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Help us upgrade and prepare to launch our new pirate, steampunk and sugar skull fashion and accessory line

Who we are:

Lord Zonker's Emporium is a creative effort serving the steampunk, retro, rockabilly, re-enactment, biker, fantasy realms with clothing and custom made items. I, Brian "Zonker" Abercrombie and my ragtag band of "lab hobbits"(actually my 10 year old daughter and my 4 year old grandson) comprise Lord Zonker's Emporium. I find they keep the fun and creativity flowing in the shop.

What we do:

We have been making leather pirate hats and top hats, leather patches and stamps for making them, viking helms, custom leather jacket panels,armor, signs, sheaths, motorcycle parts, belt buckles, receiver hitch covers , buttons, gear shift knobs and anything else anybody asks if we can do. The answer is always "yes we can do that for you!" Even when we next ask ourselves "hey how are we going to do that?" Everything should have a learning element to it , no? Leather work, metal casting, electroplating, sewing, 3d modelling, musical instrument customization and design, airbrushing, welding, metal polishing, resin casting, carbon fiber..... all in a day's work.

Project Krakens, Cogs and Calaveras:

We have been designing some unique and beautiful artwork in 3d relief on the computer that we plan to use in jewelry, buttons, buckles, accessories for hotrodders and bikers even for some custom taillights. We are currently preparing to launch our Krakens, Cogs and Calaveras line. These designs include pirate motifs, sugar skull art, steampunk retro pinup work reminiscent of Vargas girls and WWII bomber nose art,Cthulu, Kraken and other fantasy and retro-futuristic themes. This will include some amazing purses, wallets, cell phone and KIndle covers.We also are planning to offer a line of stamps for leather working as well as expand the series of leather patches we offer. Subsets of the line include Zombie Air Corps and Sugar Skull Army.

What we need:

We have built ourselves a 3 axis cnc carving machine. We use it on a daily basis for sign making, stamp making, mold making and part making. It is quite cool for a homemade machine. Unfortunately we have reached a point where in order to launch our Krakens, Cogs, and Calaveras line we absolutely must improve the accuracy and speed of the machine. In order to get the type of detail we need from the machine we need to begin with a perfectly level and perfectly flat base plate.   We also need to convert to faster lead screws to do the relief work. Currently a line art project may take up to 2 or 3 hours but relief work which has honestly thousands of times more movements in the cutting can take 24 hours or more. For smaller artwork we need a set of cutting tools small and fine enough to do these tiny details. So our goal is to rework our cnc machine to add accuracy, rigidity and flatness to the base, increase the speed with new leadscrews and corresponding stepper motors, increase detail with finer detail cutting tools

We also need to purchase several hides oof tooling leather in various weights to use in launching this line.

In the event that sufficient funds are raised to do so we would also like to puchase an idustrial grade leather sewing machine capable of allowing us to expand this project to include some seriously amazing footware: cowboy boots and neo victorian ladies boots bedecked in tooled tentacles, sugar skulls and clockworks.


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    One hand made steampunk leather copper or brass colored rose

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    Custom leather patch chosen from a selection of designs we offer created with the help of upgrades to our cnc machine..

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    Custom leather belt buckle chosen from a selection of designs we offer, created with the help of the upgrades to our cnc machine

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    Handmade WWII style crusher cap or Leather Civil War Style kepi adorned with our new patches for the Sugar Skull Army or Zombie Air Corps

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    Leather pirate bicorn or tricorn, or top hat. Custom made in your choice of colors and adornments. All adornments will be made with the help of the upgrades to our cnc machine

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