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Interactive Web-Series that allows viewers to interact with the Mutt Master as he fosters and rehabilitates homeless dogs.

The Mutt Mansion will be an interactive Web-Series that allows viewers to interact with the Mutt Master as he fosters and rehabilitates homeless dogs. Some dogs will be nursed back to health from the brink of death and others will have to learn Mutt Manners before they can find a permanent home. Viewers can set up play-dates, decide the next fieldtrip, and truly be a part of the foster process.

This project will fund the first season of The Mutt Mansion. The season will consist of 52 episodes with a new episode released each week. Each episode will demonstrate rehabilitation techniques that focus on socialization and confidence building exercises. Viewers will be introduced to new pack members and updated on the progress of old members.

Using Facebook, viewers can set up play-dates between certain dogs they’d like to see socialized. Viewers can also vote for their Favorite Foster. Each week, the Favorite Foster will be featured in a segment of the episode that will give viewers a more intimate view of the dog’s daily life at the Mutt Mansion. The segment may contain footage of the Favorite Foster waking up, getting ready for bed, eating, playing with others, and enjoying their stay at the Mutt Mansion.

The Web-Series will educate and entertain viewers while helping dogs that need a temporary home. The dogs will be sponsored by an animal shelter or rescue, so anyone interested in adopting or donating will have to contact the shelter directly. The Mutt Mansion is not a charity, Non-Profit or awareness campaign. The Mutt Master is just a guy that wants to help dogs by providing them with love and leadership. He welcomes the dogs into his home and helps them adapt to a home environment by exposing them to new people, dogs and experiences. This increases the dog’s chances of getting adopted.

Become a fan of The Mutt Runners on Facebook to learn more about the Mutt Master.

The first episode will be released no later than October, 2013. It will contain footage of the Memorial Mutt-A-Thon held at either Sandy Bottom Nature Park in Hampton, VA or at Fort Monroe, VA on 9-14-2013. Come out and join us to experience the fun in person.

This project can only happen if we raise enough funds.

Please share this with your co-workers, friends and family.

The minimum goal of $100,000 will get the Web-Series up and running for one season.

$250,000 will take this project to the next level and increase the amount of dogs fostered at one time.

$500,000 will allow us to produce the show on Fort Monroe, where The Mutt Master will live and open his home/foster facility to the public. He’ll also conduct free, dog-friendly historical tours of Fort Monroe. Viewers will visit their favorite foster, take it on walks and have a chance to be on an episode of The Mutt Mansion.

Fort Monroe, VA
Fort Monroe, VA

Below is a video of Baby Girl's first night at the Mutt Mansion. Now I know why she would keep eating until she threw up... She had trash in her system blocking the food from digesting properly, so she wasn't absorbing the necessary nutrients. Her body was craving the food, but it couldn't process it correctly. Poor girl. She was a sweetie.

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There's a very small chance that production may be delayed some weeks. We'll work day and night to deliver each episode on time.


  • The cost for initial medical treatment can range from $600 to over $2000 per dog. Baby Girl's vet bills were a little over $2000 and she was too weak to receive all of her shots.

    Medical treatment, medicine, fuel, food, dog beds, and everything else related to caring for dogs can get very expensive. Just like having kids right? :-)

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    The main incentive is this $25 perk, but we’re offering bonus incentives as well. $25 gets you access to a live feed of the Mutt Mansion 30 days before the feed is available to the general public. The live feed will catch the pups at play in several common areas. You’ll be able to see the pups sleep, eat and play at the Mutt Mansion anytime you’d like. You'll receive an access code via email.

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    You can have your dog assigned to a runner at the Mutt-A-Thon on 9-14-2013. The runner will exercise your dog by running with it for one 3.5 mile lap around Fort Monroe. This is a great way to get your dog some quality exercise. Filming for the first episode will occur at this event, so come be a part of it :-)

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    You can pick a dog from one of the participating shelters and have it assigned to a runner. The runner will exercise the dog by running with it for one 3.5 mile loop. You’ll get a dog out of the shelter for a day, so it can go on an adventure and have fun. Find “The Mutt Runners” on Facebook and look at their photo albums to find a shelter dog. Each dog will have a picture and bio. Just comment on the picture to let us know you’re donating for that specific pup. All of the available shelter dogs will be listed on Facebook as soon as we receive word that they are eligible to participate. This option is limited to the number of shelters and dogs participating in the event. Please email us or message on Facebook to let us know you’d like to select a shelter dog to participate in the Mutt-A-Thon.

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    For each $200 contribution, the Mutt Master will ride his Mutt-O-Cycle (bicycle) for an extra mile AFTER he completes the 28 mile Mutt-A-Thon. The more $200 donations we get from you, the farther he’ll go.

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    For each $300 contribution, the Mutt Master will run an extra mile AFTER he completes the 28 mile Mutt-A-Thon. He won’t stop riding or running until he completes his obligation to you. This is his way of saying thank you. If he ends up having to run hundreds of miles to complete his obligation, he’ll be allowed 4 hours of sleep each 24 hour period.

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