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Double the size of the Columbus Idea Foundry!'s video poster

Help the Idea Foundry expand our space! With your help, we can throw a party, double our size and become a sustainable business. Win! Read more

Columbus, OH Technology
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This project was successfully funded on August 15, 2011.

Help the Idea Foundry expand our space! With your help, we can throw a party, double our size and become a sustainable business. Win!

Columbus, OH Technology
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About this project

QUICK THANK YOU & UPDATE: We are extraordinarily grateful and humbled to have reached our initial goal of $5500 half way through our Kickstarter!  This is in large part to the generosity of the Columbus community, as well as friends and promotional partners (such as, who is offering to match up to $1,000 worth of funds contributed from their members, for a total of an additional $2,000 to our kickstarter!)

And although our initial target was reached - this isn't to say that we can't use more...  As noted in our original text (half way down) we will responsibly reinvest any funds above and beyond our initial target back into our workshop.  We have no end of projects to build / equipment to purchase / events to host, and every dollar helps!  Everything that gets invested into our shop is turned right around and provided as a resource to the Central Ohio creative / maker / educational / micro-manufacturing community, so we're extremely pleased to be getting the enthusiasm and support that we are, and to be providing these services to our growing group of members, tenants, and students.  Thank you!

The Columbus Idea Foundry has the opportunity to double our size, establish a "clean" arts and tech wing, and rent enough studio space to continue our self-sustainability, growth, and community-oriented mission.  Help us make this happen by funding and attending our interactive fabrication festival! 

(Please note - if you have trouble viewing the video above, try viewing this page in Internet Explorer or Safari).

For those who don't know, we are a community workshop located in Columbus, Ohio (the Indie Arts Capital of the World, as declared by the Columbus City Council...)  We are a 10,000 square foot workshop, educational center, hackerspace superieur, artists' community and business incubator, and have been teaching classes in and providing community access to all manner of tools (welding, CNC machining, laser cutting, 3D printing, and more) to the general public since 2008.  We also produce goods and develop prototypes for local retailers and innovators, and our products bookend the creative spectrum from handmade wooden toys to experimental electric vehicles and everything in between. 

On August 15th, we will have the opportunity to expand into our neighboring industrial unit (with which we already share several interior doors... an architectural match made in heaven!)   By doing so, we will be able to split our workshop into a "dirty" space (our current location) with welding, woodworking, metal casting, metal fabrication, CNC machining, and other dust- and chip-making processes; and a "clean" space (the new wing) with, among other planned resources, a photographic dark room, a videography stage, a textile/upholstery station, a proper lithography room for etching/engraving circuits, metal, and screenprinting masks, and about a dozen more studio rental spaces for clean arts. 

In order to make our move, we need funds to finance our build-out; to help with moving costs, insurance costs, security costs, and more.  To raise the money, we plan to host an all-day fest to celebrate everything we do - arts, tech, education, maker culture, and community - and we're asking for your support to make it happen.  Provided that we reach our target goal, we will throw a party on August 20th, 2011, in both the old and the new space.  On that day, will host our annual Power Tool Drag Race (; perform live, interactive demonstrations of design and fabrication within our current workshop; provide tours of our new wing; and throw an after party with live music, "Burning Man"-style performances and art, and much more.

Funds raised through this Kickstarter project will go towards our build-out, which will include

-materials for constructing studio spaces ($1500)

-equipment and materials for a dark room ($500)

-equipment and materials for a management office and meet-and-greet space ($750)

-equipment and materials for a photography/videography stage (to facilitate promotion of our products and services) ($1000)

-materials for a computer and electronics room (10 laptops and 10 towers have already been donated to us - we simply need a clean space to house them) ($750)

-security installation (ADT, cameras) ($1000)

-and more!  (Please note that any money raised above and beyond $5500 will absolutely be reinvested into more tools, workshop resources, and other necessary and useful amenities for the Columbus Idea Foundry and the Central Ohio maker community at large....)

Please note that, as the responsible stewards of community workshop access and education for Central Ohio since 2008, investing in us means investing in resources that the Columbus creative, technical, education and business communities can use long after this Kickstarter has finished.  By purchasing any of our various backer awards, you're not just facilitating the arts, or education, or entrepreneurialism - you're supporting and participating in all three.  Thank you, and we hope to see you around the shop!

 Video by J. Tillman Callahan (

Music by Sinecube (

CIF Armillary Sign by Allison Meade (; photo by Andrew Maniskas

And huge thanks to our advance sponsors -

Bosch Power Tools, for donating $7,000 worth of new power tools to our workshop earlier this year, and for sponsoring the 2011 Ohio Tool Racing Championships on August 20th!

Pabst Blue Ribbon and Buckeye Vodka for providing beverages for our after party

Ohio Power Tool for sponsoring the first Power Tool Drag Race in 2009, and providing prizes and financial support

Liggett Stashower for providing website design, graphics, and PR services


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    A postcard invite to our August 20th event, and a fashionable Columbus Idea Foundry pin! Be the envy of every hacker on your block....

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    A postcard invite to our August 20th event, a CIF pin, and a stylish and trendy t-shirt with our logo!

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    Pledge $50 or more

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    A postcard invite to our party, a snazzy CIF button, an eye-popping t-shirt with our logo, and your very own "Brick-o-gram" - an honest-to-goodness red clay brick with your name or favorite pithy saying laser-etched onto it, to be mortared into a wall during the evening of the event

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    Pledge $100 or more

    10 backers

    All of the above (postcard, pin, t-shirt, laser-etched brick) plus a trophy engraved with our very own laser cutter or CNC machine, commemorating how stupendous you are - send us your name, likeness, and a descriptive and deserving title ("Most Awesomest") and we'll either mail it to you, or better yet, present it to you in a ceremony in front of the whole crowd during the event.

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    Pledge $250 or more

    7 backers Limited (23 left of 30)

    All of the above (postcard, pin, t-shirt, laser-etched brick, machined trophy+ceremony) plus a VIP pass that allows you to participate in all of our interactive demonstration events throughout the night (laser cutting, CNC machining, 3D printing, metal casting, black smithing, glass bead making, and more)... Come as a hackerspace enthusiast, and leave as a fabrication guru! (And then come back and make stuff with us! :-)

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

    3 backers

    Name our electric forklift! Name our "shopbot" workshop robot! Name our Bridgeport machining mill! Name Tom's rocket! During the evening, we will dedicate one of our workhorse pieces of equipment forever to you, and pin stripe your or a loved one's name onto the side and christen it with a bottle of champagne (imagine the "HMS Your Name Here!") forever stenciled onto our forklift. Particularly appropriate for donors who like to remain anonymous. First come, first serve in choice of equipment....

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