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MBPA is an ongoing project to promote the understanding and protect the freedom of expression on the streets of Barcelona.
63 backers pledged $3,035 to help bring this project to life.

Mini Guide

Posted by Katrine Knauer (Creator)

Poppy Beale-Collins wrote a wonderful article on the exhibit. Thanks Poppy !

Hunter S. Thompson said “graffiti is beautiful, like a kick in the face of a cop.” We already know about the original gonzo’s relish for such double-edged missiles, literary or otherwise, but this little simile reminds us of the free association between street art and confrontation. All so-called “anti-establishment” art forms grow to be defined by their peripheral, borderland status; always occupying an unsteady foothold in the mainstream art consciousness. They exist quite paradoxically, relegated to the outskirts but flourishing all the same.

So it is with street art – but how to loosen the one-size-fits-all “anti-social” shackle placed on street artists? Expose more of the narrative: at least this is what Katrine Knauer and Argentinean artist Zosen agreed on when they met during Knauer’s mapping of Barcelona’s street art, a two-year process that has culminated in this month’s Las Calles Hablan show at Mutuo. read the rest, click here to be linked to Mini Guide.


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