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Former videogame designer Richard Ham runs through the latest & greatest boardgames, putting YOU at the table
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One month-aversary!

Posted by Richard Ham (Creator)

Hey everybody, so it's been a month since the campaign closed, and I thought it would be good for a quick update on how things are going!  :)

1) the first voting with the new electorate went swimmingly. seems to be working well, though I should warn everybody - if you accidentally click that "remove me from future ballotbin votes", there seems to be no way to undo that!  A couple of unlucky voters learned this the hard way and had to switch to a different email addresses.

But other than that hiccup, I don't think there's been any other issues. A few of the first game votes were incredibly close, and in the end, Mice & Mystics, Tournay, Spyrium and Istanbul were chosen. 3 of the 4 are already filmed, and Istanbul should be done this week! 

If anyone who feels they should have gotten voting notifications but didn't, please let me know so I can look into it! 

2) Glass!  Jen has been in touch with everyone who backed at a glass level and has been hard at work making stuff. I believe she got all of her Lucky Dip items into the mail this week, and has already done several custom pieces and is continuing to work on more. She says "her brain is full of glass" with all the custom jobs she's doing (and her Totoro figurine turned out very nice, she thinks) but she's working her way through it all.

3) Konstantinos of Artipia Games told me the other day that the games will be "going out in the next couple of days with our group shipment" so that's good news. Jen and I still have to make the commemorative stickers, which we'll send separately.

4) Most of the director/producer/prototype/co-host backers have opted to wait awhile before making their choices about how they want to use their benefits, though a few specifics have come in. Blue Moon City will be my next video going up, at the request of a high level backer, and Nauticus, Doge Ship and Power Grid (+robots) will all hopefully be filmed this month as well. 

5) Speaking of Blue Moon City, this will also be the first video I've filmed with the new (second hand, actually) second camera, so viewers will have the option of watching my traditional hand held cam POV, or a static, non moving long shot of the board. It turned out pretty well, though there was a problem with the extended play, which got corrupted, but I've reformatted the mem card and hopefully that won't happen again. Still, hopefully this will help folks who have a hard time watching the normal vids, and you can even use a site like to watch both at once, which I thought was pretty cool.

6) On the topic of stretch goals, we've gotten the new laptop, and it's great. I'm hoping my first video to film with it will be the walkthrough, and I'm starting to think about what I want to talk about/demonstrate (and suggestions are appreciated)

7) You might have noticed a bit more sauciness (and punctuality) to my corrections notes on videos, and that's all thanks to Paulo Renalto, who's been doing an incredible job - much better than I ever did. HUGE thanks to him for making my life so much better, and to all of you backers for giving me the funds to pay him! 

8) I've got the faster internet now, and it's a HUGE improvement for uploading vids to Youtube, as expected. I've yet to see how much it helps with video conferencing, but as soon as some co-hosts make their decisions, we'll see how it goes. I'm also looking into doing a 3 way google hangout with some other well-known boardgame vid-casters in the near future, so that should be interesting as well. Fingers crossed! :)

9) Jen just did her first monthly video appearance for Steam Park, and she even added some final thoughts of her own. Not much, but we'll see if we can get her to be a bit more loquacious over time! :)

And that's about it.  It's been a good month so far, things seem to be going well, but again, if anyone has and questions, comments or concerns, please let me know! Otherwise, have a very nice day, talk to you later, buh-bye! :)


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    1. Richard Ham 6-time creator on

      Hey Bob, yeah, the lack of an undo is really annoying, but even worse is ballotbin's complete lack of customer support. I'd love to donate to support the site since it's on the whole pretty useful, but I just can't do that while they continue to ignore email help requests! :(

      Anyway, as near as I can tell, one cannot undo the opt out, so simply send me a new email you'd like to use (you can send it to ) and I'll update my records! :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Bob Silverberg on

      I am one of the unlucky ones who clicked the wrong like and got myself banned from voting. I sent ballotbin and email about it, but never heard anything back. Can you let me know how to go about getting a different email address set up for voting?

    3. Richard Ham 6-time creator on

      L, I'll let Jen know, and I bet she'll be very pleased to hear it! :)

    4. L Warble

      Received the lucky glass dip...lucky dip dip lucky dip?!! And it looks beautiful!!! My children are jealous, now, that I have my own personal playing piece for whatever board game we play. Pass on many thanks to Jen! :)

    5. Richard Ham 6-time creator on

      i figured i'd go with the over the shoulder thing (from a better angle than the last test I did) at first to see how well people like it, before deciding to buy the extra over head equipment. To my taste, the more "off kilter" I can frame the game, the better, just to make it look better. The more square and flat and symetrical, the worse it looks, IMO.

      But it should be up tomorrow (just waiting on Paulo's annotations) so we'll see what folks think! :)

    6. Missing avatar

      J Young on

      Richard, hope that laptop and faster internet give you more free time. And looking forward to the second camera. Were you ever able to get a tripod arm for an overhead shot, or will it be more of an "over-the-shoulder" pov? Keep up the good work. :-)

    7. Missing avatar

      J Young on

      Paulo, you do a great job with the corrections...very thorough!

    8. Richard Ham 6-time creator on

      Mark, you should have been getting emails... I'll drop you a line direct via KS to double check that I've got the right address for you!

    9. Mark E.

      How are you contacting pledgers for the voting? I'm an AD and have not received an email or message on BGG.

    10. Richard Ham 6-time creator on

      Maria, is that true? Very sorry about that, I'll send out an email now... I'm glad I did this update so that could come to light! Mucho apologies, and thanks for letting me know! :)

    11. Maria Amparo Bertram on

      "Most of the director/producer/prototype/co-host backers have opted to wait awhile before making their choices about how they want to use their benefit" -- Did you mean to include "prototype" in that list? Because there hasn't been any specific contact regarding prototype benefits yet as far as I am aware.

    12. Paulo Renato

      Thanks for the kind words :)