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ESSEN voting time! :)

Posted by Richard Ham (Creator)

Hey there, everybody.  I just wanted to drop a line via a method that I figure is unlikely to get spam blocked (though you never know...), so here we go with a new update!!!

If everything worked, I just sent out email announcements to all FULL VOTER & above backers to cast their ballots for what games I'm picking up at Essen.  I've had to switch away from since it seems to have died, and am now using the temporary solution of google docs.  

I'm sending this in case the notice email from google got spam blocked... wouldn't want anyone to miss out on this vote, as it's the biggest of the year!  If you got your annoucement email, the link should be all the way at the bottom (didn't know how google was going to format). If you didn't, check your spam folder, and if it's totally MIA, contact me and I'll get you a link directly, if you're a FULL VOTER level backer, that is! :)

In the following weeks, all voters will be getting the opportunity to cast ballots as to which Essen games I cover first when I get back (this is replacing the normal monthly "which games" vote, which will resume in November! :)

And finally, in completely other news, we finally got our special RRT stickers printed out for the 3 backers at that level, and will be sending them in the mail shortly!  Thanks for your patience!!!  

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    1. Richard Ham 6-time creator on

      probably not... we're staying over an hour away from Essen...

    2. Dermott

      Ah ok :) didn't check that difference - Just read voter and thought i should be in ;-)

      See you in Essen! My girl wants me to make a picture with you...
      are you @ unperfekthaus on wednesday evening?

    3. Richard Ham 6-time creator on

      Hi Dermott & Stewart, I just checked and you guys are at the lvl3 vote, not the full vote (which was $10 more). sorry, but don't worry, you'll get to vote quite a bit about the order that essen games get filmed. That's coming soon! :)

    4. Stewart Graham on

      I haven't had anything yet either Richard. Could you post the link via BGG?

    5. Dermott

      have you sent it already? because i havn't got anything so far. :-) WANT TO VOTE xD

    6. Richard Ham 6-time creator on

      yeah, i took it off the list because i've already backed the game on KS, so no need to vote for it! :)

      i mentioned this in the video (not that everyone has the time to watch it, I realize!)

    7. Jedra7609

      I think you missed Orcs Orcs Orcs from the voting list?