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Voting update, part II

Posted by Richard Ham (Creator)

Oops, I just got a minor flood of questions... it occurs to me I should have explained a bit better how this voting works!  :)

Okay, every month, 3 games will be voted on by RRT backers to get runthroughs.  The first game will be voted on by EVERYBODY (unless you backed at the "Fan" level).  That's what just got sent: the first ballot for the first game of the first month :)

On the voting ballot, you can pick as many games as you want, but only one of them will win. So pick the ones that you really want to see, and cross your fingers that others agree! 

Continuing on, the 2nd game to be selected every month will be voted on by everybody who backed at LVL 2 VOTER and above. The voting will work the same, but it won't start until the first game has been chosen - so probably Sunday night in this first case.

Finally, a 3rd game will be chosen by everyone who backed at LVL 3 VOTER and above. Higher level backers can expect that ballot to go out probably sometime mid-next week.

The games that go on the ballots for these months votes are the ones that get the most thumbs on my request geeklist, which can be found here: So even folks who didn't back can still get involved by nominating and thumbing the games they want to see!

In addition, if you backed at FULL VOTER or above, you'll occasionally get to participate in special votes that determine how RRT funds get spent. For instance, before Gencon and Essen, you'll get to do votes to help me figure out what games to pick up at the shows. These 'game buy' votes are a bit less common... probably every 3 months or so, on average!

Hopefully that straightens everything out a bit more, but if not, hit me with more of your ????'s and I'll be there for you, when the rain starts to fall, I'll be there for you, like I've been there before, I'll be there for you, because you're there for me tooooooooooooooo :)

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