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Sixty brand new items compatible with 13th AGE, Savage Worlds and Pathfinder.
Sixty brand new items compatible with 13th AGE, Savage Worlds and Pathfinder.
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Gm Screen Add-On!

Hey Folks

Those of you in the market for a GM screen this might just be for you.

We are offering as an add-on the "TWGS" from hammerdog games.

This will come with FOUR limited edition prints that make up a complete scene

The art is actually 11 X 34 inches and is divided into each section.

Please understand we have no affiliation with Hammerdog so we are buying these for retail from their site. Which means we are making no profit on this after we get the prints made and cover shipping.

We offered this on the Bestiary and ended up costing us money so sorry for the increase in price for this add-on verses the Bestiary.

For those that got the GM Screen form the Bestiary the good news this is all new art. This is brand new art created specifically for the backers of The Reliquary. 

For those of you that have never owned a "TWGS" they are truly the best.

The price for the GM Screen /w the art is: $75

If you would like just the prints you can get just the art for: $20


    1. Creator RKDN Studios on November 10, 2012

      Hey Tobias!

      To get only the prints add $20. If you want the prints AND the screen it is $75.

      Sorry for the confusion, we added the art after we announced the GM screen from Marc's suggestion.

    2. Kirby Bridges on November 10, 2012

      To get all four prints do I just need to add $20 to my pledge amount?

    3. Creator RKDN Studios on October 25, 2012

      Hey Marc

      Great Idea!

      I changed the post to reflect this. Now you can get all four prints for $20.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

    4. Missing avatar

      Marc Hertogh on October 25, 2012

      Why not just provide the art for less and let us by TWGS separately? Is there some other process going on here?