pledged of $12,000pledged of $12,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 7 2018
pledged of $12,000pledged of $12,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 7 2018


Thank You Kickstarters for your support! We really appreciate the feedback and support that we have received.  After examining our project and talking with some very cool Kickstarters, we have concluded that this campaign has some fundamental problems that are blocking its path to success.  Unfortunately these obstacles cannot be cleared in the short-term so we are cancelling our project. In an effort to help future Kickstarters here are some real-world lessons that we learned, I hope you can use this information to your advantage, keep in mind this is only for projects that involve the sale of a product and one that is priced at the upper end of the typical Kickstarter transaction spectrum:

1. You need to bring your own eyeballs - For our project the internal Kickstarter network generated 7% of our total views. As a creator you will need to have a plan and a budget to bring the volume of views you need to succeed.  A napkin sketch estimate for how many views you need to bring is difficult to calculate because of the many variables but if  you have a higher $ Kickstarter offering (>$200) I would use the the range of 3% for an on target campaign and .5% for a less structured campaign. So in basic terms if you are targeting a sale to 100 backers you need to have an awareness program that will net you at least 3300 visitors to your project page - If you have a well known and focused customer profile. If your customer profile is more vague then you need to have an awareness program that will net you 20,000 visitors to your project page. Your awareness campaign can include email, social media, paid advertising, feature write-ups and media mentions. DO NOT SHOW UP ON KICKSTARTER AS AN UNKNOWN - get your awareness campaign going a few weeks before you launch. You wont have enough time if you wait until your campaign starts.

Once you launch you will be bombarded with message requests that promise traffic and backers - Ignore them.

There are many groups that are legitimate sources for managing your campaign and your outreach program. They typically charge an engagement fee and then a commission based upon the dollars they bring. If you want to use one of these groups you will need to factor  their commission rate into your costs of goods sold. 30% seems to be the quoted number. So if you use one of these groups tack on 30% over top of the 8-10% Kickstarter and credit card processing will zap out of your pledges. KNOW YOUR MARGINS AND WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD.

2. Make it easy for your backers to understand the value of your product - In order to do this successfully you have to have to be able to show third-party validation or at least have a respected party's recommendations. Backers need this information in order to feel comfortable about their commitment. Get your testimonials, videos, industry reviews done ahead of time and published so your Backers can make an intelligent assessment. This is one of the things that hurt us - when we demo our product in-person our response rate is staggering, we thought that a fraction of this would translate into the Kickstarter campaign. It did not because we had no published third-party recommendations to help Backers research and confirm their decision.  

Those are the two big lessons that we learned, we offer this in the hope that this will help other creators and benefits the community.

Thanks again,

BrightFire Stove


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Risks and Challenges

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