I'm raising money to help with my new invention/idea.I am in need of all things that  needed to make this dream a reality.from patent to portfolios,sketches to paying everyone that have hands on with me, to make this come true like the engineer, getting this idea license just putting it out there. at this time, I am giving myself 2months to complete this invention, fryer and steamer combo Fries your meat and the heat from you frying,steams your veggies. This combo comes with a pan,where you can place your vegetables in. Just add water,or butter and the heat will do the rest.this set you plug into the wall,must hand wash very safe to use convient good for all occasion.

Risks and challenges

This a big challenge for me.I have four kids to support and putting all that myself have for rainy days towards my invention if this fails, I will be on a majior set back.Times would be just as hard this is my risk, i'm taking but for a good cause to try in better my life for my kids,self, and for my mother,who never stop pushing and believing in me.

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