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Making a new CD this November!'s video poster

Making a new album with producer Conrad Johnson from the band Chris & Conrad this November at Inertia Studio in Lakeland, Florida. Read more

Lakeland, FL Music
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This project was successfully funded on October 30, 2012.

Making a new album with producer Conrad Johnson from the band Chris & Conrad this November at Inertia Studio in Lakeland, Florida.

Lakeland, FL Music
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First single of the album..."Yahweh" is available for free, read the instructions and click the link below to download it. Also, please consider giving to this project to help make the song "Yahweh" the first song off of a brand NEW CD! Thanks!!!

This is the first song off of this new album!!! Hope you like it! Just click the link above and please spread the word.  Follow the on page instructions... Keep reading to hear about this new project that you can help support!

In May 2012, The JoyFM, one of the largest Christian radio stations in Florida, held their CellPhone Superstar competition.Thanks to many of you 45,000 votes were made and I won! The prize for winning was one fully produced, mastered and engineered song from Inertia Sound Studio in Lakeland, Florida. The song turned out incredible thanks to the producer and co-writer, Conrad Johnson. The song will be released to radio on October 3!

I truly enjoyed working with Conrad and the song turned out so well that we have decided to write and create an album together THIS November. I need your $upport to make it happen. 

My wife Deanna and I both serve on staff in the local church part-time and travel sharing the gospel through the Word and music the rest of time. At the launch of our traveling ministry, we prayed about having monthly supporters and we felt God leading us to another method. This method is when a big project (like this new album) comes along we would then ask for fans, friends and families to be backers of that specific project. This new album is one of those projects!

I want you to know this... This album will be used to point people to Jesus through music. The book of Psalms is the largest book in the bible and it is essentially, a giant hymnal/song book! I believe music speaks in a mighty way and, when coupled with the Word of God, music can be used to encourage, convict, give hope and ultimately, point to the Lord! This IS what this CD will be used for. And I pray you can tell that just by the first song, "Yahweh."

Here is how the finances to this album breaks down. Each song costs $2,000 to make. This includes co-writing, production, professional musicians and mastering. Artwork costs about $500-$1,000. And to duplicate 1,000 CD'S costs about $1,400. If we raise $11,000 I will make a 6-song EP with the song 'YAHWEH' included. If we raise $20,000 I will make an 11-song full-length album. There are NUMEROUS incentives based on the amount you give so please make sure to check them out! Thank you!!!

Thank you for praying for this album and contributing to it financially. I couldn't have won the competition without you and I can't make this album without you!

Joshua Price

Psalm 100

Risks and challenges

The biggest risk is wether or not we can raise the funds. If we do not raise the full amount, every person who contributes will be refunded 100% of the amount given. I truly believe we can reach this goal together.

The only other risk is in the writing process. Writing is arduous and tremendously rewarding. Sounds like an oxymoron, right? We are under a time crunch to get the album finished so the writing is even a bit more tough because of it. You know what though, God is good and sovereign and I am believing and trusting wholeheartedly that God's hand is on this album.

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    Digital Copy of my 'SS Legend' CD. This is the first band I was ever a part of, starting at age 14.

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    A signed copy of this new album upon completion!

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    A PRE-release copy of the new album, signed, before anyone else has it!

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    A copy of the first album I ever released as a solo artist! Only 25 are available and it has the first artwork I used! This album was recorded in my first apartment, my freshmen year of college!

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    You will get yourr name, your church name or your business name on the album artwork as a thank you for your support!

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    I will set-up a sound system at a home or venue of your choosing and lead worship or do a concert.

    A church or student ministry could come together and do this and I can come lead worship for an event or evening.

    An individual or family could pledge this and I can come to your home or business and play music.

    Get be creative with this! It could be for a party or event.

    *If you are out of the state of Florida you will need to cover travel expenses.

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