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Dungeon Crawl for All! A card game of swords, monsters and LOOT! Adventurers as young as 5 and "seasoned" warriors are all welcomed.
Dungeon Crawl for All! A card game of swords, monsters and LOOT! Adventurers as young as 5 and "seasoned" warriors are all welcomed.
Dungeon Crawl for All! A card game of swords, monsters and LOOT! Adventurers as young as 5 and "seasoned" warriors are all welcomed.
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    1. Justin

      Whatever happened to the playmat and expansion?

    2. Dave F

      Hey there, any progress? My kids love this game

    3. Ed Creator on

      Hi Ron,

      Still in development. We've been play testing it with players and got great feedback. As you know this is meant to progressively add more advanced features. The expansion had too much. I'll post an update when the next iteration is ready for public review.

    4. Ron peters

      Just wanted to check in and ask about the expansion/next chapter in the little dungeons line

    5. Ed Creator on

      @Offscript Gaming great to hear! Thanks. Looking forward to getting you all the expansion.

    6. Offscript Gaming on

      Just wanted to poke in to say my nephew is absolutely loving this game. Very well done.

    7. Ed Creator on

      @Michael that's great to hear! I'm working on an update for everyone :D

    8. Michael on

      @ed, just played our 30th game of TR with my son. Still having a lot of fun with this game and looking forward to the expansion

    9. Ed Creator on

      Hi Ron, Alpha play is almost ready. I'm trying to get clear guide for testing. I'll send an update as soon as you can sign up for the alpha testing :D

    10. Ron peters

      Where are we at with the expansion ? My family and I have played t.r. at least 100 times

    11. Ed Creator on

      @Kyle, I plan on launching another kickstarter campaign. It's still too early to tell the final component count and cost.

    12. Kyle on

      @ed Do you plan to release the expansion via kickstarter or just bring them to market?

    13. Ed Creator on

      @Benjamin glad to hear it!
      @Colleen wow. Yeah the dungeon can be unforgiving. Makes winning that much sweeter :D

    14. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Bord

      @Ed : my copy arrived this morning! Thank you for your help and keep doing good games like this. ;)

    15. Mike De Groote

      Just to give a little heads up: concerning sleeving the cards
      I tried the KFC inner sleeves used in magic to double sleeve MTG cards are also a perfect fit for this game the cards sit perfectly in the box :)

    16. Ed Creator on

      @benjamin. I'm not sure how long things can stay in customs. I'll do some research here then email you.

    17. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Bord

      Still nothing here in France. Tracking status says "Processed Through Sort Facility" since December 15th.... :(

    18. Michael on

      Arrived Portland several days ago, thought it was a xmas order. Played first game today against my 7 year old. Fun was had. Thanks!

    19. Ed Creator on

      @Dean Woot woot Australia!

    20. Dean Nicolson

      Arrived in Sydney Australia Friday and picked it up today. It looks great!

    21. Ed Creator on

      @Colleen I can't wait to hear about your adventures.

    22. Ed Creator on

      @Peter excellent! It travelled a long way to get to you. Have fun looting the dungeons with him.

    23. Peter Pasker on

      Received mine and played it with my son, he likes it a lot. He couldnt get enough.

    24. Colleen M on

      Received in Alberta, Canada. My son's comment: "Woah, we've been waiting for this all year!" Looking forward to getting it to the table. :-)

    25. Dave F

      Got mine in the UK :)

      One question - apologies if covered elsewhere but are there rules for the Gargoyle trap anywhere?



    26. Jesse Wilson Jr on

      Sorry for the delay. I received mine last week! Played it with my son. Lots of fun. Kudos.

    27. Steve Wark on

      Received, wrapped and ready to place under the tree!

    28. Ed Creator on

      @Richard and @Robert glad you like the final product. Happy dungeoning!

    29. Ed Creator on

      Wow, such grammar. I haven't finished my morning coffee. Excuse me.

    30. Ed Creator on

      @Daniel success! I hope you enjoy playing with her.
      @Daniel & @SimpleUser expansion has been under way for a about while. Much art has be started. I plan on give you all an update with info about it soon. I need to get thru the website update and the holidays :D
      @Eric everything did come out well. Have fun in the dungeon :D
      @Marcia it travelled a long way. Glad it arrived.

    31. Missing avatar

      Daniel Kress on

      My 6 year daughter LOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVES Little Dungeon. Thanks Ed.
      When does the first expansion come out?

    32. Eric on

      Just got my copy in the UK this morning. Looks very nicely made.

    33. SimpleUser

      Just got mine in the post this morning (UK) - Looks great.
      Really like the box, but it does beg the question - when are you releasing the expansion?! ;)

      Thanks for a great game and great campaign.

    34. Queenie (aka Marcia K)

      Yay, my little package arrived today in Western Australia. Thanks heaps

    35. Robert Treadwell on

      Hi ed - your fab game arrived today in England - have a very excited little boy (5) who wants to play will have a proper play tomoz lol - it looks amazing can't wait to play

    36. Ric Tomsett

      Just received my copy in the UK. Great project and superb product, thank you.

    37. Ed Creator on

      wooooh Noah! Thank you for backing and making it happen :D

    38. Noah Myles Wilson Wood on

      Packed received, good sir. Thanks and congratulations on a slick product.

    39. Ed Creator on


      Thanks! The grammar correct was a miss. We had already approved printing. Think of it as a kickstarter exclusive! I know, I know. Some kids can count better than use math :P

      Glad you like it!

    40. Justin

      Love the card quality. Love the box quality. Super easy to open which is something a lot of people goof up. Looks like you missed the grammar correction on the last page I pointed out earlier:

      wins THTE game

      I like that the box is ready for expansions.

      The whole counting cards versus counting gems still cracks me up ;p

      Fantastic product!

    41. Daniel

      Got mine today in southern California

    42. Justin

      Mine should be delivered today but won't get it until Monday :(

      Ah well, looking forward to Monday!

    43. Karl Hedstrom

      Just received my reward today at work in San Diego, California.

    44. Ed Creator on

      Thank you Timothy!

    45. Missing avatar

      Timothy Magee on

      Got mine yesterday. Thanks ED!!!

    46. Ed Creator on

      @Daniel, kind of :D

    47. Missing avatar

      Daniel Kress on

      You are Ed DeCosta right?

    48. Ed Creator on


    49. Jeff Williams

      Got my copy in OKC tonight when I got home from work! We'll give it a spin this weekend and see how it plays, but I'm pretty excited.

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