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Premium 100% custom bespoke suiting + shirting and separates for men and women handcrafted in San Francisco especially for you.
Premium 100% custom bespoke suiting + shirting and separates for men and women handcrafted in San Francisco especially for you.
110 backers pledged $48,219 to help bring this project to life.

Great partnerships come from creativity... and unusual places.

Hey There Kickstarters:

It's been quite a weekend.  We have been busy working with clients to create new and exciting things... and before I even realized it, it is Monday and we are just $1,500 away from our initial goal and funding marker.  WOW!  That's all I can say, so I will say it again: WOW!

A very special "Thank You!" to our recent backers who include Bryon Pedevillano, Pete Lee, Douglass Gore III, Kashif Azeem, Marc Carter, Marc Foster Grant, Bill Ledebuhr, Ashley Teague, Dania, Yong Park, Aggie Quinee, Kevin Johnson, Brent Johnson, Eugenie Fitzgerald, Jenn O. Cide, Arsen Ari Kalfayan, Nicholas Kuchinski, Mindi Mysliwiec, Manny Yap, Ariel Marie Spaugh, Johanna Caulfield, Michael T. Halligan, Heather Filbey, Tony Witter, Mary Apprill, Jeffrey Baird, Jonathan Kiefer, Jude Deckenbach, Brad Bertner, Ali Baxter, Luis Garcia, T Miller, Debbie Mekhael, Eric John Kim, Michael Miller, Geoffrey Beebe, James Guyre-Powell, Michelle Sherman, Gavin Guidry, and JH Williams III.

Speaking of JH Williams III... this weekend was filled with some great developments that have long been in the works.  Now JH Williams III is currently drawing and writing for DC Comics doing work that just never stops amazing fans and critics... right now its all about "Batwoman."  If you don't have a full understanding of this creative genius... well now is the time to learn more... prepare to be amazed by just checking out his website here.

STORY TIME.  Make some popcorn and get ready for a fun creative fairy tale to make you smile....

Now I met JH Williams III through chance and circumstance.  I have a confession.  I am a nerd.  I have been collecting comic books since I was about 6 years old growing up in San Luis Obispo and shopping the no longer in existence Games People Play.  Where a true comic book reader buys his or her comics is as important to him/her as what it is they buy.  It's a relationship... and comic book reader will tell you this.  In 2008 when I moved to San Francisco, I started the process of putting myself on the market for a new comic book shop.  I googled "comic books shops" in San Francisco and this little place by the name of Isotope Comics came up... I shot of an email to the general address asking if they did subscriptions and all that and went about my day... with in no time at all I got a sweet response from a man by the name of "James" welcoming to San Francisco and all that goes with it.

Not one day later, something really impressive happened, I got another email from this same character named "James" who noted that he knows how difficult moving can be and how easy it is to fall behind, so he took the liberty of pulling the last three issues of all of the comic books I had expressed interest in just in case I might have missed anything while moving and that he had set them aside in his shop under my name and I could stop in at any point and check them out and buy or not, either way, he just didn't want me to fall behind.  This character is a real man by the name of James Sime and he may just be the most amazing small business owner I have ever encountered in my life.  That was the beginning of a things I couldn't even foresee...

Fast forward to 2012 and James mentions to me that he has a "friend" named "Jim" who might be in the market for a new suit for a special event or two and that he would like to connect us.  I'm always looking for new clients... and working with creative people can be really fun... so who am I to say no.  James and I exchange back and forth over a period of months talking about the need for me to get in touch with this friend "Jim," who is really busy.  I don't think much of it.  He's just some friend of James's, after all.  And then one day the connection is finally made... and I see the signature of this "friend" and I realize... I'm about to make a suit for JH Williams III... the artist from "Promethea" amongst many other of my favorites growing up.  #INSERTAGGRESSIVENERDMOMENTHERE

Well, one thing led to another as can often be the case for creative people, and what started as a simple suit spawn a friendship and a collaboration that brings his amazing artistry into the fashion world.  And so without further ado... we are very excited to reveal this amazing creation for the first time right here on Kickstarter.

We gave J3 full creative control... he kept asking for boundaries... we said "go for it."  Be creative.  Be you.  And he, like there was ever any doubt, did not disappoint.  He created this unique piece with deep inspirations from his painted works.  It makes for an amazing suit jacket lining with the image central in the back of the jacket so that when you open your jacket... you see just the tentacles and fringe of the design creeping out from around your body.... it is the perfect "just a peak" experience that highlights there is something amazing hidden just below the surface.

But fashion does favor the bold... and as such, the images here examples of this same work of art crafted into the lining and back panel of a vest.  As is the way of ARTFUL GENTELMAN., we encourage you to be bold with your linings.  To make a statement about you.  And this is one that does not disappoint.

As we look to selling these unique creations from this Limited Edition collaboration, JH Williams III has eyed a portion of the proceeds to go to a cause of his choice... so not only are you getting a limited edition piece of art from a true visionary... you are doing good at the same time.  Good fashion does good things beyond just making you look good.  OK, that sounds really cheesy, but it is true.

It's back to work with new designs... but for now, I wanted to share this amazing little story about how one can wander into a comic book shop looking for the current issue of Marvel's X-Men and years later walk out with a collaboration that is bringing something new to fashion and style.

Good things can come from unlikely places.  Embrace it.
Thank you JH & Wendy Williams III.  Thank you James Sime and Kirsten Baldock of Isotope Comics.  #SPEECHLESS

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    1. Jake Wall & Nate Johnson Creator on

      WOW! Then there is a very good chance that he sold me my comic books... I was a total X-Men kid through and through... SMALL WORLD IN DEED!

    2. Heather Alcaide on

      Ah, SLO flashback! My husband probably sold you comics at some point- he worked at Games People Play with Marcy and Lee for many years in the 90' when we were in school. Good times! We're quite geeky here at our house, too, and definitely love Isotope now.

    3. Philip Cahiwat

      I'm sure the cost is prohibitive, but just for giggles, what would it cost to have a custom lining produced if I were to provide the artwork?

    4. Philip Cahiwat

      That's excellent. With this be available as an option for backers?