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A documentary about audio dubbing Hollywood films for foreign markets featuring the international voices of George Clooney.
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Paul Mariano

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Being George Clooney is almost finished


Hello Clooney friends and supporters

I apologize for not having written in such a long time.  I have been busy working with my editors and composer to get our documentary ready so that we can apply to the Toronto and Venice film festivals.  They would be ideal places to premiere our fantastic film.  I am so proud of the way it turned out.  I know that you (and audiences around the world) will love the film. We will be submitting to those festivals in May and (if we are fortunate enough) screening in September of this year.  I will keep you apprised. Once again, I cannot thank all of you enough for your continued support and good wishes.


New Trailer


Hello and Happy New Year to all our supporters

We have posted a new trailer for our documentary Being George Clooney on our web site.  Please check it out at: Hope that you enjoy.

We are currently in post production and our edit is moving along nicely.  We hope to have (what we know will be an incredibly entertaining film) finished and ready for submission to film festivals in May.  Thank you all again for your continued support and good wishes. Please share our web site with your friends.


Happy Holidays and...


Happy holidays to all of our loyal followers and supporters....and thank you again for your continued support and interest.  We are currently in post production and working on the edit of our fabulous film "Being George Clooney". We are planning to finish post production sometime in April or May and then submit to North American and international film festivals. Early reviews of our footage have proven that this is going to be a tremendously fun and informative documentary.  In addition to working with our editors, I am currently preparing to mail out donor rewards to you...our wonderful supporters.  I will be contacting you soon to work out the details. 

Stay tuned to some clips from the movie !!!

Clooney World Tour Trivia and Giveaway!


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The men behind the voice: in Mumbai, Istanbul, and Paris!


Hello Amazing Backers!

We just returned from an amazing trip to Mumbai, Istanbul, and Paris to meet more international voices of George Clooney! We wanted to share with you some interesting facts about the men behind the voice.


Shaktee Singh, the Indian George Clooney, is the star of an Indian television series, and has acted in and directed numerous films in India. He has also dubbed the voices of George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Al Pacino and ALL of the James Bonds (from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig). Wait until you see and hear him say in Hindi…”I am Bond. James Bond."

When asked how it was to dub the voice of George Clooney, he stated: 

“I love him, love him, love him. He is such a great person and a great actor. When I dub him, I feel like I AM him. I feel like I am talking to Julia Roberts, and now I am falling in love with her. It is a great experience to dub the voice of George Clooney”.

Tamer Karadagli, the Turkish George Clooney, is the star of the most successful television sitcom in Turkish history. He is so well known (and loved) that he cannot go out onto the street without being recognized and mobbed by adoring fans. 

We learned this first hand when we went to the park with Tamer for a shoot. When he took off his motorcycle helmet, he was swarmed by fans of all ages who wanted to see him, touch him have their picture taken with him. Mothers handed him their babies. School boys and girls crowded around him. An elderly woman dressed in traditional Muslim garb sidled up beside him and asked that we take their photograph together.

As Tamer’s fame rose, so did his salary. Tamer started to do more acting and less dubbing. But he continues to dub the films of George Clooney… for far less than his normal salary, because: “I like the character, I like the guy, I like dubbing George Clooney.”

Samuel Labarthe, the French George Clooney, looks like he came straight out of the French casting department. He is tall, handsome and debonair… as only the French can be. And yet, he was a quiet and unassuming man. When we interviewed him, he was in the midst of filming a television movie in which he stars as Hercule Poirot. He had a very busy, intense schedule…and yet he took the time to return to Paris and meet us to do an interview for our documentary.

In addition to his film and voice acting, Samuel is an accomplished stage actor… recently having joined the permanent troupe of Comedie-Francaise (the national theater of France). He spoke with us about his acting, his family, and the bond that develops between the dubber and an actor like George Clooney. 

“The dubber develops a very intimate relationship with the actor he is dubbing… it is very special. I like Clooney as an actor, as a director, and as a producer. I have dubbed sixteen of his movies. I have watched him grow. I admire him a great deal.”

The men who dub the voice of George Clooney around the world are all talented voice actors in their own right. However, they are very different people with very different personalities… and yet, they all have one thing in common. They all love “Being George Clooney” (the man AND the documentary).  

They all spoke about what an honor it was to dub one of the most respected actors in the world, how they admire George Clooney, both as an actor and as a humanitarian. They also all mentioned what a thrill it was to be included in our documentary about voice actors, the dubbing industry and George Clooney.

Thank you for supporting our film and helping us travel to these countries to meet these talented voice actors. We can't wait to share this documentary with you!

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