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The Geeky Chef is a web series in which I re-imagine, develop, and test some of America’s favorite dishes.

The Geeky Chef is a web series in which I re-imagine, develop, and test some of America’s favorite dishes. Read More
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What is The Geeky Chef?

The Geeky Chef is a web series in which I re-imagine, develop, experiment, and ultimately create the perfect dish.  Each episode will feature one of America's favorite dishes.

The format of the show is simple and entertaining. Each episode starts with visiting indigenous food locations in Southern California that have been widely regarded as having the best example of a certain culinary dish. I will eat the food and explain the qualities that make it extraordinary. Then in my experimental kitchen, I will incorporate all the best aspects of the food I sampled earlier, creating a new and original “perfect” recipe.

The goal of the show is for those watching at home to be able to recreate the dishes that I have recreated and learn a cool "geeky" cooking trick along the way.

Why is this show different?

In cooking, the term "Molecular Gastronomy" often discourages people because while interesting to watch, it is nearly impossible for the ordinary cook to mimic the highly technical and scientific techniques at home.  In "The Geeky Chef", there won't be any use of fancy foams, gels, or expensive ingredients; you will not need any expensive laboratory equipment or access to anything that the normal home chef doesn't already have. This show is not about that approach to cooking.

The focus of each episode will be an American favorite: the hamburger, fish taco, chicken wings, deep dish pizza, etc.  These have all been done many times before, but that is the sheer beauty of it. I want viewers to learn how to create something great that they can make and eat on a regular basis.

There is a very strong sense of discovery to the show. Viewers will learn how to use common household items for cooking in ways they never thought possible. How will a hair dryer help you make a better cake? Or how will bobby pins play a part in making the most amazing chicken wings? This show is about that!  

How you can be sure what you are doing is the best?

Simple, I will experiment and experiment again. I do not expect to get everything perfect on the first try. As someone from a scientific background, it is only fitting that I employ the scientific method. I will write hypotheses and create control groups, with the goal of finding the best cooking solutions.

Another focus of this show will be myth busting. There is no way to determine true "cause and effect" unless my cooking/testing is done in a controlled environment. Together, we will discover answers to age-old questions:  Does searing really seal in the juices? What exactly does a brine do? How do you check the temperature of your steaks?

Where will this money go? 

Thankfully, our production team has a large gear-bag to help us film, storytell, and push the creative limits of the show. The money raised will go towards shooting the pilot for "The Geeky Chef".

Cinematographers - Our crew has done an outstanding job helping to shoot the promo film simply out of the kindness of their hearts. Nevertheless, I would like to offer them some sort of compensation for their time, talent, and creative input.

Food and Kitchen Expenses - The cost of the ingredients for the experiments and all of the final demonstrations. This will also include other kitchen costs like plastic wrap and cleaning supplies.

Kitchen Rental - As fun as it was to invade someone's home and set up a studio, I would love to rent out a professional kitchen for a few hours to film the show. This will ensure that we have the facilities to show you how to perfectly recreate at home all the featured dishes.

Travel - We will be traveling to many different locations and carrying lots of gear with us. This will help us cover travel and other associated expenses.

What next?

This pilot is just the beginning, I have many cooking ideas that I'm enthusiastic to share. Over the past couple of years, I have been storing away original ideas and documenting many unique techniques. This project, "The Geeky Chef", is my way of sharing with everyone. 

I sincerely hope you find my project worthwhile and I have the utmost confidence that with your support, it be a success.  Thanks!



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