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Ballotbin screweyness & Post-Essen plans

Posted by Richard Ham (Creator)

Hey there! Just thought I'd write a quick update to cover a few things, now that we got back home late last night:

1) Sorry everyone got the weird vote notice emails this weekend via Ballotbin. I tried to set those up weeks ago, which was when I discovered wasn't working anymore. All of a sudden, it started to semi-work on Sunday, though the website is totally down. This might mean that someone is trying to fix it, which would be great, but I won't hold my breath. Still, sorry about what effectively turned out to be confusing vote spam, just ignore that stuff from a few days ago!

2) In the meantime, amazing progress has been made on the bespoke RRT voting system, so I won't have to rely on a site like ballotbin in the future! It's really fantastic, and while it's not quite ready for prime time, it looks like it might be soon, we might be switching over to that system. More details soon!

3) As for the post Essen "which games to cover" vote, I'll be getting that going ASAP this week. I'll be using Google docs again, I reckon, so watch your email inbox.  All voters will be involved with this one! Just in case it gets dumped to spam folders, as always you can know when the voting starts by subscribing to this thread on BGG:

4) I have to admit, I'm exhausted, and my voice is rough, I think I might have an eye infection, but hopefully I'll get back to playing and filming soon, with all the new hotnesses!  Here's a list of what I managed to procure from the show (though over half of them aren't here because I had to ship them via German post... hopefully they'll show up early next week):

alchemists, athlas, bruges stadt am zwinn, concordia britain map, cv gossip, deus, dice brewing, dig mars, dragonscroll, dungeon bazar, fields of arle , gold ahoy, grog island, johari, kanban, kashgar, keyflower the merchants , la isla, lap dance, legends of andor new heroes, massilia , mr house, murano , mythotopia, nations the dice game , new dawn, orleans, panamax , pandemic the cure , patchistory, patchwork, renaissance man, roll through the ages the iron age , rum & pirates, saint petersburg second ed, strasbourg , taemnicze domostwo, tash kalar everfrost, the ancient world, theseus bots , time masters, tragedy looper, trains rising sun, uruk II, zhang guo

And that's it folks... there's a lot to catch up on for me and Jen returning, and it's just great to be back home with the beagles, and as always, I'll be keeping folks updated on the RRT guild at  

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    1. Jedra7609

      Thanks for the update - put your feet up for a few days while you recover - we need your eyes so get them better first!