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Perhaps the best RPG not available in English & one of the most gorgeous RPGs anywhere, Aquelarre deserves a deluxe edition in English.
Perhaps the best RPG not available in English & one of the most gorgeous RPGs anywhere, Aquelarre deserves a deluxe edition in English.
Perhaps the best RPG not available in English & one of the most gorgeous RPGs anywhere, Aquelarre deserves a deluxe edition in English.
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    1. Lorenz DasStift 2 days ago

      Please add me to the list of "people that want more dice if there are any left after fulfilling curent orders". Looking forward for that update :)

    2. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator
      2 days ago

      Hey folks! I should have an update today for or tomorrow for you that will answer all these questions.

    3. Francis Helie
      2 days ago

      Hello I would like to bump @Anthony William's question from Jan 11, as it concerns me as well.
      Do we have any news on the Anniversary wooden box?


    4. João Talassa 6 days ago

      I am still waiting to receive Wurm (pdf and physical) and KAP 5.2 (physical).

    5. Missing avatar

      KatanaTom 7 days ago

      Where are we with KAP 5.2?

    6. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator
      on February 13

      Hi Tobias - You're talking about the KAP 20 being added to the D6s you pledged for?

      If so, yes, that is still the plan. It will not be added in backerkit, as they'll all just ship as a group anyways.

    7. Missing avatar

      Tobias on February 13

      I bought a KAP dice set as an add-on to my Aquelarre pledge. Will the d20 be added so that I can see it in Backerkit? (I'm writing in reference to the Paladin update #17, where that was promised.)

    8. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator
      on February 12

      @Irene - You can just change it in the BackerKit

      @Seth - I believe we've locked those (as we printed limited quantities of some.) I'll check for you.

    9. Seth Howard on February 12

      Will we be able to add more dice to our pledge?

    10. Missing avatar

      Irene on February 3

      Hi, I've moved houses since I pledged for this Kickstarter, where can I change my address? (I can't remember if we've given one already)

    11. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator
      on February 1

      Hey folks! I've reached out to our layout artist to ask for some progress reports and images of the in-progress layout!

    12. Lorenz DasStift on February 1

      And now that "early February" is officially started... We would be expecting our PDF on our doorsteps real soon... >:>

    13. Jasper Meer
      on January 25

      How's the cursed game coming along? Any progress?

    14. Missing avatar

      Anthony Williams on January 11

      Is the anniversary wooden box still being taken forward after the project had to be rescued ?

      Because I've coughed up for that and there doesn't seem to be mention of it in the latest updates.

    15. Lorenz DasStift on December 30

      @Jasper... It seems that we will have the pdf in due curse ;P

    16. Jasper Meer
      on December 28

      How's production on this cursed game going?

    17. Jason Durall on December 28

      Any more news about the KAP 5.2 shipment?

    18. Lorenz DasStift on December 22

      I've just received an update for another Nocturnal project. Perhaps we will have a juicy update for Christmas?. An ETA for the PDF?...

    19. Jasper Meer
      on December 21

      Still nothing? Oy, but this cursed game...

    20. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator
      on December 19

      @Garry - The fulfillment center has it! Orders that have KAP 5.2 are being set up to be processed and shipped out. I'll get a full update out with the steps. As soon as possible.

    21. Garry Stuart on December 19

      November 8th Pendragon has arrived in customs. Any news??

    22. Jasper Meer
      on December 11

      Lorenz, my dear fellow, I believe we should spread word far and wide at how God bedamned and cursed this game is. This can only build its mystique and attract players.

    23. Lorenz DasStift on December 9

      We should agree, tongue in cheek, since the first three spanish publishers went bankrupt, but I think this is just another troubled Kickstarter. Keep the faith.

    24. Jasper Meer
      on December 8

      I see this cursed game is still cursed...

    25. Lorenz DasStift on December 6

      I have received an update from Würm project that says they already have them and are almost ready to start shipping. Perhaps Alan could comment on this. And if he could give an estimate on how long before the layout is Ready it would be a nice christmas gift

    26. Rory on December 5

      Any more news on Pendragon?

    27. Jasper Meer
      on November 21

      Yes, cursed.

    28. Matt Whalley on November 20

      Considering sad events, I am willing to cut them as much slack as needed to complete this. Take your time and don’t feel pressured.

    29. Jasper Meer
      on November 17

      Oy, but this cursed game is approaching a year overdue.

    30. Rory on November 12

      Exited by Pendragon arriving in customs! Hopefully this'll be one that gets to me before the New Year!

    31. João Talassa on November 11


      I backed the physical copies of Wurm roleplay in backerkit fully expecting to get also the pdfs, which never happened. I was Prompted to enter Wurm backerkit though Aquelarre updates.

      I am a regular user of kickstarter and these are the only issues I ever had in this platform.

      Yours sincerely,


    32. Missing avatar

      Saul Morales on November 11

      Yea!! Hopefully we will get the Pendragon Book soon..

    33. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator
      on November 7

      Hi folks!

      Pendragon has arrived in customs! We're waiting for fulfillment to signal they got it!

    34. Sharon Rauenzahn on November 7

      Any update on the Pendragon book? You indicated below that they were on a boat in August... a very slow boat? :-) I can cope with waiting, but it's been long enough that I worry something has gone wrong... Thanks.

    35. Lorenz DasStift on October 29

      Hello, @Gallant Knight. About the GM screen, perhaps you could check my post here:

    36. Lorenz DasStift on October 25

      There's a (currently disabled) big red "Pre-order now" button on the top of this page. I'm pretty sure Nocturnal will print way more than the 738 or so for the backers

    37. Seth Howard on October 25

      Hello, as the game is getting ready to be printed. Will there be extra copies printed in case my friends would like to order one?

    38. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator
      on October 16

      Hi Lorenz!

      I can't comment on that as our dice manufacturer is a custom job at a printers. It's just a coincidence.

    39. Lorenz DasStift on October 16

      Hello, @Gallant Knight. I could not help but notice the pics and even the names of the colors of the dice in the campaign matched some used by Chessex. Perhaps just a coincidence, but could you please tell me if they are going to be the manufacturers?. I would like to get matching color sets somewhere...

    40. John W. Luther
      on October 16

      Thank you for keeping the project alive!

    41. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator
      on October 13

      Hi folks!

      I appreciate your patience. The corebook is in layout and the dice are being manufactured! The coins are in (as we showed a little over a week ago.)

      Thank you for your patience.

    42. Jasper Meer
      on October 13

      Knock, knock.

    43. Lorenz DasStift on October 2

      I feel like it is a good time for some comments on how the gears are moving. Pics or it didn't happen

    44. Missing avatar

      Shawn Metzler on September 30

      Hi, is there any news on this at all? The last update was over a month ago.

    45. Stoo Goff on September 15

      I missed the email with the download link for the KAP 5.2 PDF. Is it possible to get a new link?

    46. Missing avatar

      David Cole on September 2

      Do you think this will be with us as a physical copy for December?

    47. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator
      on August 30

      @Seth - If you email me at I can help you out!

    48. Seth Howard on August 30

      I'm looking at my pledge and I swore I added on the GM Screen but I'm not seeing it. Are you able to check for me?

    49. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator
      on August 30

      @Sharon and Garry: Pendragon hardcovers are on the boat over to the US. Once they get to our fulfillment center, I'll have a clearer timeline for you!

    50. Garry Stuart on August 30

      @Sharon, I'm also waiting for the Pendragon hardback (and dice) so you are not alone. An update on Pendragon would be nice, like an expected delivery date. From my pledge :- "Ships anywhere in the world
      Estimated delivery: Jun 2016"

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