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Update #5

A shadowy cabal of really nice people


We've been getting notes from the Postcard Underground! They've been coming in over the past few days -- from Christy in Minnesota, from Lily T, from Sue -- all saying incredibly kind and awesome things about the CSE project.

An excerpt from one of the postcards:

Reading about Parts and Crafts, how it works and what theory it's born from, has made me sit back, breathe deep, and feel thankful. I appreciate the obviously spirit and spunk that is fostered in the world because of your work and I hope you never stop building community.

What a lovely surprise!

A google search turns up nothing -- as does a Kickstarter search for "send cheerful postcards to strangers." All postcards are stamped from Saint Paul, MN, but no return address. It's a mystery! Anyone have any ideas?

While we're on the topic of the Twin Cities I want to take a second to plug Leonardo's Basement, a huge inspiration for us. They've been around for about 10 years in Minneapolis -- we've never met them personally, but they've been a big influence on our work and outlook.

They also have a great video, which you can view here:

Thanks to the Postcard Underground, to all our awesome backers, and to those who have seen this page and let other people know about the project. We've got fourteen days left -- please continue to tell your friends, post to your blog, shout from the rooftops, and otherwise help us spread the word!

-- Katie

update: more letters! hurray!

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    An envelope full of zine-style project instruction books and some pretty great Parts and Crafts stickers. Nothing too fancy, printing-wise, but some good, fun ideas! We'll include this stuff in all of the higher priced rewards as well.

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    One of our hand-printed t-shirts OR posters -- "Parts and Crafts -- Making Things and Making Things Happen", or the unbranded, totally awesome "Take Something Apart"/Little Red Schoolhouse design + a handful of instructions printed for some of our cool projects!

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    DIY Lightsaber Kit -- the centerpiece project for our first CSE box. Everything you need to make yourself an LED lightsaber, like so many kids have done with us at camp! A great thing to have lying around the house, and a very satisfying introduction to hands-on electronics projects.

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    You get our first complete CSE box -- including the lightsaber kit and oh-so-much more! This is for local pickup in Somerville where we'll have a build-party each month.

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    Have your CSE shipped directly to your home! If you want us to ship internationally we can talk about that, but we'll probably have to tack on an additional cost.

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    The first month's CSE box, a lot of thanks, and a little bit of attention! Want some suggestions on the best non-food microwaveable substances? Curious about where to get dry ice? Want to start a summer program but have a few questions? Write us an email and we'll give you our best answers (though, to be fair and honest, if you write us an email, even without giving us money, we'll still do our best to be helpful)

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    A 3-month subscription to the Community Supported Education project -- (that is, a box of projects, ideas, and tinkering materials each month for three (3) months!), and a t-shirt for good measure. "Take Something Apart" or "Making Things and Making Things Happen"

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    Can't do local pickup? A 3-month subscription (plus T-shirt!), shipped anywhere in the United States.

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    Can't do local pickup? A 6-month subscription to the CSE (six (6) months/boxes of fun!) shipped to your doorstep and your very own Parts and Crafts themed t-shirt!

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    One-year (12 months) local-pickup subscription to the CSE -- a box every month for one year. It's very likely that your age will increase by one in the space of time between you receiving your first box from us and your last one! Also a t-shirt, which you can wear as often as you like for as long as you like!

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    A one-year subscription to the CSE with shipping to anywhere in the United States

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    Have a cool idea but don't know what to do with it? We'll work with you to turn a small-scale project or idea that you've been thinking about into a set of instructions and a kit of parts! We'll work together to come up with a good project, but think about things on the scale of DIY lightsabers and soda-bottle water-rocket photography (plus a one-year CSE subscription, shipping if you want it, a t-shirt, and everything listed above)

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    Parts and Crafts comes to you! In addition to a one-year CSE subscription, we'll teach a weekend-long (or otherwise 2-day)workshop on a topic of mutual interest in the space of your choice! (If the space of your choice isn't within 100 miles we'll also ask that you cover travel expenses unless we can schedule your workshop for a time when we'll just happen to be in your hometown anyway). Topic and audience are up for discussion! Possible topics include: *Hands-on Learning, Hands-off Teaching: tinkering for educators *Computer Programming for Kids, Artists, and the Rest of Us *How to Start a Summer Camp *Music Experiments and Experimental Music

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    You've just paid for a counselor to work five weeks at camp! 4-day workshop on a topic of your choosing (travel considerations the same as above) and a year-long CSE subscription.

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