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Sheep's Milk Soap:  Straight from the Farm's video poster

Natural, gentle, luxurious... and straight from my farm to you! Handmade sheep's milk soap made using milk from my own flock of Icelandic sheep. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on November 15, 2010.

Natural, gentle, luxurious... and straight from my farm to you! Handmade sheep's milk soap made using milk from my own flock of Icelandic sheep.

About this project

Help me turn SHEEP into SOAP!

I run a small farm where I raise heritage breeds of livestock and create many types of all-natural products and crafts. I want to raise funds to buy the equipment and supplies necessary to begin making natural sheep's milk soap, using the milk from my own flock of Icelandic sheep.

Sheep's milk soap is very mild and gentle, with lots of healthy vitamins, minerals, and fats that are good for even sensitive skin.

Until recently, I had a small local crafter making this soap for me, and it has been extremely popular. But now my soap maker has moved away, so it is the perfect time for me to get set up to start making it myself.

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Nancy's felted soaps are contributing to the quality of life in this house on a daily basis. We now have three bars going and every time I use one it is with renewed delight. The soap is creamy and mild and friendly to the skin and as you work it through the wool it produces an abundance of lovely creamy lather. The wool is an excellent exfoliator it's been great for the keratis pilaris on my upper arms the skin is much smoother and clearer now. Thank you Nancy!


Hey Nancy, i wanted to tell u i LOVE the soap. I have skin/acne issues and this is the ONLY thing that has helped but yet doesnt over dry.


I overheard my daughter talking to her friend yesterday. She said how her mom got the coolest soap, and it had wool wrapped around it, so there was a scrubbie built right in, and how it smelled soooooo good. :)


Nancy - I got my felted soap - thank you!

And thanks to Tetra the icelandic ewe who provided the wool and Tansy who provided the milk for the soap - how fun to get their 'business' cards and see the animals who made this project sooo good.

I want you to know I am really enjoying using it - its a great idea to felt the soap to make a gentle 'scrubbie' on the outside with that lovely creamy soap on the inside. I do hope others will try your products :)


I received my soap... I absolutely love them!


Sweet indulgence, what a GREAT product, thanks!


It smells great and feels wonderful...thanks to the whole farm!


I'm really loving the felted sheep's milk soap! Smells great and the felt doubles as an exfoliant!


Hi Nancy. I ordered some felted soap from you. It came today. It feels SO full of love. Thank you for what you do!


Delicious-smelling soap wrapped in varying shades of natural sheep wool. The bars are generous in size and so pretty that I will be giving a couple away as gifts (still keeping 3 for myself. :) I will be back! Thanks!


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    Our sincere thanks!

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    One bar of our sheep's milk soap. Each big, long-lasting bar weighs about 4 oz. and contains only the most natural ingredients: olive oil, sheep’s milk, water, lye, and pure essential oils.

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    1 bar of our felted sheep's milk soap. The same soap as listed above, with one awesome addition: It has been hand-felted with 100% pure natural wool from our flock. The felted wool forms a wonderful all-natural scrubby, with just the right amount of gentle exfoliation, like a good washcloth.

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    4 bars of sheep's milk soap

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    5 bars of felted sheep's milk soap

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    A custom batch (20 bars) of sheep's milk soap, made to order, with your choice of scent and custom labels. Great for all your gift-giving needs!

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    A 2-day sheep farm adventure for 2! A chance of a lifetime for you and a friend to come live the shepherd's life for 2 days on our farm during lambing season (April 2011). Meet the flock and see the adorable baby lambs. Help with the chores. Milk a sheep and use the milk to make a batch of soap. Try your hand at spinning wool into yarn. Join me on "lamb watch": Sleep in the barn on a bed of hay, and maybe, just maybe, get to help some lambs be born.

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