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Don’t just make pancakes. Create them! Introducing PancakeBot - The coolest addition to your kitchen. *Batter not included
Don’t just make pancakes. Create them! Introducing PancakeBot - The coolest addition to your kitchen. * Patent Pending
Don’t just make pancakes. Create them! Introducing PancakeBot - The coolest addition to your kitchen. * Patent Pending
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Keeping you updated.


Hi Everyone,

We just wanted to let you know that we haven't forgotten about you. There hasn't been any new developments since we are still in the tooling phase.

Regarding the software, we are currently determining the overall scope of the project. You, the community have made so many great suggestions that we would definitely like to see included into the software. That being said, we think it's best done in phases. So initially we plan on releasing a basic version so that everyone can easily use it without being overwhelmed.

As soon as we have any updates, we will be sure to post them here.

Enjoy the rest of your week!! 

Miguel & the StoreBound team

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    1. David Goldstein on

      HI, I have a trade show in Florida on November 30th for meeting planners, venues, destination management companies etc.
      Any way I could get my printer in time for that?

    2. Missing avatar

      W. H. Ma on

      1. Do you have a better estimate of when the pancakebots can be shipped out?
      2. Which method will be used to ship out the pancakebots to international backers? By sea? By air? USPS? EMS? FedEx? UPS? DHL?

    3. StoreBound 4-time creator on


      I hope you are well. As will any new software program, the more complex it is, the longer it takes to make, harder it is for people to learn, and the more frustrated people get. For this reason the "basic release version" will allow people to get an understanding of how it works and as new releases come out new features will be added so that people do not get overwhelmed at the start. You may have noticed for example apps in the app store that are constantly getting upgrades with new features, or even operating systems that are developed and improved with new releases. This is how we are going to approach it.

      The initial software will allow you to import an image to be set up as a guide for you to trace (if you wish to use a guide). Once you trace the image or create your own you will be able to save it in the file format required for the printer to print. Then all you need to do is save it on an SD card and place it in the printer.

      Please also keep in mind that we are not planning on making this all exclusive, we encourage developers to create cool and exciting third party apps so that people have a wide variety of options available to them.

    4. Missing avatar

      Rina Williams on

      Hola Sr. Miguel. Thanks for the update. One question now, Sr. Miguel.. Your investors are obviously FORWARD thinking people thus we wont be satisfied with just a "Basic" released version. What will be provided to Us so that we are kept up on the latest and greatest that our (aka"Pancakebot"-ers) will be able to create..
      Not just satisfied with basic,,

    5. StoreBound 4-time creator on


      We are nearing towards the end of tooling, the next phase is certifications. We have backers from quite a few different countries and want to make sure we meet the requirements. If there isn't a backlog from the organizations issuing the certifications hopefully manufacturing will start in August. Thank you for your support and patience, we are really excited about getting the PancakeBot into your hands to see the cool creations. We will post an update as soon as we know more.

    6. Paul Bagguley on


      Just curious when you expect the tooling phase to be finished and manufacture to start?

    7. StoreBound 4-time creator on

      Hi Alfonso,

      Changing your address won't be a problem. Closer to production we will send out a survey asking for your shipping info. We are in the final stages of tooling and will soon be submitting the PancakeBot for certifications. We will post updates as soon as we know more. Currently we are looking at end of August, early September, depending on the backlog of the organizations that provide the certifications.

    8. alfonso mora on

      when is the stimated delivery.. as i am moving address

    9. StoreBound 4-time creator on


      Yes, we are still in the tooling phase, should be complete in about 2 weeks. In the mean time we are planing out the extra bottles pack. Should have a render up soon for people to see.

      Thank you for your support and patience

    10. Jac on

      Hi, So hows the process now? Still in tooling phase?

    11. StoreBound 4-time creator on


      I hope you are well. I have replied to your message but I will also answer it here so that others may see it. We have not sent out the surveys as of yet. The reason why we haven't done so is because we understand people change their address. So it makes more sense to send the surveys out a little closer to production. Once we send the surveys out we will also post an update to let everyone know.

      Thank you for your support and patience.

    12. jessica martin on

      Hi - I'm not sure if I received or submitted the survey - is there any way to check?

    13. StoreBound 4-time creator on


      As with any product when released, some problems may occur. We are doing the best we can to make sure we deliver a quality product that is easy to use within the given timeframe. Over time we will of course improve functionality through firmware and software updates.

    14. Lisp on

      I hope it will be a quality product, I bought a 3D printer on KS, but it's very much problem. I hope PancakeBot is a product I can easily use without struggle.