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A street art project to remind us all to treat each other a little better.

Thanks for making this possible everyone!

Obviously, I would love for more people to get onboard. It just means I can print more and my message can reach further!


"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

You've seen it on the internet a thousand times, probably misattributed to Plato, but just because it's a little cheesy doesn't mean it isn't true. For me, it's a powerful reminder that every person around me represents another life, with struggles as well as triumphs, and that they all deserve my respect and compassion.

Think about a bad day you've had, or even a bad year (it gets better, I promise), and think about how a little extra love from a friend or even a little politeness from a stranger helped make it that much more bearable. I hope to encourage that little extra with this project.

Printing isn't cheap (don't we all know), so I'm using the money to get the materials (stickers, small posters, and t-shirts for now) printed. PLEASE NOTE THAT POSTERS WILL BE PRINTED ON 100# Matte. Thanks in advance!


$1 FIVE (5) Stickers 5 x 7". Put these EVERYWHERE

$10 ONE (1) Poster 11x17", FIVE (5) stickers. Also put these EVERYWHERE

$35 ONE (1) T-shirt, American Apparel, ONE (1) Poster 11x17", FIVE (5) stickers. Wear/put EVERYWHERE

I chose stickers and wheatpasting as the medium because I wanted to reach as many people as possible as often as possible. I don't have a citation but I have a feeling that if you see "BE KIND" two times on your way to work you're Iikely to be a little kinder. I have also always loved street art but I recognize that it can look a little hostile, and my goal here is to make the world a kinder place.

The spiritual successor to this idea was an idea for a school organization "Bruins for Minor Improvement", which itself was born out of the observation that there are some people who are really gung-ho and think they can change the world, and some people who would like to improve things but think that the world's problems are too big or are simply lazier than they are altruistic. We would do things like buy the homeless people around Westwood meals now and then or even drop off soda and cups at random parties. We weren't teaching in impoverished African villages but hey we were doing something.

So the long term goal is to create a subculture of "minor improvement". I chose a street art style to give it a sort of edge and to engage people my age (it seems like to do anything these days, people have to think it looks cool). In the future I'd like to establish a sort of "brand" that puts out posters and stickers but also clothes the homeless, organizes to help whoever in the community needs a little help, and maybe eventually moves on to really big events. But for now, if everyone is just a little but nicer to each other, the world in general will be a much nicer place.

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I've handled large print orders before and I have some relationships with print shops so I'm not too worried about getting the materials made.

The biggest obstacle will be the part where maybe I wheatpaste and put stickers places they are probably not supposed to be, but I've been doing those two things for a long time and I know what I'm doing.


  • Absolutely! The going rate is $1 for 5 stickers so if you want more (up to 50) stickers, just pledge the appropriate amount and send me a message!

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