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Sleep better with the world's first sleep sensing EEG headphones. Perfect peace and comfort with audio that responds to your sleep.
Sleep better with the world's first sleep sensing EEG headphones. Perfect peace and comfort with audio that responds to your sleep.
Sleep better with the world's first sleep sensing EEG headphones. Perfect peace and comfort with audio that responds to your sleep.
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    1. S.M. Rhoads about 1 hour ago

      Kind of cool that we’ve progressed from bald faced lies to vaguely plausible, overly optimistic maybes to saying things that, while still lies, we can tweak enough to say that if you ignore what we said, what we said is technically true(ish).

      I’m actually thinking if that evolves much more we might actually get something in the mail one day. Not what we were led to expect so many months ago, but SOMETHING. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised to see a pair of dollar store earbuds in bubble wrap.

    2. Jonathan Reed about 14 hours ago

      Just be honest- you are never going to actually ship this are you?

    3. Chris Weber about 17 hours ago

      It seems that trey are beginning to feel that time does not matter.
      They should be giving less of “manufacturing pics and more of firm dating of their progress.
      I “Feel” that the supporters are entitled to feel frustrated with the countless delays. When did this latest round of testing pop up?

    4. Oz Locke about 21 hours ago

      Chinese New Year?! XD

    5. Michael Chorney 2 days ago

      Is anyone else as frustrated as I am with Kokoon's obfuscation, misleading delivery dates and general lack of transparency on anything forward looking on what their plans/timelines look like? Latest update seems to indicate they feel they are on time to "shipping in November" but "we certainly expect many backers to have units before Chinese New Year." Chinese New Year is mid-February. This comment indicates that barring any future setbacks -- a substantial number of backers will receive their rewards in the March 2018 timeframe. @Tim - Am I right? Actually, after thinking about it again, @Tim don't bother answering, because it will probably be a PR-speak non-answer anyways.

    6. Gericke Cook 2 days ago

      I am going to echo Bruce h's comment that communication has been consistently about shipping first units in November. In the latest update, that was "clarified" as test units with shipping to occur in December. Okay... we're still testing the headphones. (Head explodes). I adjusted my expectations to think that maybe I'll get my headphones for my birthday/Christmas and have them in time for my trip in January. Now, buried in a comments thread, we are told that most backers can expect to receive their units before Chinese New Year. I have been pretty patient so far and refrained from criticizing this project. But this last shipping update just drove me up the wall. It is very inconsistent with the message we've been given so far. I feel like we've been led to believe that shipping is starting this month with mass shipments going out in December. I'm getting whiplash.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mirko Markovic 2 days ago

      Hi when it will be shipped now finally is there a schedule that is committed ?

    8. Bruce h 3 days ago

      Yea just want to say @tim that you have consistently said shipping in November. That’s not what you’re doing. You’re testing in December still. Saying some backers will have units by Chinese New Year is several months after what your prior communications would lead one to believe. Please just say that you don’t know. Because that’s what is accurate. If you are still testing in December you don’t know if you have production ready product yet.

    9. John van der Veld 3 days ago

      The latest update makes me happy. Am I finally really going te receive my product this year? Nice!

    10. Tim Creator 3 days ago

      @Chadit You can change the shipping address in your survey response. You can find a link to the survey on our campaign page: Near the top of the page, there is a link to “View your pledge”. If you click on this, it will bring up a pop up window. The second tab on this is to access your survey, where you can update your address.

      @ Ng Ka-Hoi we respond to enquiries in the order we receive them, you should have received a response now I think.

      @Amy @Andrew The case is designed to protect the headphones as best possible whilst being lightweight and small. We’ve found this design works very well, and we’ll release more pictures of both the grey and black versions when we have them.

      @Matthew @Brady Report we do put a lot of effort into our communication but we’re sorry you’re not happy with them. We do hope you enjoy the product when you receive it soon!

      @Jason @Vincent No problem Jason. Green is definitely a production option, our factory are working on it as we speak and we will publish photos as soon as we can. Please also note you can see the renders here: Colour changes after the 30th will be possible if you contact us directly so we can accommodate changes after the photos are ready.

      @Rusdi we will arrange a refund for you

      @Bruce @Philip @Caitlin @Amy We’re glad to say that we haven’t experienced significant schedule slippage since our update in September, but appreciate you’ve been waiting such a long time and are eager to get the headphones. Depending on the results from this first run we will be able to firm up our production schedule and give more definite date for fulfilment but we certainly expect many backers to have units before Chinese New Year.

    11. Matthew Bush 3 days ago

      @Chris Weber. Thank you.

    12. NZ Cat 3 days ago

      Continuing from my previous post, Bose has started developing a similar product, albeit in the form of an earbud. It can be found on indiegogo if you are interested. It doesn't appear to have an ECG sensor. However, as you have pointed out, what's important is that the product does what it is advertised to do and is comfortable to wear. Perhaps what's even more important is that the product be completed and made available...

    13. NZ Cat 3 days ago

      Hi Steve,

      While aptx support and Bluetooth call function have nothing to do with comfort of use, they are essential to me because I usually listen to music (320 kbps and lossless format) and talk on Skype before I sleep. I would prefer not having to connect and disconnect a cable each time I make a call while lying in bed.

      Also, I have discovered that a cheap Chinese Bluetooth speaker playing the sound of a waterfall on loop works well enough for me.

    14. Missing avatar

      Amy 3 days ago

      Hi @Tim can you please give a fair estimate of when the majority of backers will have the headphones in their hands.

      I don't know if you intended it this way, but 'shipping in November' was a really misleading statement. From your previous updates I expected the units to be shipped to distributors in November, so expected the headphones in December(ish)

      What you actually meant was that you would be shipping units for testing to distributors in November, and as you say: "Depending on how well these initial tests go we are expecting to be in a position to start ramping up mass production and shipping within December."

      If you are 'starting to ramp up' production and shipping, that tells us very little about when most backers will receive their headphones. And let's not forget that if the units aren't off the production line before Chinese new year, everything will grind to a halt.

      Can you *please* provide a realistic answer for when backers can expect to receive their units. Not 'shipping to distributors' or 'shipoing to testers' when will they be shipping to backers.

    15. Missing avatar

      Vincent C
      3 days ago

      Echoing what Jason said, where are the Kickstarter green photos? I'm concerned about having picked it and it not seemingly being an option from any of the production pictures so far. Please advise...

    16. Missing avatar

      steve snyder 4 days ago

      Heck, I'll bite - what essential features are these missing that will degrade their ability to be comfortable to wear while sleeping and also offer some measured insights regarding the quality of your sleeping?

    17. Chris Weber 4 days ago

      Mathew Bush, your questioned comment would have rated a thumbs up

    18. NZ Cat 4 days ago

      Too many essential features missing. I have requested a full refund for two pairs. Please process. Thanks.

    19. Jason Fisher 4 days ago

      Hey Kokoon, first off, thanks for the update!

      I, like many other backers, am having a hard time waiting for this to get into my hands, but that last update was lacking one thing: Kickstarter Green edition photos. I really do want to respond to the red bar at the top of my Kickstarter screen telling me to answer your survey, but that is impossible for me to do until you show us photos of the Kickstarter Green headphone option. I was under the impression that this would be given to us BEFORE the deadline to answering the survey, so I guess we can expect those photos within the next 2 weeks? Otherwise, those of us who are interested in the Kickstarter Exclusive coloring scheme find ourselves in a paradoxical situation where we can't answer the survey, yet must complete it before it closes.

      Again, this isn't a rant, but I also have a hard time answering the paradox you have given us...

      Keep up the great work and may it be speedy! :)

    20. Bruce h 5 days ago

      Want these so bad. If they work as they promised two years ago it is a life changer for people that sleep with headphones. It’s so hard for me to hold back from trashing this campaign because they have totally messed up communications. Honestly I’m totally disappointed but I’d be much more forgiving if they just said delivery March 2018 and then surprised with early delivery. But the “we are still in schedule for November” was such BS. Bad move.

    21. Ng Ka-Hoi 5 days ago

      Hi Tim,
      I had sent my request for partial refund and relied the first response. When will I receive the refund as I heard nothing?

    22. Andrew J Fry 5 days ago

      What happened to the leather carry case?

    23. S.M. Rhoads 5 days ago

      didn’t see that one coming...

    24. Ryan Crisp 5 days ago

      Anyone who is still complaining about this project should swear themselves off of Kickstarter. The platform isn't for you. At a bare minimum the technology section isn't for you.

    25. Missing avatar

      Amy 5 days ago

      I'm surprised (and disappointed) at the change in case design; it's very different to the one featured in the original video.

      Did I miss a previous update on the case? Last I remember it was being made from vegetarian 'leather'. If headband colour affects case colour, it would have helpful to show them before you expected backers to choose their colour!

    26. Chadit Tr 5 days ago

      I need to change my shipping address how can I do that?

    27. Michael Leon 5 days ago

      Ok, so why are we calling this a SCAM? Is it solely because of how long this has taken?

    28. Missing avatar

      Rusdi Alamsyah 5 days ago

      is refund still available?

    29. Missing avatar

      SB 5 days ago

      Feel with all the unnecessary ranting and general misplaced grumpiness on here that I’d add that I’m looking forward to receiving my headphones and glad you’ve spent the time and effort in perfecting them. Would suggest to those that think that KS works like a shop, to go and buy stuff in a shop and have to wait even longer for innovative products to be released on general sale and be charged full price...

      Now to go and find something actually important to complain about, rather than the travesty that is an in-wire mic. Ta

    30. The Brady Report 6 days ago

      Like many I wrote off my $200 a while ago but what is it that makes this project so bad? How many times can people point to communications? You can lead a horse to water but can't make it drink right?

      Tim, hopefully you never start another project that involves selling. I don't say that to be mean but you clearly aren't cut out for this. Communication (honest, open) would have saved you so much headache yet you refuse for some unknown reason to engage. Any chance you'd share with us why you won't just take 15min every other day and put out a real update? Yes people would get tired of "its slipping" but waiting until people are ready to explode and then telling them its slipped... well you know how well that has gone.

      I'm still not turned off by KS. It is what it is, I've had amazing projects (Exploding Kittens) where the creator not only communicated well but when they went nuts with way more backers than they expected, they didn't take the money and run, they gave backers even more. I've had other projects that were delayed like crazy as well. They are all due to a lack of experience bringing a product to market. I spent 10-15 years bringing products to market globally, its a lot harder than it looks.

      If I didn't have sleep issues and listen to music when I go to bed, I wouldn't have backed these. They fell into the "not sure about the creator's experience" bucket. Its all a matter of need and how much risk you're willing to put up with.

      Sorry for the long rant, its just painful to watch when part of the solution is sitting right there in front of you....

    31. Matthew Bush 6 days ago

      My goal is to be fair and to point out where it is not fair. My personal accountability is just as much up for scrutiny by myself.

    32. Matthew Bush 6 days ago

      @Chris Webber, would my last post get a thumbs up or down? I am just interested, I will take your comments constructively if down.

    33. Philip Tong
      on November 10

      Are we there yet?

    34. Caitlín Matthews on November 10

      Please give us definitive shipping dates that are not going to slip! This has been going to be a Xmas or Birthday present for my husband two years running now. Now we have third Xmas and birthday in sight. If it goes on much longer, he will be receiving posthumously!

    35. Chris Weber on November 10

      I wish Kickstarter had a like / dislike button for the comments.
      There would be many that fits both ends of the spectrum for me.

    36. Matthew Bush on November 8

      Thanks Tim.

      While I understand your journey to production is a first for you all and I go forth, willingly, having read the terms and conditions, handing over my wedge, I know it is a punt.

      I also understand that your communication, failure or success is not Kickstarters issue, that is the backers issue and we bring that to your door. A little communication goes a long way.

      You have lost backers, and like other have written, if you don’t like it, don’t use it. I for one am done and that is a combination of both how Kickstarter has treated me (and others) and in part the scammers and this project. I wanted to be part of something rather than a wallet.

      There are people that can stomach poor communication, and multi year delays and changes in deliverables and those that feel burned by it. You stood up and offered a refund, that is solid and to your credit and the reason I will stick it out.

      It does puzzle me that the simplest task of communication that gives your brand such support is so poorly executed or considered.

      You can give monthly updates sure, it’s the content in them, the transparency, the honesty and not shying way from the concerns, the way you disclose the changes in design. Use your backer community who care for your success as partners not donors.

      All the shine has gone, maybe with the product in hand some will return.

    37. Tim Creator on November 8

      Hi everyone. Thank you for your recent comments. We’re currently writing our next update, which we hope to get out by the beginning of next week.
      @Ng If you would like to cancel one set of headphones, please contact us via direct message or email at and we can arrange this. The headphones are unable to be modified to work in this way, you must plug both ends of the audio cable in in order to make a call.
      @Tak We have responded via direct message to your request
      @Kimberly Yes, the headphones come with ANC. You can read about the ANC results we have been getting here:
      @Bren We will not be adding an internal microphone, as this would compromise the comfort of the headphone.
      @Harold We’ll be releasing the API/SDK shortly after launch.
      @Oz @Salami @Michael @James @Matthew We are still on track to begin shipping our first units later this month. We’ll be in touch when your pair are ready to be dispatched.
      @Sebastian We have committed to standard BT audio technology for our headphones.
      @Samuel The shipping date on our website has no impact on our Kickstarter backers. The shipping date on our website is later, to allow us time to fulfil Kickstarter orders first. The shipping date of early 2018 applies to new orders made from today; we have amended our FAQ to make this clearer.

      @Brian We can appreciate your frustration, however we have done our best to explain the reasons behind our delays over the course of development. We’ve checked our system and cannot see any, however apologies if we missed your messages. We do our best to answer all of the emails and messages we receive. If you weren’t previously aware, we have offered backers refunds, which you are welcome to request by sending us an email or direct message.

    38. Bobby Alcott
      on November 8

      Oz is right — this is NOT a scam, but mismanagement is not uncommon with younger kids who are new to manufacturing. Not an excuse, since I don’t know them and have never met.
      The fact is that you’re supporting the company, and they are literally giving you this product in exchange for backing the company itself.
      If you want to directly buy a product, go to amazon or Best Buy and get something from the shelves. Otherwise, get a grip and get behind the company you’re financially supporting. Bad mouthing them accomplishes nothing. �

    39. Oz Locke on November 8

      This is not a pre-order system, the product is a thank you for helping the project become a reality. The delay is evidence of poor management, probably as a result of having done better than they were equipped to handle, but it's not evidence of a scam. If they wanted to scam us they would have just done a runner with the money. If you don't like the way Kickstarter works, don't use it, but don't drag down all the hard-working people who depend on the platform to make their dreams a reality just because you can't read the terms and conditions before you hand over your cash.

    40. Brian Walsh on November 7

      If you are tired of being ripped off by kickstarter, speak up! Its time we launched a class action and held these people accountable. The actions of TIM and many other creators here are illegal. Kickstarter is profiting from illegal activities and making no effort to prevent them from happening nor reporting them to law enforcement. They are therefore breaking the law also.
      I for one, will be reporting each an every creator who has scammed me and bringing this site to the attention of the media. I encourage you to do same.
      These projects are seeking 100,000 nd being pledged millions. There is no excuse for non delivery after 2 years or more. If Kickstarter wants to hide behind their terms and conditions (which do not exempt them from unlawful activity), then we, the people who have handed over our money in good faith and patiently waited for a result and been fobbed off by Kickstarter need to act!

    41. Brian Walsh on November 7


    42. Brian Walsh on November 7


    43. Matthew Bush on November 7

      I meant or protected- long day

    44. Matthew Bush on November 7

      This is by far the most poorly communicated Kickstarter I have been involved in, with no end in sight I foresee further delays, ambiguous and selective update to people’s feedback. It harms crowdfunding and I am glad it is my final Kickstarter.

      Kickstarter is an example of how not to run a crowdsourcing platform. It permits fraud, profits from it in my case and the well meaning backers are the least respected or respected.


    45. Jeff Miller on November 7

      This is getting so ridiculous. The project was backed July 2015 with an estimated delivery date of February 2016. It's now almost five times the amount of time they originally predicted. Wonder what the excuse will be this month. Starting to feel as though they just took all of our money and ran.

    46. James Pierce on November 7

      @Tim, you said this in the last update: "Tooling continues to progress as planned, parts are expected in the coming weeks, as discussed, and first off tool units on track for November."

      We're now a week into November with no update - is the schedule still on track for November shipping? Will the backers be kept in the dark another few weeks?

    47. Missing avatar

      Samuel Pearce on November 7

      I've been following their website FAQ section and they've consistently moved the date. Recently it was November 2017, then December 2017, and now it says early 2018... It is a bit frustrating when we initially backed this in 2015 for a Feb 2016 release and the delay is almost 2 years.

    48. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Boldsen on November 7

      @chris weber - It's lucky you feel that way, and I appreciate your intention. But you should try listening to the same track first in uncompressed wav (1411 kbps) and then in aac 196 kbps back and forth a bit, if you haven't done so yet. I find I get the sense that my ears contract, that it feels like my muscles in that area tense up. For me that leeds to listening fatigue very quickly. I'm not really commenting on how good it will potentially sound, although that is there to be commented on as well. Well, there surely is absolutely nothing to be done about it now. But I am disappointed, I am just giving Tim that feedback. Hopefully it will improve in a future version. But the Kokoons are hopefully going to be awesome anyway.

    49. Missing avatar

      Michael Byers on November 7

      You did mean November 2017, right?

    50. Salami Salamy on November 6

      Any updates about shipping? Its still november right?

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