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Sleep better with the world's first sleep sensing EEG headphones. Perfect peace and comfort with audio that responds to your sleep.
Sleep better with the world's first sleep sensing EEG headphones. Perfect peace and comfort with audio that responds to your sleep.
Sleep better with the world's first sleep sensing EEG headphones. Perfect peace and comfort with audio that responds to your sleep.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Paratyphi 11 minutes ago

      No we aren't investors, we are backers and we are 8500. From what i see, only a fraction of them are complaining for the lack of, regarding the main purpose oh these headphones, a minor feature. If the kokoon team had to listen to every single backer who have something to say, we won't receive our headphones anytime soon.

    2. Missing avatar

      Halit Bal about 1 hour ago

      @astralmind, no you're wrong. From the FAQ:
      "Is there a microphone and the ability to take calls?
      Yes, Kokoon headphones feature a microphone with call control and hands free"
      They talk about the headphone itself, not about a cable!
      It's just another promise that they did not keep. I funded this project with the promises they made. Even the WHOLE design is totally different now.
      Aren't we investors... Shouldn't they listen to us!?

    3. Missing avatar

      astralmind about 3 hours ago

      There won’t be any refunds, no point is asking for it although I very much understand the frustration. Very few project creators ever issued refunds on complete failures (ie, no delivery of product at all) without any consequences. With the way things have been handled so far it would a shocker to expect an exception from Kokoon’s end. As frustrating as this is, it’s also part of the risk everyone was willing to take when you chose to back this project – no guarantee, in fact what you get in exchange for your money is called a reward.

      As for the call feature I get that most assumed that hand’s free meant built in wireless (I sure did) but again, the feature does exist...with a wire. Very odd but they are actually fulfilling their promises there. I admit I’m surprised that many are irked by this though… the insane delays after delays, the downright lies we were fed in the campaign stating an almost finished product from the get-go, the complete design overhaul for something arguably lesser, change in sensor location, avoidance to answer questions…all these are actually severe items but somehow the lack of proper phone call handling is infuriating the mass ? I’m trying to figure out a use case where this would actually be remotely useful. Were many intending to walk around with the kokoon on their head and use them as their main headset ? It seemed pretty clear that they were never meant to be primarily used in that fashion and were developed as a sleep/relaxtion help product. There are tons of much better looking, most likely better sounding and certainly much cheaper alternatives out there for Bluetooth NC headsets.

    4. TwilightRealm about 7 hours ago

      This was the very first project I backed on Kickstarter and since then I have backed six more projects, all of which have kept their promises, communicated frequently and delivered the rewards that did not change after the projects were funded. This project has not only failed to deliver within the estimated timeframe multiple times, it has also seems to have severely overpromised and underdelivered. Like Matthew said, with several initially promised functionalities being cut it feels like a lot of compromises were made to rush this product out the door now that's been more than 1,5 years late.

      Needless to say, I would also prefer a refund at this point. Especially when in my case, I'll end up paying an additional $70 in import fees and taxes for a product that changed significantly in aesthetics and functionality since the project was funded. I know backing a project is an investment and Kickstarter is not an online store, but please consider.

    5. Pat Sparks about 11 hours ago

      Sorry Tim, but i can accept the wait, but now knowing i can't accept an incoming call, and not using the mic, is really not what was promised when persuading us a very long time ago to invest in your product. Even my "simple" AKG bluetooth headset has this feature. And now i need to connect a cable just in case somebody wants to call me. Not of this world.
      I suggest you read all comments below, and understand everybody wants the feature to handle phonecalls without a wire connected. And since this project is allready so much delayed, just make sure this feature will be incorperated before sendi g it to me. As promised when you started this project.

    6. Matthew Bush about 14 hours ago

      Their not thief.

    7. Matthew Bush about 14 hours ago

      @tim you can make more money if you allow disappointed and now disengaged backers refunds by selling thief discounted set for full RRP. It’s a win for all. You get more money, those non kickstarter orders wanting this revised product can get it earlier and the backers will feel relieved they have not lost their cash as you can choose to give them their stake back. Everyone wins.

    8. Matthew Bush about 14 hours ago

      After so long, I now am not looking forward to this product. I have gone from thinking it is a premium product to a compromised on where after two year wait it seems a rushed product. I hope I am wrong but all infrequent updates and shared backer frustrations have just pushed me into the feeling burned again bracket.

      I bought into helping people, I got burned by Kickstarter and creators. This is my last project.

    9. Bert
      about 15 hours ago

      In fact, there is a crystal clear mention of the feature in the project Faq :

      "Is there a microphone and the ability to take calls?
      Yes, Kokoon headphones feature a microphone with call control and hands free"

      I feel ripped off. Can I get a refund?

    10. Bert
      about 15 hours ago

      I could not find a mention of a microphone anywhere in the product page or in the numerous updates. I guess we all assumed that no one would launch a headphone without such a feature in 2017. Well, it means that I will not use it during daytime. Funny, I was just checking the project to see if there was any news about delivery, as I was pondering about buying the new bose qc35 v2 that is available starting today. Now I know that I have no other choice, my banker is going to hate me.

    11. Andres Yie about 21 hours ago

      Really? a wireless set of headphones that need a wire for receive a call? really? We have been waiting for more than two years, and in every update you see how the promised product has few and few features. We expected premium, comfortable and innovative headphones. However, I think that we will receive after two years a cheap, not so confortable (8/10), and obsolete headphones ...

    12. Missing avatar

      Halit Bal about 23 hours ago

      "integration of further mics would impact ear cup comfort which is a priority for Kokoon." That's BullS... talking over there, a microphone could be just as big is this:
      comparison with a finger:
      Why should it bother the inside of the cup at all!? Shouldn't it be placed OUTSIDE!?
      Here is a nice scene for you:
      Using headphones > receiving call > "Looking for the cable to connect it" > Cant find cable > Caller is going to hang up the phone > You end up talking to the phone while HOLDING the phone in hands.

      Wow, such handsfree!!!???
      Please add this feature!

    13. Missing avatar

      Halit Bal about 23 hours ago

      @Tim, Every damn cheap pair of headphones could talk 'hands free'!
      You guys lied about the project in the first time, faking the project like it's almost done.
      Then you guys kept lying about the schedule.
      Now you guys are lying about the handsfree calling capability.
      My hands are NOT free when a freakin' cable is on my way to call!
      Please look to the Handsfree definition on Wikipedia!

      I was ok with the waiting, but THIS made me really mad!
      Waiting for a GOOD explanation...!

    14. Missing avatar

      Gasp0de 1 day ago

      @Tim, you write that you only publish timeline updates when you reached certain milestones. In july, you promised the headphones would be delivered in september. Now, it's november. What Milestone did you reach, that took you two months longer than expected, in september? Why couldn't you tell us in August that you were already one month behind?

    15. AL 1 day ago

      A work-around for those who want a total hands-free feature to answer phone calls for iPhone- turn on Siri.
      Maybe Tim and his team can look into integrating the mic on the headphones to be used in future firmware upgrade. Pls look into this, pretty sure it's possible.

      Otherwise we just need to shout at Siri on the phone. "ANSWER PHONE!!!" :D

      They are in fact not wrong to state: "Yes, Kokoon headphones feature a microphone with call control and hands free". Unless it was stated somewhere else that says the headphones feature a bluetooth answering control. If I fault on it, it would be the way it was worded. A better way of stating it would be "Yes, Kokoon headphones feature a hands free microphone with a call control button (On the damn cable, people)".

      Not disputing the fact that the statement is indeed pretty misleading.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ashley Wharton 2 days ago

      @Tim - Sorry but not only are you two years delayed but you are now not delivering on promised key (in my view) hands free functionality. If someone on here had not asked the question about this - would you have even mentioned it prior to shipping? Is there anything else missing that we have not been told about? This product now deviates so far from the original idea that for me it’s become worthless.

    17. Tim Creator 2 days ago

      Hi everyone, thanks for all the comments.
      @James Pierce No problem!
      @Manuel We’ve sent you a message
      @Josh Stewart That’s correct, the light version has the same functionality but without the sleep sensing
      @Weng Seng Tam In the survey there should be a link to the three colour options for you to look at, the link is also here for your convenience: You can also see photos of physical headphones we’ve produced in previous updates (#37 and #38 for example) but there will also be more photos coming soon.
      @Bin Apologies for causing you frustration. We try to keep our backers informed, with regular updates that contain detail about progress without going overboard with technical information. We also try to ensure that if we have to update the schedule it is a timeline which we can agree with our factory and other parties, this can sometimes mean we have to wait to meet a certain milestone before having a view of expected schedule. We certainly make every effort to answer all of the questions that are asked here, if there is something specific that we’ve missed then our apologies, please let us know at if we can be of any more help with specific queries.
      @Amy Thanks for your comments, we’re sorry that there are elements you’re not happy with. To address some of your points, please note that Kokoon will still come with many hours of free content as planned, but in order for us to continue to create new content based there needs to be some way of making this work economically. Please also bear in mind that Kokoon can be used with any existing content you might already be using to sleep/relax. Regarding the sensors, relocating them from the head to the ears has delivered significant comfort benefits and delivers a much better user experience.
      @Halit @Bren @Lee Bateman If a phone call is received when you are using the Bluetooth connection you can answer the call on your phone normally. This will not disconnect the Bluetooth connection to the Kokoon headset. The phone will automatically pause any audio the phone is sending over Bluetooth connection. If a phone call is received when you are listening via the audio cable the phone call process will work as a normal headset with audio cable with inline mic and answer button – you can still use this hands free. In order to get good call quality we found using a cable was the best way to achieve this, integration of further mics would impact ear cup comfort which is a priority for Kokoon.
      @Ng Ka-Hoi We detailed in previous updates that we’ve managed to include a larger battery in the headphone than originally planned and lifespan of this battery is expected to be several years. This battery is still accessible and replaceable but not a straight forward process given the location and the need to ensure integrity of the headband. We will explore providing an instructional YouTube video on battery replacement at some point in the future.
      @Matthew Bush @Ashley Wharton Apologies but as stated previously we cannot offer refunds to backers at this stage as funding is committed to executing the manufacturing process with the factory. If this changes in the future pre-shipment we will inform backers.

    18. Missing avatar

      Paratyphi 3 days ago

      @eduard lackner: I'll see when i receive the car i ordered last month. ^^ But, the fact is, the one i ordered isn't a bet, it's a purchase, a finished product with fixed specifications. I sat down with my dealer and choose the options i want on my vehicule. If there a lack, we'll see how to settle the problem. Here on kickstarter, most of the time, we place a bet on an idea. That's it. I backed for a comfortable headphone with sleep tracking device, without taking (too much) the other stuff into account. For the moment it is still one, taking bluetooth calls won't be possible, i'm ok with that as i wasn't relying on the headphones for that.

      @Bin Nhi
      I agree, communication is very important, the minimum for me, is a weekly update with few pics and feedback. But, communicating too much could also make the impatience build-up among backers. They will always have people who won't be happy no matter what you do. On the other hands, i saw projects with radio silence for months. So an update once a month is better than nothing i guess...

    19. Bin Nhí 3 days ago

      @Paratyphi I do wish I could be better bought into your comment, but those shouldn't be main reasons to invest time, thoughts for frustration, and money of ours all into this project. I did think of price benefit for early backers, its helpfulness in a variety of circumstances and most importantly, the joy of seeing what I believed in, I backed for day by day being forged, polished and made perfect. Yes, I agree that I'm not an expert to declare that they not foreseeing difficulties is a blunder, but neither am I a fool to lavish them with flattery of their disrespectful, poor communication like such. Yes, they may have seen it nigh impossible to include the hand-free call control without the cable, but why not sharing it to backers; they may have predicted that launching the product in Feb 2016 wouldn't be feasible, but why not sit down, plan it all over again, and share them with the backers. To me, their ridiculously soothing way, dodging all negativities like that is a total NO-NO!

    20. Matthew Bush 3 days ago

      @tim will you be offering backers the option to get a refund due to the lack of functionality and the implementations you have made that is causing so much feedback here? Long shot but As you will be reading backers clearly would not have parted with cash for the product you have ended up compromising on.

    21. Missing avatar

      Amy 3 days ago

      I really am trying to stay positive about this project but the negatives are really adding up:
      The movement of the EEG sensors to be in the ear cups
      The inability to take calls without a cable
      The change in design/colours
      The fact that you have to subscribe to a lot of the audio content for sleep
      And of course, the ridiculous delays and poor communication.

      I know that kickstarter involves an element of risk, but this far beyond anything else that I have experienced.

      If nothing else, I would definitely not have backed the product if the headphones had been shown with the latest design (both aesthetics and EEG placement) so I do feel hugely let down by Tim and the other creators.

      Now all I can do is sit back and hope that when they are delivered, I can at least sleep in them without feeling the sensors *at all*. I don't want to 'hardly notice them', I want to never notice them, because they shouldn't be there in the first place!

    22. Missing avatar

      Eduard Lackner 3 days ago

      @ Paratyphi: You are right with the main functions.
      BUT: There are several functions mentioned in the specs of this project (just scroll down).
      I do not expect a bonus. I simply expect a product according to that.
      Would you accept a new car without connectivity when you ordered this?

    23. Missing avatar

      Paratyphi 4 days ago

      Some people tend to forgot that they're on kickstarter.

      People complaining on the lack of ability to take bluetooth calls, why did you backed this campaign? Is there people that come here on kickstarter, saw the kokoon headphones, the "ultimate SLEEP sancturay", with build-in EEG for SLEEP tracking, and backed the project telling themselves, "that's the perfect bluetooth headphone for taking calls, it's said in the FAQ it will be possible to do so!".

      The key word of this campaign is SLEEP. The key features are comfort and EEG sleep tracking. These are the two main reasons to back this project, the rest (don't forget we're on kickstarter) is just bonus.

      Concerning the delays, again, kickstarter. Most people lauching projects here have absolutely no experience in manufacturing a product on a large scale, there is constraint that you can not predict until you meet them.

    24. Nishant Shah 4 days ago

      I agree with Ashley and Bin Nhi. And I'm pretty sure someone will now come out and encourage such behavior from the Creators by some comment saying "I'm Ok with a endless of delays as long as you come out with a good solid product".

      Unfortunately, real life consists of delivering quality on a timeline. I wish a long string of unintelligible excuses were allowed to all of us in real life, with someone backing us saying "Don't worry, take all the time in the world, just get it right".

      The question here is the inability to foresee issues (what most people get paid to do) and prevent them beforehand. Anyone can face issues when they do not foresee/ plan and then say "Oops, I'll take 6 months more. Sorry".

      And if there was no promise made, that's fine - then the free market will ensure you lose to someone who delivers better. Here, we are locked in by someone's inability to deliver (at best) or misrepresentation (at worst).

    25. Missing avatar

      Ashley Wharton 4 days ago

      Unless the headphones come with the promised ability to make and receive phone calls then I’m not interested and want my money back.

      Like others I’ve been extremely disappointed with how long this project has taken (and is still taking), but to not deliver on a key feature such as this is the final straw.

      @Tim - just in case you forgot this is from your own FAQ:

      "Is there a microphone and the ability to take calls?
      Yes, Kokoon headphones feature a microphone with call control and hands free"

    26. Ng Ka-Hoi 5 days ago

      Does Kokoon still come with user-replaceable battery?
      how much does it cost?
      can I purchase additional battery and included with shipping?

    27. Bin Nhí 5 days ago

      I believe most the frustration arised , to me included @Tim, is because of your poor and disrespectful communication to your backers. Why not more transparent of all your challenges that very likely to cause delay? The first time you updated sometime like a month before due, then delayed again I don't know how long just before it's again due, and now it's no more a week or two before due. Are you as incompetent as to have not realised the "unforeseen" mishaps with the so-called tooling that to not update us until so lately, or do you see us all as worthless of your time as to spend only a couple of minutes writing a few words to unleash us some more infomation being pointless? Most of all, why don't you just address all the questions instead of selectively target those you can easyly squash by only a few words?

    28. Matthew Bush 5 days ago

      Beta tester, are you allowed to provide us your feedback. So you really not notice the headset? That is quite a statement. I would appreciate your direct comment.

    29. Matthew Bush 5 days ago

      Having been so delayed, you would expect the promise of spec and functionality not to be compromised.

    30. Weng Seng Tam 5 days ago

      Even if the prototypes for the different colours are not complete, surely the material has been chosen. Snippets of the chosen material in the different colours could be shown to us so that we have half a clue as to what the colours look like.

    31. Weng Seng Tam 5 days ago

      I have a survey for 3 different colours, but no clue what the different colours look like. Can somebody please help me find images of the three different options in colour so that I know what they look like before I make this selection?

    32. Missing avatar

      Eduard Lackner 6 days ago


      “Bluetooth 4.0:
      Call-control and handsfree“

      This is still the description in the campaign. I guess you didn't read and follow your own specs!

    33. Josh Stewart 6 days ago

      @bruce I don't want to have a multitude of devices, particularly for traveling. I want to be able to pack a single set of headphones that will do what I want (which they originally claimed to do). You clearly have no use for this feature, which is fine, but that doesn't mean others weren't intending to use it in this way

    34. Bruce h 6 days ago

      For those looking to make phone calls on a new invention that is supposed to improve your sleep I think I forgot to search Amazon for the multitude of inexpensive headphones available right now that allow you to use them wirelessly and make telephone calls! Why would you back a risky kickstarter project to get something that is already on the market and largely commodotozed?

    35. Missing avatar

      Lee Bateman 6 days ago

      It seems like a large oversight and big missing (promised) feature that your can not use these for wireless calling. For the simple lack of an extra microphone\ADC channel these headphones fail to fill a major role of a bluetooth headset. How did you get this far into production and not realize you did not meet such a basic feature?

      "Is there a microphone and the ability to take calls?
      Yes, Kokoon headphones feature a microphone with call control and hands free

      Last updated: Fri, May 22 2015 1:08 PM ADT"

    36. Josh Stewart 7 days ago

      @bruce They're headphones that have extra features. I went the Lite version because I wanted a nicely designed set of headphones with ANC, that I could sleep with and had Bluetooth calling. Just because your use case is different, doesn't change the fact that these were listed as having Bluetooth hands free in the campaign.

    37. Bruce h 7 days ago

      The headphones are for sleeping. Not for telephone calls? This seems like a strange purchase to use during the daytime. It's large and designed for lying down on your side. And they have a cable if u need to pick up a call (or I guess u could just use the mic on your phone). But I don't see these headphones as something that I would use for much else besides help with sleeping.

    38. Josh Stewart 7 days ago

      The original campaign has 'hands free calling' under the Bluetooth heading, so it's definitely a dropped feature.

      Given all the changes, can you please confirm that the Lite version still has the ANC etc? The only difference is the sleep sensors missing?

    39. Missing avatar

      Bren on September 15

      This is a bit dissapointing one of the things I enjoy about my current bluetooth headphones is the cableless use with my telephone. This really defeats the idea of bluetooth when using your telephone and is definately a missed chance. Hopefully the built in microphone can be updated with the firmaware to enable this.

    40. Missing avatar

      Halit Bal on September 15

      from the FAQ:

      "Is there a microphone and the ability to take calls?
      Yes, Kokoon headphones feature a microphone with call control and hands free"

      Non of your pictures or videos or even prototypes has ever mentioned about cables.....

    41. Missing avatar

      Halit Bal on September 15

      Ouch... So that means we can't use the headset with our phones to talk?..
      So we need to connect the cable every time I receive a call...?
      Isn't there really no way to activate the other microphones when receiving a phone call? This is a let down, since you have to be connected with bluetooth to a phone, but can't talk without disconnecting your bluetooth!? :/

    42. Manuel on September 15

      Can you please get in touch?! I moved to Switzerland and received an error message when trying to update my shipping details. Thanks

    43. James Pierce
      on September 14

      Thank you for the response Tim

    44. Tim Creator on September 14

      Hi everyone
      @Federico Thanks for letting us know. We’ll get in touch to see what we can arrange.
      @Roberto Thanks for updating your details, that’s not a problem!
      @Peter Unfortunately we won’t be able to ship to you before your trip, we have had to delay shipping to begin in November. You can find out more about our new schedule here:
      @Michael The December delivery date on our website is for new pre-order customers. This is to allow us time to ship to our backers before fulfilling new orders.
      @James We’ve been comfort testing throughout the development of the headphones, including for side sleeping with the sensors in the ear-cups. More recently, we have been doing external comfort testing with our London based backers. Feedback on the sensors has been positive, most people simply don’t notice them.

    45. Matthew Bush on September 14

      I hope it is not a case of you are sleeping wrong. Perhaps some of the beta testers can tell us about side sleeping testing and comfort.

    46. James Pierce
      on September 13

      Can anyone tell me if they've done any comfortably testing with side sleepers since they've moved the sensors to the earcups?

    47. Michael Chorney on September 13

      @Peter -- Tim has basically refused to comment on when we will actually have the headphones in our hands for several months. For what it's worth, the pre-order website is now promising "December shipping". I suspect that Kokoon's shipping time refers to when the product will be leaving the factory in China, as opposed to most of our definitions of "being given to UPS/FedEx/USPS/etc. with a shipping label with our address on it". My best guest is that, barring any further delays, backers will start receiving headphones in the USA in late January/early February. It would be nice if Tim/Kokoon would clear it up, but I believe their new PR strategy is to ignore the issue and/or tell us it is just to hard to estimate.

    48. Peter Atkinson on September 13

      What kind of delivery time scale are we looking at? We are off away travelling from 6th October and wishful thinking we get them before then, but you never know?!? Ps. I complete the survey the other week as soon as it was emailed to me.

    49. Roberto Carlos Monteiro on September 12

      Hi Tim,
      I've moved to Ireland since the initial pledge, I was then in England. I've completed the survey with the Irish details.

    50. Federico J. Akerman on September 11

      Hi Tim!

      It looks like Kickstarter messed my pledge.

      I pledged for two headphones, not the developer package... I'm not a developer :p

      How can we do?


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