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Discover the dangerous past of the classic Talislanta RPG. Also available in 5e OGL, Pathfinder, Savage World & Open D6 versions.
Discover the dangerous past of the classic Talislanta RPG. Also available in 5e OGL, Pathfinder, Savage World & Open D6 versions.
1,963 backers pledged $69,146 to help bring this project to life.

A Update with Good News and Bad News

Posted by Stewart Wieck (Creator)

Hello folks,   

As the Nocturnal Team has prepared to fulfill this Kickstarter, some information has become apparent. 

We're going to speak plainly for a moment: The amount of orders required to justify the expense of printing and creating the Savage Worlds and Pathfinder editions of Talislanta: The Savage Land is unsustainable for Stewart's estate and the future of Nocturnal Media. 

The volume of orders we received was simply not high enough to justify the enormous cost of paying the rules designers for the conversion, the print run for these books, and cost of two-stage fulfillment. In good conscience, the Nocturnal team can't recommend that the estate layout the necessary funds. 

Anyone who signed up for a Savage Worlds or Pathfinder book has two options: 

  • You can switch your book to a different ruleset in BackerKit. (This is an option for everyone, if backers who got all five wanted to double up on some rulesets for gifts or similar). 
  • Alternatively, we will refund pledges for those backers who no longer want TSL (or need to be downgraded to a lower level). This refund will be issued at 90% of the pledge total (or total change to the pledge). (As a note: 90% of your pledge total is the amount Nocturnal Media received after the credit card and Kickstarter fees). 

We would encourage you to switch to a new edition if it interests you (we think TSL is a fantastic game and setting, and we don't want anyone to miss out), but we completely understand why a refund might be an option for folks. 

If you have questions, you can email Alan at To issue refunds, we'll provide you with a form you can fill out in the next few days. Thank you for your patience as we attempted to find solutions that would salvage these situations. We're very sad we have to take this path, and it's not something we decided on lightly.

On a more positive note, the good news is that final editing and layout have begun on all three versions of the book (5e, OpenD6 and Original), and we're estimating that we'll have the first finished PDF versions ready in 4-5 weeks. For an advance look at the first finished pages of TSL, see below.  



Draft Page of Bestiary Section
Draft Page of Bestiary Section


Draft Page of Bestiary Section
Draft Page of Bestiary Section


Draft Page of Bestiary Section
Draft Page of Bestiary Section


Draft Page of Bestiary Section
Draft Page of Bestiary Section


Draft Page of Bestiary Section
Draft Page of Bestiary Section

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.  

  • Steve Sechi & The Nocturnal Media Team


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    1. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      joshua m eaves - please ask Alan Bahr about this - he can probably help you out. Here's his email:

    2. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      PerryC - thanks a lot - really appreciate the kind words and consideration.

    3. Missing avatar

      joshua m eaves on

      Backerkit still can't be changed. Is there a way around this?

    4. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      Jack Makinson-Sanders - I believe Alan explained that we never received anyone's money - that was KS, and apparently they don't give refunds no matter what. I didn't know this either until it happened, and like you, I wouldn't have been real happy to learn that this was the case. Steve Wieck and U have talked about this, and we're trying to find some way to compensate people who want refunds. Stay tuned to this page and I'll provide news on this topic as soon as I have some. Meanwhile, my apologies, again, to everyone here who is in this situation - and my thanks, again,to everyone for their patience.


    5. Missing avatar

      Jack Makinson-Sanders on

      Credit card and kickstarter fees are YOUR responsibility. For those that want a refund you need to give a 100% refund, not 90%.

    6. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      Shawn Carman - thanks a lot for the kind words, man. Really appreciate it :)

    7. Shawn Carman

      The previews look amazing and I'm excited to get my copy somewhere down the line. I know it must be even more disappointing for you guys than it is for us backers, so I greatly appreciate your courtesy and consideration in how you're handling this. Your professionalism speaks volumes.

    8. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      James Sutton - thanks very much for the kind words and support. Really appreciate it.

    9. James Sutton on

      Steve and Team. Thank you for the update and for being up front. Ultimately, do what you need to do to bring Talislanta: The Savage Land to fruition. The underlying (and truly sad) situation is one that could never have been predicted, so be assured that you have support where and as you need it from the fanbase (I hope I can say that in a general sense).

    10. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      Michael Potter & Michael Lusty-Smith - thanks, guys :)

    11. Michael Lusty-Smith on

      Disappointing but understandable

    12. Michael Potter

      3 systems for $10 is perfectly fine for me, no need for gifts or such.

    13. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      Andrea Minini Saldini - thanks! Very much appreciated :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Bob Hall on

      If anyone is still looking for a link to get into backerkit this page worked for me:

    15. Missing avatar

      Andrea Minini Saldini on

      Switched from Savage Worlds to 5E OGL. No problem for me. Keep up the good work in these testing times.

    16. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      Henry Eshleman - thanks, man - very much appreciated :)

    17. Henry Eshleman on

      It is what it is... I'm just grateful that the project as a whole got to move forward.

      I won't be seeking a refund, regardless, I'll just have to sort out which format I'm gonna switch to.

    18. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      Shane Waterman - thanks very much for the kind words, and for your support :)

    19. Shane Waterman on

      I missed the news about the passing and im truly sorry about that.
      I commend you on carrying on with the work even if it is not on the same scale as before (all systems). It is good to see honesty and im sure under the circumstances everyone will understand.

      The layouts and previews look great.

    20. Mark Edward Reed on

      If you still have the e-mail that was sent to you after you completed the survey, there should be a link to where you can view and change your BackerKit survey. There should also be an option to create a BackerKit account on the linked page and that will allow for fast and easier access later if needed

    21. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      Tom Kwiatkowski - thanks - and that's a question for the ever-popular Alan Bahr , who can be reached at:

      thanks :)

    22. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      Friedrich Ulf Roehrer-Ertl - thanks, and thanks for ordering the soundtrack :)

    23. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      James Burdo, re: Exhalted version of TSL - I'm not qualified to anser that one, James :)

      Ask Alan. :)

    24. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      AndreasDavour - thanks, brother - much appreciated :)

    25. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      Belisarius, David Paul Guzmán, Dave Sherohman, Adam Boisvert, and Francois Michel - thank you all very much for the kind words and for your understanding and support :)

    26. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      Belisarius, David Paul Guzmán, Dave Sherohman, Adam Boisvert, and Francois Michel - thank you all very much for the kind words and for your understanding and support :)

    27. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      Robert - as mentioned previously, unfortunately there won't be PDFs of the cancelled formats either. The cost is not just print-related - it would also have entailed the cost of converting to other game systems and re-doing the layout for pretty much the entire book. orry about that.

    28. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      Thanks, Lassi :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      I have not read through all the previous comments so forgive me if this has been asked. Will the PDF versions of the SW/PF rule set be produced? I understand the cost per copy of printing, specifically small run printing, can be daunting but what about PDFs or Print on Demand options?

      I know there is still cost associated with getting the rules set up and the pages laid out, but would these be within acceptable limits to the estate?

    30. FatPob

      Hi $20 for 5 pdfs was a bargain and for 3 is still a bargain for the content within.
      I don't mind the extra monies going to the estate considering the circumstances (plus it ain't a huge amount anyway), so I presume I just do nothing and at some point in the future I will get an email with download links for the remaining 3 files.

    31. Belisarius

      Thanks for the update and for pushing through the challenges you've all faced.

      No Elves!!

    32. David Paul Guzmán

      As a longtime tabletop gamer and regular Kickstarter backer, I was at a loss to hear about Stewart's death; and then immediately stunned to discover that his passing affected no less than five projects that I'd backed that were in various states of development. He was a gifted and ambitious man, and I can only imagine how overwhelming it has been to step up and keep juggling these projects while still coping with the loss.

      Which is the long way of saying... thank you for the updates and the hard work. I've no doubt that you're all doing your best, and I look forward to seeing it all come together.

    33. Missing avatar

      Dave Sherohman on

      I was an early backer. I pledged for "ALL THREE" versions in PDF.

      Then you added two more versions and, just to be extra awesome, said I'd automatically get all *five* versions at no additional cost.

      While it's disappointing to see PF and SW dropped, that leaves me getting exactly what I originally pledged for, so I'm still in and have no complaint, aside from the tragic cause for their cancellation.

    34. Missing avatar

      AndreasDavour on

      I've been involved in many kickstarters, and a few that crashed and burned (one of them is still smouldering). Having the creator die sounds like one of the worst scenarios. But, knowing Steve Sechi is involved makes me confident. I've been a Talislanta fan for many years (and am one of the moderators of the Talislanta email list) and I know how passionate he is about the fans. That much I can say to calm some who now feel a bit lost at sea. My vote of confidence is not given lightly in this business.

      I'm sorry to hear we'll not see the Savage Worlds conversion, as I think that's a game that would fit our beloved Talislanta. I hope the remaining Nocturnal team can do something at a future date with Shane and the gang.

    35. Adam Boisvert

      Usually when a project creator dies, the project dies with it, so I'm pleasantly surprised that this team was able to pull it back (mostly) together. I assume it took a lot of hard work, so I than you all for that!

    36. Francois Michel

      Pains me but I understand. I switched the backerkit to 5e.

    37. Missing avatar

      Lassi Into on

      I apologize for my previous comment (can't edit it, so feel free to delete it if you can do that), the update didn't include all the details that had lead into current situation. Had I known those reasons (didn't follow the project that much) I would not have made that comment. Anyway, I hope you pull this through and those previews do look incredible. Best of luck to the team.

    38. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      Patrick Trapp - thanks very much for your post, and for your support. We're going to do our best get TSL out as soon as possible. :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Patrick Trapp

      @Stephan Sechi & The Team: I'm another backer in many of Stewart's open Kickstarters and I am amazed at how his brother and friends and collaborators have been able to keep all those plates spinning. I frankly expected much worse than delays, so seeing these partial cancellation of the project is disappointing, yes, but better than I feared. You could certainly have walked away from it entirely, so thank you for doing what you could.

    40. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      Bruce Meyer - you should be able to check or change your order on Backerkit. Best person to tell you how is Alan, who can be contacted at:


    41. Bruce Meyer

      Thanks for the news and I am sorry to hear it is being difficult for you all. I believe I opted for the Talislanta base rules but I am not definite. I'd like to check but I don't recall how to get to the pledge manager (or which one you use), so can you please post a link?

    42. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      Michael Smith - sorry for the disappointing news, but thanks for your support and understanding. :)

    43. Michael Smith on

      Definitely disappointing. The project looks really cool, but my group is a Pathfinder-only group and I don't have time to be doing conversions from 5e to PF myself. I'll have to opt for a partial refund. Certainly understand why this is the case, and at least I'm getting some portion of money back. That's more than I can say for some of the Kickstarters I've backed that couldn't deliver on what they originally planned on. Thanks for the up front communication.

    44. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      Jeff Patterson and Shervyn von Hoerl - thanks so much for the kind words,which are appreciated more than you can imagine. Stewart's passing was a terrible thing - for me, as a friend of his, more than anything else. I also feel badly about disappointing any of the folks who supported TSL, and I want to assure you that we will do our best to make good to the fullest extent possible.

      Talislanta has survived for over 30 years thanks to one thing and one thing only - it's fans and supporters. That has always meant a lot to me, and it still does. Thanks again to all of you who backed us in this campaign, and special thanks to those of you who have supported the Talislanta game for so many years.


      Steve Sechi

    45. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      Joseph, John "johnkzin" Rudd, Oliver Korpilla - thanks, guys, for your support and understanding. :)

    46. Stephan Sechi Collaborator on

      Craig - thanks, man. Much appreciated. :)

    47. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      I had pledged for "all 3" (going for original TSL, 5e, and PF), and doing add-ons for SW and Opend6 pdfs. So, this was pretty simple for me: change my core 3 to TSL, Opend6, and 5e, drop my add-ons. (Not sure if you had re-opened backerkit for us to change our stuff, but it let me do that without any fuss).

      I'm _slightly_ disappointed that PF isn't going to be available, but only slightly. Since this started, I've shifted more toward 5e anyway. And, you can't really be held responsible for an act of God/nature like this. It is what it is.

      But, thanks for being up front about it. And thanks for giving us the heads up to do something to fix it before backerkit charged us for the add-ons :-)

    48. Oliver Korpilla

      As a PDF backer impact on me is minimal, though Savage Worlds was indeed something I would have liked to see. I wanted to thank you for being open early on and also offer a way forward for backers. I appreciate this and would hope your example is emulated by other Kickstarter creators. You do set a good example.

    49. Jeff Fa Fa on

      Steve, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for stepping up and seeing all of Stewart's projects through to completion. I backed several and have seen how you & the staff at Nocturnal have tried to fill Stewart's terribly empty shoes, when it probably would have been much easier to shut everything down and let the estate settle things. It stinks that as you've assumed financial responsibility for these projects you've had to make some tough choices, and it stinks even worse that not everyone appreciate the fact that these choices were necessary to bring them a product which they would have otherwise lost their investment on, but I suppose there are a few in every crowd. What an amazing effort you've put into honoring Stewart's memory, though-- I truly appreciate every bit of what you've done, knowing full well that as backers we're only seeing a tiny portion of that hard work. Thanks for everything that you've done to make Stewart's final projects a reality; perhaps the most fitting tribute of all is that these games will be loved and enjoyed for many years to come.

    50. Shervyn von Hoerl

      Oh and the layout and art look simply amazing.