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Help send Mad Madam Mel's Magnificent Magical Mysterious Mundo Movement Mélange & More to the Houston Fringe Festival!

Help send Mad Madam Mel's Magnificent Magical Mysterious Mundo Movement Mélange & More to the Houston Fringe Festival! Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on August 14, 2012.

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Mad Madam Mel’s Magnificent Magical Mysterious Mundo Movement Mélange and More (AKA: M10) is going to Houston September 6-8, 2012, and we need your help. That’s right, the entire variety show has been accepted into the HOUSTON FRINGE FESTIVAL, but we need some funds to pull it through. Most of you visiting this page are familiar with the show. If you are not, (and really, even if you are) take a look at the video on this page and the information below. 


Come one, come all and enjoy a whimsical world of dance, variety, comedy, and song presented by Melissa Watt. Prepare your pipes to laugh out loud, giggle with glee, and chortle with your chums. Mad Madam Mel’s Magnificent Magical Mysterious Mundo Movement Mélange and More is a show like no other where intriguing characters and modern day spoofs come together to entertain audiences of all ages. Watch out! You may have to swat a few lightning bugs!



“Your performance/program has so many dimensions and ranges of talent."

“You're Friday show was GREAT! Thank you for a wonderful time! You're talent shined!”

 “It’s like Saturday Night Live, but with dance.”

“The cast was amazing. I could tell you all had a strong connection with each other on and off stage; which made it even more interesting.”

"You are so talented and freakin' hilarious!!!” 


Let's first ask MELISSA WATT creator and director of the show (see bio. on page right)

Melissa says: 

As a child, I loved to watch variety shows on television in the 1970s. "The Carol Burnett Show," "Laugh-In," and "The Flip Wilson Show" were some of my favorites. The skits, songs, and dances in every program were short and held my attention, and though I might not have understood the humor, I enjoyed the way characters jokingly interacted with each other. My experience of watching 70’s variety shows was highly influential in the development of the dance comedic variety show titled, “Mad Madam Mel’s Magnificent Magical Mysterious Mundo and Movement Mélange” (M9). I believed variety shows were a lost art and that a revival was in order. Thus, the goal in creating M9 was to explore variety show elements and to create my own variety show with a improvisational dance process as the focus. Since variety shows had such a huge following, this seemed like an ideal way to bring audiences together to display dance in a unique light while intermingling it with other performance arts. My desire was to experiment with comedic dance improvisation as a way to make dance forms accessible to a wide audience. The focus of the show was humor. I drew inspiration from humorous film and television shows such as "Monty Python," "Saturday Night Live (SNL)," and "Laugh-In", of which three exhibited characteristics; layering of elements, parody, and pacing, informed my creative show-making process. Alongside I integrated known dance improvisational scores, games, and ideas to create what became a new form of improvisation; which combines dance and comic theatrical improvisation techniques to become: comic dance improvisation.


The journey of creating the variety show began in and or around Jan. 2011. Those of you who know Melissa personally know that she is influential and charismatic. Therefore you can imagine she had no trouble finding willing participants to help create and perform in the show. Mellissa first went to fellow Texas Woman's University graduate dance students: Yankee, Steve, McCorkle, JoStone, and Gabrielle, to form the core cast. (see bios and non-nick names below). Starting in the summer of 2011, MelWatt (Melissa’s nickname) and these five core members began to explore and bring to life Melissa’s vision. Later Melissa found others with amazing talents and added them as "in-between" comedy acts. Annabelle and Necie are two of these talented people who will also be performing in the show in Houston. As well, Melissa was able to get a band and MC for the show; all led by Rob.  Melissa drew together a talented bunch and thus M9 was created and first performed in Denton, Texas on Nov. 11, 2011.  AND!!! For the Houston show, Melissa added a new hilarious dance number choreographed by Amie Davis and titled, "Zut Alors.” Thus M9 went to M10 as more was added to the already long title! (see other cast and Amie's bios below).


The mission of M10 is to spread dance, entertainment, and laughter to audience members of all ages. Collaboratively as a cast, we especially hope to reach people who might not usually attend a dance performance as a regular nightly outing.  Our creative goal was to develop a show that brought dance to diverse audiences who would leave the theater laughing and eager to explore more dance performances. Please help us bring M10 to Houston so we can spread the dance variety fever even further. Our shows in Denton and Austin were a huge success and we all truly believe that art and laughter are important to give to humanity! This funding will go to travel, lodging, show, and artist expenses.  


Gabrielle Aufiero, a native of Boston, Massachusetts, began her formal dance training as an undergraduate student at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire. After graduation, Gabrielle moved to Texas where she is currently pursuing her Master of Fine Arts in Dance at Texas Woman’s University.

Often called as a destroyer of form, Annabelle Chen interplays between speed and density with unpredictability and indeterminancy within her movements and works. Originally from Taiwan, she is an eccentric dance improviser/maker who currently resides in Texas where she is pursuing a BA degree in Dance at Texas Woman's University.

Born in Dallas, Texas and currently living in Denton, Texas, Robert Edwards is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter. He has worked with Alejandro Escovedo, Ronnnie Lane and Tiny Tim, among others. Currently, he plays keyboards and sings with Denton ban UVER.

Amanda McCorkle is a choreographer, performer and teacher from Austin, Texas, who currently resides in North Texas where she is pursuing her Master of Fine Arts in Dance from Texas Woman's University. She has worked with Darla Johnson, Caroline Sutton-Clark, Andrea Ariel, Sally Jacques, D. Chase Angiers and Shay Ishii. She has performed and shown work across Texas, and has performed in both New York and Scotland.

Stephanie Reed (Laredo, TX) lives in Denton, TX where she is currently working on her MFA in Dance at Texas Woman’s University. She has trained under the direction of David Arevalo, Jordan Fuchs, Sarah Gamblin, Cristina Greco, Sandra Harsa, Lorena Mahtani, Courtney Mulcahy, and Mary Williford-Shade. She has also taken master classes/workshops with Ann Cooper Albright, D. Chase Angier, Assembly Dance Theater, Stafford Berry, Rebecca Bryant, John Giffin, Heidi Henderson, KJ Holmes, Amii LeGendre, Bebe Miller and KT Niehoff.

Known for her quirky sense of humor, athleticism, bursts of random energy and famous one-liners, Joanna Stone has been entertaining since she began acting in her middle school drama club.   She danced with Contradanza and Rosanna Gamson World Wide in the United States, Mexico, Cuba and Ecuador. She now works as an editorial assistant for Contact Quarterly and is invested in exploring contact improvisation and new comedic improvisational dance ideas

Megan Yankee is an improvisational dance artist from Dallas, Texas. She has performed works choreographed by herself, Christie Nelson-Sala, Jordan Fuchs, Amii LeGendre and Larry Keigwin. In Denton, Texas, where she currently resides, she has curated and performed in house-concerts for TexGallery and in other local galleries and cafes.

As a recent graduate from Texas Woman’s University, Necia Young seeks to promote the arts through community outreach. Currently, she is immersed in a community dance practice by facilitating creative movement sessions for residents of assisted living facilities. Her degrees in Psychology and Dance Studies support her personal initiative to stir a renewed perspective of dance within our society.


Well, I think that’s about enough for now. Check back for talent bios. updates, and the t-shirt design. Also like our FACEBOOK PAGE, and please help us spread variety, dance and fun to Houston audiences!! Donate here and you will receive your added bonus soon, and come see us in the show....that is if we reach our goal!! So help today!! 

Thanks y'all  -Joanna (aka JoStone), writer of the kickstarter page and performer in the show.


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