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A documentary about audio dubbing Hollywood films for foreign markets featuring the international voices of George Clooney.
A documentary about audio dubbing Hollywood films for foreign markets featuring the international voices of George Clooney.
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Hello Friends and Supporters

You will be I am... to know that we are almost there.  We have a distributor for Being George Clooney...and they love the film.  We are in the process now of finishing the film (color correction and sound mix). We have submitted the film to some prestigious film festivals around the world for premieres early next year. I will keep you all posted as we get screening dates.

I am also in the process of finishing delivery of the rewards to our backers and supporters.  Attached is a video of Alison receiving her reward....a signed poster of our last documentary (These Amazing Shadows).  Her enthusiasm and support says it all.  Thanks again to all of you.


Village Recording Studio session


We are fortunate enough to have composer Peter Golub writing original music for Being George Clooney.  Peter composed (and conducted) the music for our last documentary These Amazing Shadows.  So I was excited when... on Friday, May 1, Peter and I went to the renowned recording studio in Santa Monica, CA to record the first twenty minutes of music for Being George Clooney. Peter had brought into the studio Charlie (on violin), Jeff (clarinet and sax), Larry (piano), Kevin (bass), Joe (drums) and Matt (guitar) to create some musical magic.

I am attaching a link to a Vimeo video of part of that session.  All I had was my iPhone to record this musical moment (so the video quality is not great)....but, I hope that you will enjoy this "behind the scenes" look at us creating the soundtrack. Password: Village 

Being George Clooney is almost finished


Hello Clooney friends and supporters

I apologize for not having written in such a long time.  I have been busy working with my editors and composer to get our documentary ready so that we can apply to the Toronto and Venice film festivals.  They would be ideal places to premiere our fantastic film.  I am so proud of the way it turned out.  I know that you (and audiences around the world) will love the film. We will be submitting to those festivals in May and (if we are fortunate enough) screening in September of this year.  I will keep you apprised. Once again, I cannot thank all of you enough for your continued support and good wishes.


New Trailer


Hello and Happy New Year to all our supporters

We have posted a new trailer for our documentary Being George Clooney on our web site.  Please check it out at: Hope that you enjoy.

We are currently in post production and our edit is moving along nicely.  We hope to have (what we know will be an incredibly entertaining film) finished and ready for submission to film festivals in May.  Thank you all again for your continued support and good wishes. Please share our web site with your friends.


Happy Holidays and...


Happy holidays to all of our loyal followers and supporters....and thank you again for your continued support and interest.  We are currently in post production and working on the edit of our fabulous film "Being George Clooney". We are planning to finish post production sometime in April or May and then submit to North American and international film festivals. Early reviews of our footage have proven that this is going to be a tremendously fun and informative documentary.  In addition to working with our editors, I am currently preparing to mail out donor rewards to you...our wonderful supporters.  I will be contacting you soon to work out the details. 

Stay tuned to some clips from the movie !!!