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1 Week Only! A game starring children, but it's not a child’s game: it's for adults willing to experience horror as only children can.
1 Week Only! A game starring children, but it's not a child’s game: it's for adults willing to experience horror as only children can.
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Innocents, a truly terrifying roleplaying game



It is just a game, so there is no need to be afraid.

Or maybe you should be…

Do you remember the time when any shadow could turn into a monster? Do you remember the strange noises against your window on windy nights? What about when you closed your eyes and hid underneath the bed covers so you couldn’t see what was poking through the slightly-ajar closet door? Would you like to go back? Would you dare?

They are waiting for you… and they are hungry.

Innocents is a role playing game about imagination and fear; about monsters under your bed, abandoned houses plagued with ghosts, and shadows forming odd shapes in the darkness. Innocents is a game starring children, but it is not a child’s game: it is a roleplaying game for adults willing to let their imagination fly back to their childhood, to experience horror as only children can.

Innocents is, above all, a roleplaying game and follows most of the usual conventions; but it is not a game for newcomers, so the book doesn't explain RPGs and how they are played. Instead, it tries to show you how to play differently; far from epic action, it leans towards the darkest corners of the most primal fears, emotions, and psychodrama. Despite this, Innocents is played as any other roleplaying game: a group of players playing their characters, a Gamemaster acting as the rest of the world, and a story they all develop together.

The book is 7x10 inches and 118 pages long.

Kickstarter is featuring a month of themed one-week projects in March. The week of March 6th (the day we launched) is for "digital only" projects, the so-called "1s and 0s" week. To be part of the fun, we're offering the just-completed PDF of Innocents for only $1!

Innocents is our second translation of an RPG originally published in Spain by Nosolorol Ediciones. The first was/is Aquelarre, the translation of which is drawing to a close. This game is part of Nosolorol's Bizarre Line, which they describe as: "Our most brave and twisted line. Different games... that will allow you to discover new ways to play."

Innocents is a narrative-driven game where you play a child aged 4-12. Older children are more capable, but they're also less innocent, so therefore can use less imagination to defend themselves against the horrors of the night. Each child has a physical age and mental age.

The game system uses "knuckles" instead of dice. A knuckle can be anything that you can color code, like counters or pebbles, though the game recommends jelly beans as when you expend a knuckle it's gone. So, you eat the jellybean.

Knuckles are spent to increase either your physical or mental age (or you innocence) so that you're old enough to complete a simple action or have a higher total to win an opposed action. Whether you succeed or fail, you narrate the results of the action.

I believe you can learn a lot about a game by seeing the character sheet, so take a look!


Yep. Just $1. For this week only!

This is partly an apology to our Aquelarre backers who are still waiting for a completed game. It's also a way to spread the news about our overall effort to bring quality European roleplaying games to English-speaking players. In addition to Aquelarre, we also already offer Adventures in the East Mark, and a translation of the French game Hellywood is underway. There's a lot more to follow.

Innocents is available for just $1, so what's the $10 pledge?

As a reward for your $10 pledge you'll receive the Innocents PDF plus digital copies of more roleplaying games we add as a result of backer-based stretch goals. Every 1000 backers for the first 5000 backers adds a complete roleplaying game to the $10 reward. So at 5001 backers this means six complete games for the $10 pledge.

Yes, there are more games to add to the list beyond 5000 backers!

You can track the backer count at the bottom of the project page, and you'll find the (hopefully!) growing list of RPGs in the Stretch Goals section below.

The theme of this All in 1: 1s and 0s project is to offer digital rewards only, so there's no reward for a printed copy of Innocents. However, we'll make that available in the pledge manager to follow this project. The printed game will retail for $25, but it project backers may pre-order it for $20.

Every 1000 backers for the first 5k backers will see the addition of a complete RPG to the rewards of the $10 pledge.

There are more games to add to the $10 pledge reward list if we surpass 5k backers, especially if we achieve 11,484 backers when we set the record for most backed tabletop roleplaying game project. (Small chance to do this in one week, but aim high!)

**UNLOCKED!** At 1000 backers we added Adventures in the East Mark Basic Rules, a 144-page translation of another Spanish game that we're working on at Nocturnal Media. AEM is a popular OSR game and The Red Box is available now, so the PDF of the rules will deliver immediately at the end of this project, along with the PDF for Innocents. Nocturnal Media is currently completing the translation for the much-anticipated Blue Box.

**UNLOCKED** Ben Dutter's awesome Hunt the Wicked, a huge 260-page space opera roleplaying game, is now added as a reward for the $10 pledge. In this game you are a Bounty Hunter, sworn to hunt the wicked, keep the peace, and prevent the ire and retribution of your people's master. You can look at the game's free quickstart for more information.

At 2000 backers the $10 pledge will also reward you with a PDF copy of the science fiction game Tiny Frontiers. It is a minimalist roleplaying game, designed for fast character creation, swift action resolution, and maximum flexibility. The book also contains  16 "micro-settings", small, evocative settings designed by RPG industry veterans, best-selling fiction authors, and many more top-level contributors! There's a free character sheet download if you'd like to preview that aspect of the game.

Here's our progress:


Risks and challenges

Our easiest project ever (mainly because we don't want to be late with another translated game...!). INNOCENTS is completely translated, edited, illustrated, and designed. The PDF is 99.9% complete (just straightening out the credits page as the project launches) and you will receive a link to it immediately upon conclusion of this project.

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