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A super high resolution 9.7" LCD panel with an Arduino compatible adapter that connects to your computer
A super high resolution 9.7" LCD panel with an Arduino compatible adapter that connects to your computer
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    1. Missing avatar

      Karl Kliem on July 20, 2015

      My accountant is asking for an invoice. How can I get it? Thanks!

    2. Memmie Lenglet on June 10, 2015

      For people like me, on OSX 10.10 who can't enable "1024x768 (HiDPI)" mode (by write defaults or via alt+click on Settings>Display>Monitor:Scale), update/replace the file `/System/Library/Displays/Overrides/DisplayVendorID-756e6b6e/DisplayProductID-73e` with

    3. Freddie Temperton Creator on October 27, 2014

      Hi Emil
      Windows doesn't seem to handle HiDPI displays as well as Macs do unfortunately. We have seen similar behaviour before on windows systems. We have unfortunately still not found a DP->HDMI adapter that works with OSCAR.

    4. Emil Mårtensson on October 27, 2014

      only 1280x1024 and 2048x1538 resolutions works without problems for me, all other I can select from windows has glitchy image on the left side, almost as if the image went around the edge and came back. normal? maybe it depends on the output of the computer, e.g different between graphics cards. I only have one pc to try on right now. anyone managed to use any hdmi->dp converters?

    5. Freddie Temperton Creator on October 22, 2014

      Hi Christoffer
      Could you send me some photos? (team at It might have been damaged in shipping

    6. Christoffer A. Rasmussen on October 22, 2014

      Is it normal with cracks in the frame? (the plexi part)

    7. Missing avatar

      Sandkasten on October 12, 2014

      Oscar received here in Germany last week. It works like a charm with my Macbook Pro Mid 2010. Resulutions 1024x768, 1280x960, 1344x1008,1600x1200, 1920x1440 and 2048x1536 are selectable an all of the look great. Well done Freddie!

    8. Freddie Temperton Creator on October 12, 2014

      Hi Paul
      Just added the dxf versions to GitHub :)

    9. Freddie Temperton Creator on October 11, 2014

      Hi Paul
      Great news about your board!
      I won't be able to convert the files until tomorrow I'm afraid. Will post when done :)

    10. Paul Brown on October 11, 2014

      Got mine up and running today (electronics only version). I connected it to my Mac and was blown away by the resolution, clarity and colour. Just need to build a case for it now.

    11. Paul Brown on October 10, 2014

      Freddie, is it possible to export the case design as a DXF file (in mm). As I don't have CorelDRAW.

    12. Missing avatar

      Stefan Scheld on October 8, 2014

      O M G it's SO awesome!!! :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Rico Jünemann on October 8, 2014

      Greetings from Germany. My OSCAR(full kit black) has arrived and is f*cking awesome! thank you!

    14. Freddie Temperton Creator on October 7, 2014

      Thanks for sharing this Bill.
      We're all very glad you like your OSCAR, thank you for supporting us

    15. Missing avatar

      Bill Standen on October 7, 2014

      For the Mac people, try running at the terminal:

      sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ DisplayResolutionEnabled -bool YES

      Then log out and log back in. Works great for me in 1024x768 (HiDPI) after that being driven off a 27" iMac.

      Freddie, mine arrived this morning and I'm absolutely chuffed with this bit of kit. Makes me want a second one.

    16. Freddie Temperton Creator on October 6, 2014

      Hi Chris
      Thanks for sharing this! :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Chris Boot on October 6, 2014

      Freddie / the OSCAR team: my full kit arrived today, and I'm very impressed with the hardware. Well done! It works a treat on my Linux and Windows boxes, even if the pixels are understandably minuscule. Shame Linux/Windows don't do HiDPI as well as they could/should.

      On my MacBook Pro (13" 2014), the screen doesn't show up as HiDPI. I expect a DDC tweak is required for that, as even the hacks I've found can't enable HiDPI 1024x768 (which would be the native 2048x1536 mode); the best legible resolution I can get is 1024x640 which leaves black bars. For other Mac users, after spending a few quid on various things attempting to make it work right, SwitchResX seems about the most capable thing to force odd resolutions with and you can try before you buy.

    18. Freddie Temperton Creator on October 6, 2014

      Great to hear OSCARs are arriving - we hope you all enjoy them! :)

    19. ToyBear on October 6, 2014

      My long awaited OSCAR has finally arrived, it is working like a charm! Thanks :-)

    20. Missing avatar

      Peter Allnutt on October 6, 2014

      All arrived (full kit) and working a treat connected to my laptop.

      Thanks Freddie and the Oscar team :)

    21. Freddie Temperton Creator on October 6, 2014

      @Goetz Salzmann:

      The pink plastic was just for packing to protect the screen a bit better!

    22. Missing avatar

      Goetz Salzmann
      on October 6, 2014

      got my OSCAR (FULL KIT) today. Looks nice, but what's the pink plastic thingy for?

    23. Freddie Temperton Creator on October 3, 2014

      @Peter Allnutt:

      I'm sorry you haven't received yours yet. They were sent out by Royal Mail 2nd class small parcel and therefore have no tracking.

    24. Missing avatar

      Peter Allnutt on October 3, 2014

      Being in the UK I was hoping mine might have arrived by now, nothing yet :( Which carrier have you used and were there any tracking numbers?

    25. Freddie Temperton Creator on October 3, 2014

      That does seem very odd. We have tested OSCAR with MBPs before, but not at non-native resolutions I'm afraid. It does sound like an issue in SW but not sure exactly what!

    26. Jason Kneen on October 2, 2014

      So here's running at 1024 x 768 scaled (won't do HDPI)

      here's running at 1024 x 640 HDPI

      It's an OS issue it seems - as it should be able to run HDPI at 1024 x 768, using the native 2048 x 1536 to give a retina / crisp display.


    27. Jason Kneen on October 2, 2014

      A MBP - OSX 10.10 GM. I can use SwitchResEx etc and get HDPI at 1024 x 640 which letterboxes the screen but gets perfectly crisp display etc - just like retina screen on Macbook. There's an HDPI mode listed for 1024 x 768 so it *should* give me full-screen HDPI using the 2048 x 1536 native resolution but for some reason it doesn't work.

    28. Freddie Temperton Creator on October 2, 2014

      The native resolution is 2048x1536 - what are you using it with?

    29. Jason Kneen on October 2, 2014

      OSCAR arrived today - very impressed - loving it but only one odd issue - I can't seem to run HDPI mode for 1024 x 768 - I can do 1024 x 640 which is super crisp - but the default resolution of 1024 x 768 is scaled so blurry.

      Any clues?

    30. Freddie Temperton Creator on October 2, 2014

      Awesome! Hopefully backers should start getting theirs now!..

    31. DarrynReeder on October 2, 2014

      Woohoo, my OSCAR has arrived... unable to try it as I've changed graphics cards and now need mini-DP rather than full sized DP.... DOH.

    32. phosumpro on September 29, 2014

      Would appreciate if you could state 'gift for support'. I've noticed things posted with that on the package reach me faster.

    33. Freddie Temperton Creator on September 29, 2014

      It has been described as a computer screen on customs.

    34. phosumpro on September 28, 2014

      Hi there. We have strict customs levies here in Malaysia. May I know the description on the package. Trying to avoid it being held.


    35. Freddie Temperton Creator on September 28, 2014

      Yep, full size on the pcb.

    36. Emil Mårtensson on September 28, 2014

      that's fine then, I'll be able to buy the needed cable relatively cheap :) it's fullsize on the oscar pcb?

    37. Freddie Temperton Creator on September 28, 2014

      Hi Emil
      I'm sorry but the rewards have already been packed up and awaiting shipment!

    38. Emil Mårtensson on September 28, 2014

      Hello again freddie, that sounds great timing wise.

      and apologies, after looking carefully at what system I'm gonna buy to use this screen with here in japan, so I can easily take it back home with me, I have gone back to needing a full size displayport cable. very sorry for the inconvenience.

    39. Freddie Temperton Creator on September 27, 2014

      Hi Emil
      We are dispatching the units early next week but delivery times can depend on where you're located. I'll send an update round today estimating delivery times.

    40. Emil Mårtensson on September 27, 2014

      Freddie, I just got the email about you guys sending out soon, when can we expect them? I will be out of the house for a week and a half from monday, so if they come knocking on the door it might bounce back to you guys.

    41. Freddie Temperton Creator on September 22, 2014

      @Emil Mårtensson:

      Ah ok, if you message me with which cable you want I'll edit it for you :)

    42. Emil Mårtensson on September 22, 2014

      I found the dialogue. it seems to only let me change adress, I appreciate your swift reply :)

    43. Freddie Temperton Creator on September 21, 2014

      Hi Emil
      We have not yet found a solution but are looking into it.
      You can change your options for the cable in Kickstarter still - that is fine.

    44. Emil Mårtensson on September 21, 2014

      Hey, have you found an hdmi to dp adapter suitable yet, or is this something you're not actively looking into?

      is it too late to change my prefered onboard connector, full or mini?

    45. Freddie Temperton Creator on August 26, 2014

      Thank you for your comment but the connector is very small and fragile and also very temperature sensitive. Due to this we are unable to repair the boards. The lead time for the new assembler is much shorter than 9 weeks.

    46. Missing avatar

      Bernhard Wörndl-Aichriedler on August 26, 2014

      Hey, did I understand that correctly that you are manufacturing completely new PCBs?
      Wouldn't it be faster to just fix the existing boards (probably not much cheaper)?
      I haven't tried desoldering this bloody connectors, but it should be possible with a hot air and a heated pad. Running a new production will cost you ~9 Weeks (at least at our assembly house), refitting the connector might be done in a week, IF you are able to desolder it properly. I can give it a try if you want to (as an EE I have all the needed equipment here)?

    47. Missing avatar

      Stefan Scheld on August 19, 2014

      Please... please, please... You know, we, the funders of this project, cannot know what the status is as long as you don't keep us informed regularily. I would have expected a weekly update or so, even if there were no news. It just gives a better feeling to know there's someone working on the issue ;) I'd be willing to wait for an(other) eternity, no hard feelings as long as there is some status update every now and then.

    48. Freddie Temperton Creator on August 19, 2014

      @Stefan Scheld:

      We have been communicating and sent a long update detailing the exact problem. We want to update people but are waiting for good news. I promise we will send round another update this evening as I understand you want to be kept informed.

    49. Missing avatar

      Stefan Scheld on August 19, 2014

      @ToyBear, I just asked Freddie to ship my device no matter the broken connector or not. I spent a LOT of money on this and in the meantime lost my patience (due to the non existent communication). Very disappointing...

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