will guide you throughout the world of espionage and secret identities. He will be the one who will provide you with your first guided mission.

You will have to go to real life locations around you, open the in-Game camera and find hidden clues and objects in these places. Every mission has a time limit so you'll have to act fast and accurately.

With every Mission you complete you'll get higher security clearance and be presented with advanced missions and tasks. As you progress, the Missions will get more complicated and the rewards will get higher.

Be bold, be quick and work your way up the ladder - gain badges and earn respect from fellow agents.

Who We Are

The Mossad development team is made up of Zohar Cohen, an entreprenuer with an established track record, Yoav Schumacher, a seasoned Art director, and GreenShpits Ltd., an independent iOS Apps development firm founded in 2009 by Joe Green and Eyal Shpits, with over 80 different Apps under its belt ( In 2010, these forces joined together to bring about the next generation of RPG. 

Why do we want you to join us?

We want to create the best real life role playing game out there. We can't do it all by ourselves and funding through traditional channels takes time and effort which we rather spend on enhancing and perfecting the game. Kickstarter is primarily a communication channel for us to connect directly with you, the players. It is you, the players, who will ultimately determine if the game is a success or not. That's why we want you to be part of the development process and we're looking forward to receiving your feedback and input about the game, at this stage rather than when its all said and done. 

What will we do with your money?

Our Goal for the funding is aimed at adding to the existing infrastructure more content, more options, more graphics and more platforms so that eventually more players would be able to enjoy the game.

In case we over achieve our goal we have already planned for additional features and capabilities for the game to make it more rich and exciting (see below).

Stretched Goals:

$100K - Complete iOS development and migrate to Android based platform. Enhanced gaming experience sounds, videos etc'.

$150K - Additional content - complex missions, increased customization capabilities, weapons, accessories etc'. Localization and translation to additional languages.

$250K - Add the ability to create and complete Missions created by other agents


  • Exclusive KickStarter Mossad Friend badge
  • 300 Credits, for the KickStarter pledge of $20 (normally goes for $30)
  • Name your own agent
  • Exclusive Mossad T-Shirt

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We have assembled a great team of designers and technologists so we’re confident we’ll be able to tackle any challenge in these areas. However we do expect two main hurdles we'll need to overcome in order to succeed:

1. We would like to enhance the augmented reality algorithm so that objects will look more realistic and provide the best experience to the players. We need to decide between developing our own augmented reality algorithm to licensing an existing algorithm from a known vendor. By receiving enough funding we will be able to license the best available technology and shorten the development time and will allow us to provide an even better game faster.

2. The second challenge is even trickier. How do we change gamers' typical behavior and make them play an active game where they have to move around their neighborhood. It's been done before (foursquare, Geocaching) but we intend to add real life prizes at real life locations to attract players that need the extra incentive to be active. That will require us to collaborate with retailers and vendors around the world. We’ve already started approaching vendors in Israel and will keep you updated as we add more and more retailers to our network. Our next market would be the US, starting with the East Coast and moving on to the West Coast.
Finally, if everything else goes well we plan to introduce real life objects and clues as part of our advanced missions. Imagine walking to your local Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts handing your smartphone with the Mossad App open to the cashier and getting a sealed envelope from the cashier in which the details of your mission will be written in a code that only a decoder from your agent’s suitcase can decifer. This is just an example, the possibilities are endless.


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    As one of our Friends, you'll be rewarded with a special in-Game Badge that will only be available for the Mossad Friends.

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    In addition to the special badge, this pledge amount will also provide you with twice as much Credits to be used in the game compared to what regular players will receive. The Credits balance could be used to purchase tools, weapons or accessories and to customize or enhance your agent.

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    As one of our trusted Friends, you'll be rewarded with a special Badge that will only be available for the Mossad Friends. In addition we will allow you to use your own code name in the game*. * all names are subject to our prior approval (to prevent the use of offensive lanuage). Also, some famous names are excluded (i.e "James Bond")

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    Become an "Elite Agent" which will have acess to exclusive in-Game items such as night vision goggles, QR code readers and more. This will grant your agent special abilities that will only be available to "Elite Agents".

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    Famous Spies. As one of our trusted Friends, in addition to the special Mossad's Friend Badge, you will be allowed to use one of our Reserved Names as your agent's code name in the game. Be known as "Triple X", "James Bond" or "007" to all the world.

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    For this amount we'll give you the ability to pick your agent's name AND give you our special Mossad Friend Badge AND send you one of our Mossad T-Shirts AND send you an authographed picture of the creators of the Mossad.

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    This pledge amount is for the die hard fans of the Mossad. You will get the complete package. From naming your own agent through getting your limited addition T-Shirts and receiving the special Mossad Friend Badge to having the App installed directly on your device (via Testflight). Become a part of our virtual development team and testing crew. You will get to experience new features and new versions of the game before everyone else does.

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    Hall of fame Mossad agent. For this amount we will have our designers create a character based on your real life photograph, and include it in the hall of fame for a period of up to 3 month, visible to all players around the world. In addition you will receive one of our limited Mossad T-Shirts and a poster of your character signed by the Mossad founders.

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