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Distance has been released on Steam Early Access to great reviews! We'll continue to develop the game alongside our amazing backer community and aim to release the finished game on PC and PS4 when it's ready.
Distance has been released on Steam Early Access to great reviews! We'll continue to develop the game alongside our amazing backer community and aim to release the finished game on PC and PS4 when it's ready.
4,174 backers pledged $161,981 to help bring this project to life.

$100,000! Video Update and New Digital Tiers!

Posted by Refract Studios (Creator)

Hi everyone!  

The last couple days have been incredible. We had our 2nd best day ever in backers yesterday, and thanks to a $10,000 backer (we get to make the arcade cabinet!) it was our best day of progress yet. Thanks to all the new backers for joining on and supporting our team and thanks to everyone who've been helping us to get more visible on Reddit, 4chan, forums, and social media everywhere.

We've also recognized that a good number of you bumped up your pledges recently which we greatly appreciate, it helps all of us get that much closer to our goal and dreams. Since it's coming down to the wire here on Kickstarter we decided to do a video update this time to better explain what we've been up to and what's to come over the next few days. It brings a bit of the cheese but it should be fun to watch so please enjoy!

New digital-only tiers!

Many of you have requested that we add proper digital only tiers so we're happy to say that we listened and we just put them up! There is now a $55 tier for the single alpha access where you'll get everything at the $35 tier plus the alpha. There is also now a $75 tier for the double alpha access where you'll get everything at the $50 plus 2 copies of the alpha! If you've already pledged for something below those tiers remember that you can easily bump up your pledge by clicking the blue "Manage Your Pledge" button on Distance's Kickstarter page.


We just wanted to clarify the physical box tiers at the $150 and $250 levels. In both tiers you'll be getting everything in the $85 tier which includes two digital copies of the game (at alpha and beyond) plus you'll get another final release copy of the game on the actual physical DVD. We had a few questions about how that would work so hopefully this clears that up.

Happy Birthday to Nitronic Rush!

Yesterday marked the 1 year anniversary since we released Nitronic Rush, which many of you were there for and may remember the madness of that night. It's been quite the year for us since then, and it should be interesting to see what we'll be able to do with Distance over the next year!

Press round up

We were able to get on a few sites since the last update:

Reaching out

While we've had some good luck with press so far (better than many Kickstarters), getting some more press for all of the new content we've released would be incredibly helpful before the end. With that said, we want to encourage you to share every single thing we've released (music, videos, screenshots, etc.) and reach out to your favorite gaming news sites. Be respectful and say whatever you'd like to say about the project. Why are you excited about it? Why did you personally back it? What's the most interesting part?

We also want to continue to encourage you to share it with everyone you can on forums, blogs, YouTube, and social media sites. Here are some links to help you with that:

We also wanted to take a moment to say happy Veterans Day and thanks to all the men and women who have served our country. It's because of you that we can enjoy our freedoms today and live the way we want to live. Thank you so much and God bless.

Let's keep pushing it to the end!

- Kyle, Jordan, and Jason


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    1. Missing avatar

      Nicat on

      You made it! :DDD Congratz, illbe looking forward to the game :3 good luck!

    2. Missing avatar

      Camo Yoshi on

      I started at $15, now at $35, I'm going to bump it to $85.

      College Education? Pssssh. I'm not gonna need one of those! :P

      In all seriousness, please folks, bump it up a notch!

    3. Caleb Klomparens on

      10:00 P.M., EST. 3 days left for the kickstarter campaign. We are so gonna make it! From now on, I will attempt to place a number-crunching update to show how the kickstarter will succeed.

      Here are the current facts:
      Total backed: $108,336 / $125,000. 86.67% funded. (Special thanks to the 10k backer. You're awesome!)
      Distance to goal: $16,664.
      Required daily funding: $5554.67.
      Funding for the past day: ~ $10,000.
      Total backers: 2,906.
      Average pledge: $37.28.

      Current low-end backer layout:
      $15 -> 1,456 = $21,840
      $25 -> 476 = $11,900
      $30 -> 112 = $3,360
      $35 -> 388 = $13,580
      $50 -> 182 = $9,100
      Total = $59,780
      Optimal conditions:
      $4,000 of new backers every day.
      1/2 of 15$ pledgers adding a 5$ tip (as a side pledge).

      Scenario summary:
      new backers -> +$12,000
      $15 (+$5 tip) -> +$3,640

      Worst case scenario conditions:
      Only $1,500 worth of new daily backers (which will never happen).
      All backers below $50 add a $5 tip as a side pledge.

      Scenario summary:
      new backers -> +$4,500
      $15 (+$5 tip) -> +$7,280
      $25 (+$5 tip) -> +$2,380
      $30 (+$5 tip) -> +$560
      $35 (+$5 tip) -> +$1,940
      An extra $5 I will donate in such a scenario as this -> +$5
      Total -> $16,665 (1 buck over the goal!)

      First off, I want to say that every backer of this sweet project has good taste. And all you $15 pledgers out there, this is the end. It is coming in three days, and this project won't make it off the ground unless we give it all we got. It can be as simple as sacrificing a $5 footlong and tipping it to your pledge. It doesn't even need to count to a new reward! 20 bucks for this game is a steal in itself! I know we can do this, together.

      You may have noticed that I've targeted the lower-end backers and haven't mentioned a thing about the high end. Well, I think that we are in debt to the high-end backers, and that we out to take the burden of making the final sprint to the finish line. The higher-end has certainly exhausted their doe. Just by pledging the extra dollar, the $15 backers could add a total of $1,456 into the campaign! All it takes is 5, and if we really take that on, we will succeed!

      -Caleb the Permutator

    4. Andrew Carpenter on

      It's only an extra 5 bucks so I'm not massively contributing extra... but screw giving a friend a copy, I'm getting in on the alpha! :)

    5. S.D. on

      Distance is seriously going to be the top-tier Linux racer, I'm convinced. It's just so difficult to get my colleagues to trust, who've been so screwed over by game studios, over and over, for so long! Slowly the ice is cracking, though, and I've been fortunate enough to be in a position to bring on nearly a dozen friends since I came on board. Hopefully one of them will actually *play* Distance with me :-P

    6. Gustav Johansson on

      Once again, GREAT update :D That video was really fun and truly showed your enthusiasm for this. I'll probably bump my pledge from 50$ to 75$ now that there's a new digital only tier. Let's fight 'til the end and make sure to go the distance these last few days!