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Perhaps the best RPG not available in English & one of the most gorgeous RPGs anywhere, Aquelarre deserves a deluxe edition in English.
Perhaps the best RPG not available in English & one of the most gorgeous RPGs anywhere, Aquelarre deserves a deluxe edition in English.
Perhaps the best RPG not available in English & one of the most gorgeous RPGs anywhere, Aquelarre deserves a deluxe edition in English.
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    1. Jasper Meer
      4 days ago

      Thanks for the update @Lorenz. You're doing better work than Nocturnal Media...

    2. Garry Stuart on

      @ Lorenz, you should get a job here, you provide faster and better info. :)

    3. Lorenz DasStift on

      At the end, they made it public and official:

      I hope this news may affect us in a positive way,

      @Garry I've been in KSs far worse than this one. At least this has a sound reason for being out of the rails for so long

    4. Garry Stuart on

      @ Lorenz, nice that projects started AFTER this one are getting their rewards before us. Has this been sold to Chaosium maybe?
      Last comment by this project was 30th June. This project is an absolute joke...

      "Be respectful and considerate"

    5. Lorenz DasStift on

      I dont want to be a Troll... But reading comments on Würm and Prince Valiant KS projects (both from Nocturnal), it seems most people have already received their KAPs when they included that addon. A specially funny comment notes that his parcel (prince valiant + kap) was shipped from Chaosium...

    6. Lorenz DasStift on

      That's the reason of the -> :P

    7. Garry Stuart on

      Stay tuned?? "only 26 months late" "Ships anywhere in the world
      Estimated delivery: Jun 2016" I am fed up with the lack of comment on this, all we seem to get is "soon" and this is getting harder to follow "Be respectful and considerate"

    8. Lorenz DasStift on

      Chaosium booth at GenCon sports huge 5.2 ed Pendragon banner... Stay tuned :P

    9. Ben Quant on

      Should I have received my copy of KAP yet? I'm in the UK and concerned that I've seen others with copies bit not got it yet.

    10. Garry Stuart on

      @Rory, cheers bud managed to get it changed. This has taken so long that I've moved house and lost access to the email account I backed under. Thankfully the kind folks at "Backerkick" sorted things in 2 days.

    11. Rory on

      @Garry. Go to the backerkit survey, open up the order confirmation and I think you can update/edit your shipping information.

    12. Garry Stuart on

      I have moved house, how do I update this information?

    13. Missing avatar

      Ramin Taheri Elias on

      @Lorenz, as far as I know, Roll20 does not have a spectator mode. It can be streamed or recorded but is a bit of a distracting thing for me (it requires to install some programs and you also have to manage the streaming at the same time as you are running the game). You can join the game and just watch but I´ll always prefer a player.

    14. Lorenz DasStift on

      I would like to attend as a spectator. Does Roll20 allow that option? (and you, of course)

    15. Missing avatar

      Ramin Taheri Elias on

      Seth, that´s great, I could create a Roll20 game, and see if we can get more people, schedule a time, etc. I was thinking something smaller than a campaign to begin with and if it works we can expand it. Anyone else want to give it a go? Depending on the number of people the scenario I´m thinking will change.

    16. Seth Howard on

      Ramin, yes, West Coast for me. Just message me here

    17. Missing avatar

      Ramin Taheri Elias on

      @Seth, if you are in the US West Coast time zone, I´m 17 hours ahead so something can be arranged. I have been playing with people in the UK and in Spain and that 10 hours and we have been fine. I´m more flexible on weekends, during weekdays I will be limited to 8 to 11 pm Sydney time. We could do something on Roll20. Can we send PM through here? Otherwise we could use the Google+ group.

    18. Seth Howard on

      @Ramin, I would love to figure out a time

    19. Missing avatar

      Ramin Taheri Elias on

      @Seth, I could try, I´ve been running Aquelarre since the 90's including one campaign in English a few years ago (home-made translation but worked out fine). Only problem is that I live in Sydney, to maybe hard to coordinate. Would be good to see if someone else is interested...

    20. Seth Howard on

      So, anyone on here planning on running an online campaign? I would really love to get into one.

    21. Rory on

      I'm really looking forward to Aquelarre too, it's just they have only just released the final PDF. The normal turnaround for final delivery is probably not this month....maybe next.

    22. Missing avatar

      Christine Roedel on

      @Lorenz Thank you! I have most of the spanish books, but since I am the only one understanding them, I also backed the english version ;) I tried to do the Alatriste recently, translating on the fly into German, even started to translate the basics together with a friend. But I know my players, I always need one book on the table for them to check things, look things up etc. I am a big fan of everything Aquelarre, so I want to get it totally right. So they fall in love with it also. I will definently visit the G+ and Rerum Demoni site! :D Thank you!

    23. Lorenz DasStift on

      @Christine I recommend you try start playing using the PDF as soon as it is available. Feel free to drop by the G+ group (or even the spanish Facebook group / Rerum Demoni website :) if you need any help.

    24. Missing avatar

      Christine Roedel on

      Everybody is talking about KAP here..., I am much more interested in AQUELARRE ;)
      Since I am only backing AQUELARRE, ... I am postponing this campaign in my group constantly, collecting more and more scenarios while waiting... any outlook when the full package, incl. all goodies incl. Book, dices, Box, etc etc. will be out? So I can plan around that? Like not this year? Spring? Christmas? Thanks!!! :)

    25. Matthew Paluch

      thank you for updates!

    26. Garry Stuart on

      @ Saul, I know, I feel like a broken record, where is KAP 5.2.....where is KAP 5.2.....

    27. Missing avatar

      Saul Morales on

      This was in December "@Garry - The fulfillment center has it! Orders that have KAP 5.2 are being set up to be processed and shipped out. I'll get a full update out with the steps. As soon as possible." Its now going to be July and still no word or sight of the KAP 5.2 books.

    28. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator

      Hey folks! the layout designer has the corrections. However, she was already int he middle of laying out other Nocturnal books. I've reached out for an update.

    29. Neal Dalton

      Any word on the final PDF?

    30. Nocturnal Media Collaborator on

      @Garry - I apologize for the delay. We had two Kickstarters enter the fulfillment step. I've now taken the actions to resolve that for you.

    31. Garry Stuart on

      May 24th, 2018, regarding KAP "I'll reach out and get you an answer." This is too much....

    32. Lorenz DasStift on

      Summer solstice would have been a truly magic moment to release the PDF... :(

    33. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator

      Folks, I'm working on getting you an update today or tomorrow.

    34. Rory on

      Nope, having the PDFs released universally is no big deal to me - their downloads are automatic so it's not as if people have to wait for delivery - but people should all get the final PDF as soon as they are available. I don't think, honestly, that the revenue raised would make much difference to the delivery of the physical product.

      But the Kickstarter backers should always be receiving their goods as the first priority - before focussing on general custom.

    35. Lorenz DasStift on

      @Rory I was thinking about the PDF only. Of course, for physical books, backers are absolutely first. It's really disappointing when normal customers get things even before backers do.

      But about the pdf, I don't think making it publicly available is wrong or insulting.

      That doesn't make a pre-order website (so normal customers could get their physical copies soon AFTER the KS is over) out of the question.

    36. Rory on

      To be blunt, Lorenz, no. It would be totally unfair to have waited in good faith and paid plenty, for the game to be released to non backers first. They can buy the pdfs however (as we have them first).

      I don't think it's even been mentioned as an issue by Gallant Knight Games or Nocturnal, it's just that they have multiple projects they have to work through. I think things will work out alright with just bit more waiting to go.

    37. Lorenz DasStift on

      A copuple non-KS-backers are asking me in G+ about the chance to get the PDF (and the physical book, but I want to keep things simple) when it's out. Although it could seem a little unfair for the patient backers that waited for that long to get it, I think making it available to others would help fuel things at Nocturnal and drive the project onwards. Any thoughts?

    38. Missing avatar

      Fuzzy on

      Any news on printing of Aquelarre?

    39. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator

      @Garry - The fulfillment company is going through Wurm and Scarred Lands right now, KAP 5.2 preorders should be next on deck. I'll reach out and get you an answer.

    40. Garry Stuart on

      October 2015 is when this launched, estimated delivery June 2016, you are running 2 years late so far, I backed only for KAP 5.2 and some dice when will they arrive on my doorstep?? You posted on December 19th "The fulfillment center has it! Orders that have KAP 5.2 are being set up to be processed and shipped out."

    41. Nocturnal Media Collaborator on

      Folks an update will be coming tomorrow night!

    42. Nocturnal Media Collaborator on

      @Sharon - I'll get you an email tomorrow.

    43. Sharon Rauenzahn on

      Still awaiting my physical copy of KAP... but in the meantime is there any way to get a fresh link for the pdf? I hadn't downloaded it from drivethrurpg because the book was going to be here "soon" but that was months ago and the link expired! So now I have no book and can't dowload the PDF either. Thanks!

    44. Lorenz DasStift on

      Close to a month after the last one, is there an update in the horizon? Any chance of a provisional schedule?

    45. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator

      @Lorenz - I'll see what we can do about the Latin sheet.

      @Grant - If you ordered them they should ship together.

    46. Missing avatar

      Grant Bigham on

      @Gallant Knight - I had ordered a set of dice as an add-on but I cannot remember what the website for that was, which dice I ordered, or when they are supposed to be delivered, can you perhaps tell me the website, and will the dice be delivered separately or together with Aquelarre?

    47. Lorenz DasStift on

      @Gallant Knight - It would be interesting to know which changes (comments and suggestions from the feedback form other than errata) have you considered incorporating in the final book. I'll wait for the update. This is not a priority

      Someone asked on the translation feedback form from the Kickstarter for the latin character sheet to be included in the book. I absolutely second that. In the meantime, I've extracted it from the spanish book for you and shared it in G+

    48. Gallant Knight Games Collaborator

      @Jasper - Update will be coming tomorrow (which is mid-this week.)

      @David - We're incorporating the changes backers requested, laying out the Brevarium (which should go quickly) and then we should be going to print. Once that happens, we'll have a firmer timeline.

    49. David Waldron on

      How far is this off printing and shipping, it seems a long way behind schedule

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