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Unstrung Harpist Productions needs your help to bring the ambitious, heart-wrenching SHOCK/TRAUMA to Capital Fringe!

A horrific car accident changes the lives of a young couple on their way to work.  One is airlifted out; the other is left behind, not knowing if she will live or die.  As that awful day unfolds, we see glimpses of their future together: rehabilitation, post-traumatic stress, financial burden, and the struggle to hold their relationship together under an impossible strain.

I was behind the wheel of that car in 2007; my girlfriend Julie was medevaced to the UMMC Shock/Trauma unit in Baltimore.  What she, I, and those close to us experienced that day and in the months and years that followed was the inspiration for Shock/Trauma, a new play that we hope to bring to the 2012 Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, DC--with your help.

Our company, Unstrung Harpist Productions, is dedicated to producing works that tackle the deep human issues of our lives, issues like religion, mental illness, and dealing with loss.  This is our third new work, and we've already received an award for Best Drama in the 2010 Festival.

But we can't do it alone.  Your money will go towards props, costumes, sets, actor salaries, and entrance fees for the Festival.  A few dollars might purchase a can of paint; a hundred could help pay an actor. We don't do this for the money, but we do need money to do it.

We hope you'll consider making a donation and helping us tell this story.  Thank you for supporting a vibrant theater community in DC and around the world.

- Evan Crump

Artistic Director, Unstrung Harpist Productions


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