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Burt Young (Rocky) and Sally Kirkland (Anna) star in a new short about life, love, happiness and desire after 50 years of marriage.

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About the Project

Making a film is extremely difficult, especially during this economic downturn. We believe that it is during these trying times that relevant stories need to be told. We must reach out to you, friends, family, and colleagues for help.

At a party for their 50th anniversary, Michael and Betty share that the secret to their happy marriage is that they have no secrets, but nothing could be further from the truth. After Michael finds a provocative doll amongst flea market-bound trash, their world is turned upside down. Now Betty and Michael are forced to face difficult questions about themselves, their relationship, and their future.

Tom in America will be shot in New York City for a total of 6 days. The film will feature SAG-AFTRA actors, and has the support of the New York Foundation for the Arts and the Tom of Finland Foundation.


Our Michael: Burt Young
Our Michael: Burt Young

Burt Young has signed on to play the lead role of Michael. Burt received an Academy Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actor in Rocky. Burt has been in many acclaimed films including all six Rocky movies, Once Upon a Time in America, Chinatown, Win Win, Transamerica, Mickey Blue Eyes and many others. Burt is the perfect actor to help realize Michael on screen

Our Betty: Sally Kirkland
Our Betty: Sally Kirkland

We are proud to announce that Academy Award Nominee Sally Kirkland will be playing Betty, the female lead and wife of main character Michael in the film. Sally has had a long and storied history of success in Hollywood and she will bringing her charm, wit and charisma to the screen to help bring Tom in America to life.

Her reel is available here.

About the Filmmakers

About the director                                                                                                                           Flavio Alves is a Brazilian writer, film director, and producer. He was granted political asylum in the United States in 1998 with the help of the Immigrants and Refugee Rights Clinic at New York University's School of Law. Shortly thereafter, he attended Columbia University, where he earned an undergraduate degree in Political Science. After graduating, Alves worked as an assistant to then-New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) and Former Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY). In 2007, Flavio returned to school to study film production at New York University, where he received the Technisphere Award for Outstanding Achievement. Since then, he has directed and produced more than 20 films. His most recent completed project, The Secret Friend, premiered at the 2010 Palm Springs International Film Festival and has entered more than 90 film festivals around the world. The Secret Friend received 24 awards, including Best Short Film at Cleveland International Film Festival, Amsterdam Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival, and Savannah Film Festival.

Flavio Alves is the founder of Queens Picture LLC, a New York-based film production company.


About the Co-Writer


Jeff Solomon is the founder and co-Artistic Director of Houses on the Moon Theater Co., which tours educational work internationally including his Tara'sCrossing (Lucille Lortel Theatre, Tenement Theatre in New York, the ConnecticutRepertory Theatre, and American University in Washington D.C.) and De Novo(America's Off Broadway Festival at 59 E 59 St. Theaters, Arizona State UniversitySandra Day O'Connor School of Law, tour of El Salvador with support fromOpen Society Institute). Jeff wrote the Television pilot for Jim Henson's CityKids,which received an Emmy nomination for Best Children's Special and an OllieAward for Excellence in Children's Programming. Mr. Solomon was a staff writerfor the series of the same name on A.B.C. and penned a CityKids novelizationfor young adults published by Random House, and a staff writer on Davis Rules(Carsey-Werner/ABC-TV) and has also written for Tribeca (Tri-Star/FOX) andGullah Gullah Island (Nickelodeon.)

About the producers


Greg Starr is an ambitious producer and director who has a wide array of experience in all aspects of production and post production. Greg is known widely for his extensive expertise. He got his start as a freshman at TulaneUniversity as a theatre major when the department elected to shoot a movie instead of one of the spring plays. He was instantly infected with a love for production which fed on a long developing love of cinema which has grown from many years of watching everything he could find. Upon Graduating from Tulane in 2006 with a degree in Theatre and Neuroscience, Greg decided he wanted to be a filmmaker and sent himself to grad school. He has been working in film professionally since 2008. Greg is the founder of AwkWeird Pictures in NY.                                                                       


Wol is a NY based Argentine-Israeli-Turkish producer. He recently produced Doug Karr’s feature narrative: ART MACHINE, starring Joseph Cross, Jessica Szhor, and golden globe nominee Joey Lauren Adams premiering at 2012 Woodstock Film Festival; Justin Reichman’s narrative feature A WIFE ALONE (in post); and Hank Devos’ KILL YOUR TV (distributed by Quat! Media). Wol consulting produced films like ARKADYA which was featured on Ted Hope’s prestigious Hammer-to-Nail film list, and FORWARD, a documentary about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. His films focus on family dramas, immigrating and counter cultures and have been screened in over 20 film festivals internationally. Wol has also worked as a development grant consultant for numerous independent features including THE BABY FORMULA which went on to receive a telefilm grant and a slot in Oscar qualifying Nashville film festival. Mr. Wol is currently producing an installation featuring the world renowned painter Marc Dennis and filmmaker Liron Unreich.


Can we exceed the goal?
Absolutely. We get nothing if the goal is not met, but there is no limit to how much we can raise as long as we meet goal.

Is Tom in America a 501(c)(3) non-profit?
Yes. Upon request donations of $500 and above are eligible for tax-deductions. Please contact us for details after you have donated.

If I donate, when can I redeem the rewards?
If we do not reach our funding goal then we will not receive any of the money and none of the rewards will be disbursed. If we do reach our goal the rewards will be sent out after the film is completed as many of them are contingent upon having a finished film. DVDs will be sent out after the film has been entered into film festivals.

Who does the money go to?                                                    

Filmmaking is an expensive endeavor and there are many ways the money will be spent: Kickstarter rewards, legal costs, location fees, camera and lighting rentals, wardrobe, production insurance, crew labor, props and food.

What's the status of the production?                                                    

Tom in America is currently in pre-production. Production is scheduled to start mid-October, with the project finishing in early 2013.

Contact us

We love hearing from our supporters and prospective supporters, and hope that this film inspires many conversations in the future. Please contact us at with any questions whatsoever, and be sure to check us out on TWITTER and FACEBOOK.

Thank You

From the very deepest bottoms of our hearts, thank you for visiting the page and thank you for considering making a donation. We're more grateful for every supporter than you will ever know.


Flavio Alves, Jeff Solomon, Greg Starr, and Roy Gokay Wol


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