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Help the Idea Foundry expand our space!  With your help, we can throw a party, double our size and become a sustainable business. Win!
Help the Idea Foundry expand our space! With your help, we can throw a party, double our size and become a sustainable business. Win!
103 backers pledged $9,150 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Been busy!!! :-) Backer awards shipping soon...

Hello to everyone who has supported the Columbus Idea Foundry kickstarter, way back in August!!

Many apologies for the delay in getting our gifts out....  No excuses other than we've been very (very) busy - expanding (as the Kickstarter was designed to help us do), and more....  A few details about what we've been involved in since August, below:

1) On August 22, we had a blast hosting the 3rd Annual Tool Races Championship the week after our Kickstarter was funded, as well as hosting our open house and having live music perform for our afterparty.  Thanks to everyone who came!  Check out the CIF Facebook page for links to photos and video of the event (

2) During the month of August, we did indeed expand into the new wing of the CIF, and have since built out 17 new studios housing 20+ artists, inventors, web developers, educational organizations, and more, and have relocated our jewelry station, our electronics station, and have created a new dark room, in which we'll teach good ol' fashioned print photography (capable of printing up to 30" prints!) - more here:

3) We have created the computer center in the new wing, and indeed have hosted 10+ lectures by the group "Girl Develop It Columbus" ( - a non-profit that teaches web programming to women and minorities, as well as offered two workshops by the Fuse Factory ( - an arts and electronics non-profit here in Columbus as well, as well as "hack nights" by local developers.

4) We have also established a full printshop in the new wing, capable of doing wide-format, full-color poster printing, vinyl cutting, and more.  Our sign shop was commissioned to produce signage and giant portraits for the TEDxColumbus 2011 event....

5) In September, we participated in the annual Independents' Day arts festival (, continuing our mission of collaborating with the independent artists, makers, and businesses in Columbus. 

6) In October, we had our first "Underground at the Foundry" event - a monthly art show made possible by's contribution to our Kickstarter!  Look for announcements soon regarding the next one!

7) Alex Bandar, the director of the Columbus Idea Foundry, was voted the "Emerging Arts Leader" of 2011 by the Greater Columbus Arts Council, certainly due in no small part to the success of the Foundry, which is a direct consequence of everyone who contributed to our kickstarter.  (So a mighty thank you again!)

8) The Foundry was commissioned to build five 12-foot-tall wearable puppets, which were exhibited by performers at the Highball Halloween event this past October (link here:

9) The Foundry was also commissioned to build the "lifeguard chair" (elevated chair at the finish line) for the Columbus Marathon, as well as signage for local Short North shops, the TEDx sign on the TEDxColumbus 2011 stage, and many other products that have rolled out of the production wing of the CIF, thanks to our production manager Matt Bowman (  

10) In November, Alex was also grateful to be offered the opportunity to speak about the Columbus Idea Foundry at TEDxColumbus (the local chapter of the Technology / Entertainment / Design) - that occurred 2 days ago, on 11/11/11 at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI), and the lecture should be online in the next 10 days or so (

11) We are grateful to have had enough overfunding from the Kickstarter to expand again into another adjacent unit at the shop - this time, that space will be devoted to production and business incubation - including projects like the all-electric street-legal hotrod the Inhaler ( - check out the video on that site!), as well as furniture and interior design services (residential + commercial); more CNC machining services, and other pursuits.

12) And lastly, we have secured the rights to host a Mini Maker Faire in Columbus next year, in September 2012!  Very exciting - we'll be sending out updates about that through our newsletter soon, so make sure you're signed up to receive our announcements and class schedules (you can sign up at

SO - in sum, this is the first moment we've had to catch our breath and catch up on our obligations, most pressing of which is to get our Kickstarter backer awards out.  We're on that full time now!  If you have moved locations since you emailed us last, please send us your update address.

Thank you for your patience, thanks again for your support, and expect more knowledgeable, talented, and mischievous things to come! ;-)


The Columbus Idea Foundry


QUICK THANK YOU & UPDATE: We are extraordinarily grateful and humbled to have reached our initial goal of $5500 half way through our Kickstarter!  That isn't to say that we can't use more...  As noted in the original text of our proposal, we will responsibly reinvest any funds above and beyond our initial target back into our workshop.  We have no end of projects to build / equipment to purchase / events to host, and every dollar helps!  Everything that gets invested into our shop is turned right around and provided as a resource to the Central Ohio creative / maker / educational / micro-manufacturing community, so we're extremely pleased to be getting the enthusiasm and support that we are, and to be providing these services to our growing group of members, tenants, and students.  Thank you!!!!

We're off to a great start!

A huge thank you to our first 47 backers! So far we've managed to raise $3,820 of our $5,500 goal. That's 69.45454545% toward our goal, and we still have 25 days to go. August 15th is the last day to contribute!

We've obtained limited access to the expansion wing and have started to plot out where exactly everything will go if fund is successful. Everything from a computer lab to eyewash sinks is finding a home and place slowly on our sketchpads. A laser distance finder has been an invaluable tool. 

We're thinking of how best to partition activities, public shared spaces and artist studios to keep the expansion as the 'clean' side, free of dusty metal and woodworking. We're also looking into making the entrance on the expansion side as the primary public entrance to the Idea Foundry. We'll perhaps even put in a Star Wars-esque projection to greet visitors, thanks to the hard work of Dylan and Levi. 

Again, thank you to our backers. If you're help for helping us out a little bit more, this time in a non-monetary manner, make sure to send people to the Kickstarter project!

Obviously, there's going to be a lot of work and materials needed to get this expansion up and running. Fortunately we have a great team here that are more than willing to help. 

Email five friends in Columbus, put the project on Reddit, Tweet about it, or share us on Facebook. Any way that you can help get more eyeballs on the project helps tremendously.

- Thank you

The Columbus Idea Foundry

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