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These 100 playing cards replace the dice in any RPG by providing random results for nine polyhedral dice combos on every card.
These 100 playing cards replace the dice in any RPG by providing random results for nine polyhedral dice combos on every card.
279 backers pledged $8,359 to help bring this project to life.

Introducing Deck100: The Indie Variant

Posted by Stewart Wieck (Creator)

We've Heard Your Requests!

You want Fate/fudge dice! And 2d6 for Apocalypse World! And all those wild polyhedrals used in Dungeon Crawl Classics!

We're delivering at our project's 11th hour, but we are delivering! We're offering a variant Deck100, the Indie Variant, and it will look approximately like this:

It's a Balancing Act

Some of you my wish that these results were added to the base deck, but after going back and forth on the options and exchanging messages with some of you, the best choice seemed to be to create a second deck.

The decision to make the Indie Variant is based on a two primary factors:

  • 1. We wanted the base deck, the original, to maintain a clean, simple look. Adding too much information makes it harder to read and therefore harder and less fun to use.
  • 2. There are several great indie games and while we could add, say, a 4dF line to the original deck, it seemed like that was choosing fudge dice over DCC. Any other options created a similar conflict.

Besides, there are so many polyhedrals in a game like DCC, that it takes a fresh card to hold them all. But I guess we did a good job in this regard, because Joseph Goodman of Goodman Games sent me this logo to use on the packaging:

Huge thanks to Joseph for helping with this on such short notice. Part of the fun of our hobby is working with guys like him.

How This Deck Works

In large part, this variant deck works just like the original. There are four dragons and four columns of matching columns with dice results in rows. There's a 2d6 row for Apoc World, and a 4dF row at the bottom for fudge dice. But the bulk of the card is consumed with all the polyhedrals used in DCC, which uses dice from d3 to d100.

Some of the dice types, such as d5 or even d30, don't see as much use, though, and these we've clustered in two rows. Where you currently see the notation of d7 or d14, the final card will offer a die result either from 1-7 or 1-14. Each draw of a card will not give four options of results as for d20, but the results still reflect the correct probabilities, with extra "slots" being filled by dragon icons. For instance, the d30 position will have every result from 1-30 three times each, and that position will be filled with a dragon icon on ten cards.

There are some permutations that we can implement, and your input will be invaluable. For instance, should some of these boxes for dice results like d7 be colored gold and skewed high? Or maybe we just offer some rules, such as the card draw after a gold dragon allows you to add to the result in a position like the d7 (up to the maximum possible roll, of course). We'd love to hear your thoughts.

So, How Do I Get This Deck?

While we are very pleased to offer this variant deck, we hope that you'll treat it as an extra that fills your play needs for these indie games. With that in mind, we're offering the deck for the best price of the original deck, the $15 funding bird pledge. Just add $15 to your existing pledge and we'll ship you a Deck100 Indie Variant with your Deck100 Original. With less than 24 hours to add this deck, we figure everyone is a funding bird!

After this update goes out, we will also add an additional pledge level of $19 for those who want only the new deck. There will also be a new $8 PNP option for a PDF of this deck as well as a new $12 option for those who want a PNP version of both decks. (Note: if you pledge for the printed Indie Variant then the PNP PDF is included at no cost.)

But really, we hope you'll embrace the spirit of this new deck and add a printed edition at $15 to your existing pledge. Still, if the options upset you or are confusing in any way, just drop us a note and we'll help determine what you need to pledge to get exactly what you want.

Note: FLGS Ambassadors will be able to choose the assortment of decks they desire.

Important Shipping Note

Remember, if you're in the USA, then adding additional decks does NOT cost any additional shipping. So whether you want an Indie Variant for $15 or an additional copy of the original deck at $15, $17 or $19, your shipping remains only $6.

Similarly, those outside the USA have the same shipping for 2+ decks of any assortment. Yes, adding a second deck does cost additional shipping, but more decks after the second incur no additional shipping charge. If you're outside the USA then you should get together with some friends and make a pledge in one name so all the decks ship to the same address.

We Listened!

The Indie Variant is here because so many of you wanted non-traditional results for some of the great indie games on the market. We hope this second deck is a solution you appreciate and enjoy.

Please Share Deck100

You have been so kind to spread news about this project, but please do so one more time. Who knows, with another deck available, maybe we can double the project in the final hours and secure everyone a 5th dragon card!


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    1. Stewart Wieck 16-time creator on

      I'll make the change to 0 for 4dF. And you can always add decks on BackerKit...!

    2. John Fiala

      Oh, well, I missed the replies, so I didn't get a chance to raise my pledge any... we'll see!

      That said, yes, for 4dF a 0 should be displayed for a result of 0, not an =.

    3. Stewart Wieck 16-time creator on

      Whew! I finally explained it clearly. Well, the card I posted was going to be the key card, but I think I'll need to make changes to make things clearer! I think arrows instead of numbers will help, and I'll put more solid lines around the boxes for results like d30.

    4. Mathúin [‘Ma-Hoon’]

      Ahh, I see! Makes sense. So, will there be a key card to let you know which coordinate is for which result?

    5. Stewart Wieck 16-time creator on

      @Orson Cream:

      Correct. 2+ decks outside US & Canada is $25 so your $57 total is correct. You can of course add even more decks without adding more shipping because shipping caps at $25!

    6. Stewart Wieck 16-time creator on

      @Orson Cream:

      There are no column labels only column colors.

      d3, d4, d5 and d7 are not column headers. They are placeholders for where a single result of that for type will appear on the card.

      So instead of those placeholders, a final card might have the numbers 3, 2, 4, 6 across the top. If you need a d7 result from this card then your result would be 6.

    7. Mathúin [‘Ma-Hoon’]

      .... Actually, I'm a little confused by the row/column labels. Do you just pick one and go down or across as required? ._. But if you go down.... you ignore the colours?

    8. Mathúin [‘Ma-Hoon’]

      Okay, so... Reading through the main page, outside the US(but not being in Canada) is $25 shipping for two decks, yes?

      So.... $17 for the first deck, $15 for the new deck, $25 for shipping? $57 total? :0c

    9. Stewart Wieck 16-time creator on

      @Jack Hellenbrand:

      Jack, I think I now understand the confusion. You think the notation of "d30" is labeling the top of a column or the end of a row. Instead, the current text "d30" is only a placeholder for where the final card will give a value of 1-30. A d30 result will be in that one location only. The 15 currently below the text "d30" is the gold column result for the d20 and the 2 above it is the gold column result for the d12 (sad for a gold column, but it happens!).

      Does that clear this up?

    10. Missing avatar

      Jack Hellenbrand on

      Thanks for the answer to John Fiala, but I am still not sure how exactly it will work, especially for the d30. Despite this, I am looking forward to both decks.

    11. Stewart Wieck 16-time creator on

      John, sorry if I didn't explain this very well.

      Most of the new card works exactly like the first deck. That is, a die type such as d20 has a row of four results. The value you read on the flip depends on the color of the dragon on the prior card.

      Eight die types, though, have only a single result per card. These eight are divided into two rows of four. On this example card where you see d7, a final card will offer a value between 1-7.

      The = on the 4dF row is meant for zero. Would you prefer the number 0? I thought the equal sign matched better with the minus and plus signs to be visually different from the results of the other rows.

    12. John Fiala

      I'm confused on how the cards work in the new deck, I'm afraid. Do I read down or across or what?

      And what's the = in the 4dF row for?

    13. Robert Davis

      OK - thanks for the prompt reply.

    14. Stewart Wieck 16-time creator on

      Robert, I regret that outside the USA there is an additional charge for the second deck. One deck to Canada is $11 and the second deck is +$9 for $20 total. However, $20 is your maximum shipping charge. We can ship you ten decks for that.

    15. Robert Davis

      I'm confused about shipping costs for those of us outside the USA. If I want to add the Indie Variant, and I live in Canada, do I have to pay extra shipping or not?

    16. Capn Frank

      Deck100, the Indie Variant added! If only 180ish more people do this we're at 10K and the tuck boxes!