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Sleep better with the world's first sleep sensing EEG headphones. Perfect peace and comfort with audio that responds to your sleep.
Sleep better with the world's first sleep sensing EEG headphones. Perfect peace and comfort with audio that responds to your sleep.
Sleep better with the world's first sleep sensing EEG headphones. Perfect peace and comfort with audio that responds to your sleep.
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    1. Chris Weber less than a minute ago

      Yes, the Survey was put out in June and I did participate. 2/3s of the questions were of the current sleep patterns and projected use of the inits. The rest were kind of ambiguous as if we had the units already as one reads into the questions. Perhaps meant to be in order to get some replies from the beta testers. Yet, the majority of the backers were not the beta testers. Perhaps a separate section for those qualified should only have gotten that block of questions.

    2. Robert Ireland 42 minutes ago

      Pretty sure autocorrect uses your most commonly chosen words :p

    3. Cake about 7 hours ago

      No offence intended Tim. I did not write the auto correct algo. While I push add, I have respect.

    4. Cake about 7 hours ago

      Who knew mr Tim would auto correct to me rim. That made me laugh!

    5. Cake about 7 hours ago

      And me Rim, you and the gang may read I (and the ever growing people that have not been vocal before) are unhappy, what do you and the gang expect.

      We are not children and can’t be placated to endlessly. It’s reasonable to keep pushing for details and information as it’s so sparse.

      You may all think some old version of the app posted moons ago is enough to reference in a survey but seriously, who knew you ass would be doing that. The latest was you directed the community s splash screen and then sent a survey out. Master stroke!

    6. Cake about 7 hours ago

      All we get is the same assurances we had previous times where they delayed so trust is totally eroded (for some) and Tim and his merry gang don’t get that.

      There are those that do not mind the delays or changes and can wait for whenever, power to those people.

      I don’t think the gang know how bad the last statement reads where mr Tim references years in the update, seriously, does that not resonate with them.

      Communications, compromises, party line, always delaying and disappointing ,this gang should be politicians.

    7. Robert McMeeking about 11 hours ago

      Will our product be available this month or will we be receiving yet more delays in the delivery schedule? Really disappointed in how this has been handled. Terrible communications, no responses to emails or messages, delay after delay and excuse after excuse. Deliver now or provide refunds. I’ve lost all faith in this product.

    8. Cake about 14 hours ago

      But we are use to it. If one set get out by the end of July they are on target. Pah.

    9. Cake about 14 hours ago

      It’s just waffle

    10. Cake about 14 hours ago

      No one has a set

    11. Cake about 14 hours ago

      Great news we can’t review the app three years on

    12. Eyal Yablonka about 15 hours ago

      Also, how are pre-orders going to be shipped next month if they haven't started shipping to backers yet. I am backer 9000+ (yes, I know there are 8489 backers. ain't that weird?) Do you want to tell us that you will be shipping to all 9000 backers within the next 30 days?

    13. Eyal Yablonka about 15 hours ago

      @Chris "they're an accidental waste of money advertising to people who have already bought" - This is the correct one. I've been getting these ads all over for over a year now.

      @Tim - I asked a couple of times or more, when are samples of these going to be sent to well known and trusted reviewers over in head-fi, unpack therapy, etc. for Noise Cancelling and audio quality review?

      It's been 3 years, my needs have changed. Right now, I'm less interested in the sleep technology as much as I'm in need of good, comfortable Active Noice Cancelling headphones with quality sound. Time is also a major factor, because I really need some ANC ASAP. Please respond if they will be sent for review while we still have the chance to get a refund, otherwise I will have no choice but to request the refund while I can.

    14. Chris Nowell about 17 hours ago

      Thanks for the meta-update, Tim. I'm getting a lot of ads for Kokoon lately that talk about August shipment dates for new pre-orders. That, combined with your pledge not to have another schedule slip gives me hope that we'll finally be able to use the headphones. I wonder if these ads are intended to comfort backers or they're an accidental waste of money advertising to people who have already bought?

    15. Tim Creator about 21 hours ago

      Hi all. Thanks for your recent comments. Apologies for the delay in the next update, we’ll be publishing it this week. We will not be announcing a schedule slip in this update, MP1 is progressing and we will begin shipping shortly. The team are all working extremely hard, and progress in the factory is extremely exciting. We plan to bring you insight into what’s going on there as soon as we can!
      A previous version of the app was shown in a demo video over a year ago, and published in Update 35. The app has changed significantly since then in terms of design and usability, however this gives an overview of the app which we released on Android for our backers to take a look at. The next update will focus on the developments in the app. We left this version on the app store for as long as possible and until recently, when, as we were beginning beta testing with backers, we needed to update the app to the latest version for them to test with the headphones. The latest version already had the screen requesting you connect your headphones implemented.
      @Oz @Cake @Chris The purpose of our survey is to get a better understanding of individual motivations for buying Kokoon (eg trouble switching off at night, loud sleep environments, managing diagnosed sleep disorders etc), which we are then discussing with sleep scientists to develop further content in these areas. We’ve done a lot of work on the content side recently, and it’s important to remember how big a part of the Kokoon experience it is. There is huge scope to deliver a great experience to our customers here and this information is very valuable.
      The responses we’ve received to the survey so far have already had significant impacts on both the app and content. Please remember that the app is not fixed, but evolving, and we will be continually updating and improving it. The experience you get using the Kokoon headphones together with the mobile when we first start shipping is just the beginning. We go into this in more detail in the next update.
      @Robert The SDK will be released after our launch. We’ll update our backers when we release this. We have been circulating this survey for some time now, and having checked our system, we can see we sent you the survey in June. The survey was sent out yesterday to backers who had not yet responded to the survey (either by answering the survey or unsubscribing). All of our backers should have received this survey.

    16. Robert Ireland 1 day ago

      The last app update was 3 months ago so it does pique my curiosity whether all the gubbins was working back then and how they've been testing it ready for next months public deliveries. I've a feeling we're the beta group, but that would still be cutting things close

    17. Robert Ireland 1 day ago

      Cake, I was just jesting. I personally reckon the next update will be July 31 with stock photos of cardboard boxes being put into a van

    18. Michael O'Brien 1 day ago

      Where's the next update? .....and of course by next update I mean the next apology for yet another delay.

    19. Cake 1 day ago

      The next update is going to be a corker. No idea how they will spin this pickle, but I am sure it will have raised the bar on delivery, transparency and backer faith!

    20. Missing avatar

      Iggyriggy 1 day ago

      Their homepage is very nice: if you are NOT satisfeid you get youre money back !! Haha, i will be the first to sent it back, they will be happy, because they can sell it again,their first batch ist almost solr out !!! hahaha, what fun.

    21. Cake 1 day ago

      Well, Oz, it’s not like we have not asked for details throughout so yes, spot on, you would have expected this done years ago.

      Robert, it’s kind of in keeping some get mails and some do not really. Let rage be replace with hilarity. It’s a good method to cope with this gift that keeps on giving anything but the gift we were promised years ago.

    22. Cake 1 day ago

      It’s comedy. I thought I was getting headphones, and I am getting comedy.

    23. Robert Ireland 1 day ago

      I've not had my survey yet. Where is my damn survey?!?! How come other people have got their survey but not me??! Have they had their cans shipped or something??!? Grrr.... what's the next update? Photos of a big pile of boxes in a warehouse ready to be shipped, but they can't send them out as the app isn't finished and they won't work without that...

    24. Oz Locke 1 day ago

      Seriously though, isn't this stuff they should have asked way back at the beginning? So they know how best design the thing?!

    25. Cake 1 day ago

      Quite funny though, I needed a laugh today.

    26. Cake 1 day ago

      Face plant fail

    27. Cake 1 day ago

      So embarrassing

    28. Chris Weber 2 days ago

      I let them know how stupid the survey was in the comments section of the survey. Talk about cart before the horse.

    29. Oz Locke 2 days ago

      Best bit so far: "How many pairs of headphones do you currently own, not including Kokoon Relax?" ..,. I don't own a Kokoon set! XD

    30. Cake 2 days ago

      A survey is out asking how we intend to use an pp and features we no very little about. How can we fill in when we don’t know it can do. Brilliant!

    31. Oz Locke 2 days ago

      Just got a survey from Kokoon, asking for info on how I'll use the app, what I expect from the headphones. It'll take a while to parse everyone's responses, and I expect a fair while again to put that info to use. So I guess another few months? Or headphones with incomplete software.

    32. Cake 2 days ago

      I do think we will get the product though.

    33. Cake 2 days ago

      I have lost on zano, and these seem very much like that. Huge tech, found wanting crap comms and evasive.

      I have learned this world is not for me. Shame as I backed some decent people by don’t want another experience like this.

      So that’s my experience Patrick, you pick what’s best for you buddy.

      Some can stomach more than me and power to those people.

    34. Cake 2 days ago

      Patrick, some groups are very professional, have well documented project plans, communications and even with some setbacks reach their goals in a timely fashion.

      Others make more complex things and are found wanting technically and can’t deliver at all or at best something reduced.

      Some just don’t know how to treat people, understand the backers want to help and see them as wallets and take the let them eat cake approach. They have terrible comms, no real transparency of material value and spur their broader community as they chip away st the good will.

      Here we have the making of a complex product, they found themselves wanting in the original delivery and what seems like no ability to manage a time line and communicate.

      I think they are trying personally, and something will come out, it will be refined to what we were originally offered in 1.0 later and that is just a hit we have to take. Was it to have a second revision or just them lacking in design, it’s now immaterial to backers as it is what it is.

      I don’t like the spin or the I have answered you question about the app and it’s useless, why do that to a community, so strange, smacks of arrogance. I don’t like how they are evasive and can not answer directly but give the appeal each of doing so.

      The reality bites when as much as they spin it, the tech review houses will not agree the dongle choice will make it the last pair of headphones you will ever need. Someone has been at the kool aid!

    35. Patrick Day 3 days ago

      The only two Kickstarter projects I’ve backed have been this Kokoon and the Coolest Cooler. I guess I’m a sucker.

    36. Alan Kong 3 days ago

      Have these guys ran away with our money? Kickstarter should really do some screening, have been backing up many projects here but it's like a hit or never know what you end up with.

    37. Cake 3 days ago

      The gang are in silent mode but have to explain the next delay soon as we are in mid July and no one has cans.

    38. Missing avatar

      Tim Lau 3 days ago

      When is delivery?????

    39. User Profile Deleted 3 days ago

      I thought I recalled that these would have shipped to backers by July. Was I just dreaming?

    40. Cake 4 days ago

      Comment of the year

    41. Missing avatar

      Fabre 4 days ago

      48 Updates in 3 years... For 2 millions $...

    42. Eyal Yablonka 4 days ago

      I haven't come to talk with you again

    43. Cake 4 days ago

      Hello silence my old friend.

    44. Randy Sharer
      4 days ago

      Correction, birthday was just 3 days ago.

    45. Randy Sharer
      4 days ago

      Just looking through backed projects. Didn't wish Kokoon happy 3rd birthday last month. Happy belated birthday. Hope you aren't still pooping in your pants.

    46. Matthew Riechmann 5 days ago

      Halfway through July and still no update. He talks about focusing on the APP in the post below, but WHO GIVES A @#$% about the app when we all just want to know when the damn headphones are coming.
      I have been (as MANY MANY OTHERS TOO) waiting for over 2 years for these headphones to come out and they keep pushing back the release date. Its become so bad at this point that you seem to be just as horrible as the "Coolest Cooler". While you are providing good updates with information, the truth is you STILL haven't delivered what we all have been waiting for. I'm starting to wonder if we ever will. I still have a sliver of hope, but I'm done with KS forever. such a waste of $$.
      I'll just let people on KS come up with the ideas, wait a year, and when the big names ACTUALLY come out with a product that works, I'll pay the extra $40 or whatever for them.

    47. Cake 5 days ago

      That’s great to hear Chris, lucky for you it’s not an issue.

    48. Chris Weber 5 days ago

      I was attracted to the details of the unit from the Kickstarter information and it promotion as a set of Headphones with sleep aid. I noticed no mention of Telephone Usage stresses in its operation other than app connect-ability and related data.
      I did not refer to their website before making my decision to invest.
      Would integrated mike be nice - yes.
      A requiement for me - NO!

    49. Missing avatar

      Fabio Zalambani 5 days ago

      Any news in July? I bet on February i will receive my Kokoon headphones not before the end of September.

    50. Cake 5 days ago

      Auto correct is not my friend 😳

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