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The Infinite Loop is the simplest and most versatile tablet and smartphone stand ever.
The Infinite Loop is the simplest and most versatile tablet and smartphone stand ever.
1,233 backers pledged $82,658 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Robert Helou on

      5 years later... Never got mine either.

    2. Thomas Rabl on

      4 years on - never received mine :(

    3. Christian Philippsen on

      I really liked this campaign a lot and the presentation of the product. Honestly I never got this product working probably due to the bad, low-end Taiwan/China production quality. This product sadly became a drawer purchase for me.

    4. Rene Pot on

      For anyone, like me, reading this. I actually got mine on time. Hadn't thought this project got so many issues

    5. Rich Huhn on

      Never saw mine. Just a withdrawal from my account. What fraud and we are defenseless.

    6. Hel-DC

      If anyone who actually GOT their infinite loop, tablet or phone, doesn't want it, I'd happily pay shipping to take it off your hands. I'd backed the project hoping to use the loop to hold my phone in my cupholder when using it as a GPS in the car. However, I never recieved what I backed, and have emailed dozens of times, never hearing back since april 23 2012. And of course when I contacted my credit card company in june of 2012, they said it was far too late to do a chargeback.

      So if anyone wants to pass their infinite loop on instead of leaving it sitting in a box, message me on FB, I'm

    7. A. Joseph

      Take no one got anything?

    8. Brett on

      Sorry I took so long to reply.

      Kickstarter basically told me to contact the project creator. There is nothing they can do to help. It's so sad really. This was such a promising project that has turned into a joke.... $82k worth of joke.

      I haven't used my loops at all. I really tried but they are just not what was promised and just don't work as advertised.

    9. Elbert Or on

      @Brett Did you at least receive a response from Kickstarter? I still haven't received my product, nor am I holding my breath for it at this point, but I am just curious to know what Kickstarter has to say about it.

    10. Brett on

      I don't think Tim actually has anything to do with it anymore. At some stage during the project I suspect he decided to distance himself from it. There was no message on kickstarter about him leaving the project or anything.

      I'd never trust another project he is involved with. The lack of communication and him mysterious leaving the project just seems like a well planned rip off.

      I've tried contacting and got no response.

    11. Missing avatar

      Patricia Petrus on

      Anyone had any luck contacting the man behind the scene? seems like his answer on twitter is:
      All the InfiniteLoop stuff is now being handled by John over at @HiddenRadio

    12. Missing avatar

      Inez on

      I never received my infinite loop. When will it be sent out to me? I live in The Netherlands. If they will not ben sent out anymore please refund the amount I have backed this project for.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ray Culver on

      @timgushue - is the con man behind this scam. Don't expect a response.

    14. Mikael Arvola on

      I did get one white pair of these some time ago, but did not receive the black ones. It is unfortunate that the project seems to have either died or been partially a fraud, the idea is still good.

      I have been happy with the larger one, it works for 10" tablets more or less as promised. It's stiff, but it needs to be fairly stiff to work with a big tablet without giving, so I expected as much. The mini isn't quite as useful, since the suction cup is sub-par (which I expected pretty much). However, I have been able to mangle it to work as a 7" tablet stand reasonably well.

      I can also add that I've backed dozens of projects on Kickstarter, and this is the only one that has let me down. The lack of communication is inexcusable, so I have no sympathy for anyone associated with InfiniteLoop, but realistically you have to expect some projects to fail despite funding. It's always a risk, regardless of if it's an investor backing it or a crowd.

    15. Brett on

      @Rich Seriously, don't let this project deter you from kickstarter. This was my first project and it is the worst. I've backed a lot of other projects and all have delivered.

      Sucks big time that this project was basically a con and there's nothing that can be done about it though.

    16. Rich Huhn on

      All units shipped in March? Hmm, I quess mine is on a very slow boat from...!
      No more Kickstarter for me. No support for the backers.

    17. Brett on

      @James There has been no updates for a while now. People have emailed and got no response. The website no longer exists. So yep, this project was basically a con. No idea where the original guy has gone. Would be interesting to find out though and ask him what happened.

    18. Missing avatar

      James Whittaker on

      Where is my product? This guy basically took my money and did a runner. Total con that is basically fraud.

    19. Leo Castillo on

      So it seems this project has died a horrible death. Pretty sad how this turned out.

    20. Brett on

      I really do feel sorry for people who have not received their infinite loops yet. Website no longer exists, no response to emails, no updates on kickstarter, no reply to comments made here. It's clear that this project was a dismal failure.... shame it took $82,658 to discover that.

      I did receive my items but they were either broken or nothing like what was advertised. They didn't work as advertised and are now in a storage box being unused.

      I have had no reply from emails I sent to websites who covered the infinite loop when it was in the funding stage. Seems noone is interested in doing a follow up to show what a failure this was and how people who have paid money have received nothing.

      Worst thing is... noone seems accountable. Seems pretty easy to make a kickstarter project, promise the world and then make off with the money with no explanation.

      With all the successful projects I've backed on kickstarter, this is definitely the WORST. Total waste of money.

    21. Jeff Weston on

      I have still yet to receive my White Loop. Please advise ASAP.

    22. Kantis Väisänen on

      ...Aaand the website doesn't exist anymore. Kinda fitting, seeing how I didn't get anything. Stay classy, team Infinite Loop.

    23. Djin Park on

      I would like to recommend you to try your credit card company. I had filed a refund request twice then got refunded. FYI, I never received a set of products I backed and if you did, your credit card company won't get you refunded. I am so disappointed of this project (and the creator) that I do not want to look at this page any once more. Adios!

    24. Missing avatar

      william leclercq on

      July 15
      Hey, I'm still waiting, too. You shipped the units 4 months ago, so I think I should have received it over a months ago. Please contact me and give me further information.

    25. Tristan Goguillot on

      I received the black iPad+iPhone stands "in time" (with the extra-delay everyone had for the black version).

      The iPad stand is ok for me. 1 or 2 wire inside, I don't really care, the flexibility is good I think. No suction cup but the clips hold the tablet pretty well (ipad or galaxy tab).

      The iPhone stand is disappointing because of the succion cup which is very bad quality. Not to add that the succion principle is not that good, expecially if you have an iphone case thet has not a perfectly flat surface. But the flexible thing is not too bad so I guess that with some hack it could be transformed to something useful.

      Not the most successful project for sure, but the ipad stand is not that bad :)

    26. Brett on

      Please don't judge other kickstarter projects based on this terrible one. I've backed a number of other projects and all have been handled professional in a timely matter.

      I think we just all got screwed on this one.

      I haven't had a reply from kickstarter after I emailed them with more specific details.

    27. Missing avatar

      Merv Griffin on

      Like many others nothing ever received here in the UK
      I am afraid that I would not recommend kickstart to anyone

    28. Brett on

      I emailed kickstarter as well. Had to give a second reply to get past the default "please check the project due date" etc response.

    29. bluestorm on

      I mailed Kickstarter and you should do that too!
      I hope that here is a way to get a refund.

    30. Tanner Lubuk on

      i wouldn't count on getting a refund sadly luca, the best thing i can think of for anybody that has yet to get their product would be to email kickstarter and file a complaint against this project and maybe if enough people make a complaint they could contact the project team of this shady project in hopes of getting your money back that way

    31. Missing avatar

      Luca Piantoni on

      How can we get a refund? that's nothing less than scam

    32. Missing avatar

      Liam Bowles on

      Yeah I feel scammed.. Never received the products, and no replies to emails/messages to the project team/company.

      Not that it seems to matter (as InfiniteLoop clearly isn't listening anymore), but this situation is a clear breach of kickstarter's Terms of Use: 'Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill.'

    33. Tanner Lubuk on

      i feel bad for anybody that never received they're piece of crap stand that doesn't even work that well. i just checked their website and it appears to be down so i think it's clear that they scammed people who didn't ever receive their stand

    34. Missing avatar

      Inez on

      I did not receive my infinite loop. Have they been sent out to The Netherlands already?
      Can I withdraw my pledge? I have found something else now. Thanks for a quick reply?
      Inez van der Voet

    35. Hel-DC

      Still waiting for mine too. Received a reply to an email on April 23rd saying if I hadn't received my infinite loop in a week, let them know and they'd resend. Nothing since, and I've emailed again 3 times.

    36. Rich Huhn on

      Nothing here either. Would be nice to receive refund instead of product with so many negative comments.

    37. Missing avatar

      Avinash S. on

      still waiting for mine here in Toronto, Canada

    38. Kantis Väisänen on

      Still nothing. Ho-hum.

    39. Brett on

      I've just emailed gizmodo and wired asking them to update their stories about this kickstarter and how terribly run its been. Almost 12 most and all there is to show is a dodgy product and people who still haven't received their items.

    40. Brett on

      I'm really surprised to hear that there are people that still haven't received their items. I thought I was harshly done by with receiving the broken item. My items are still in their boxes, looked at once then put back and never used. It's a failure or a project and product. $82k wasted.

      It's extremely pathetic how badly this kickstarter was run. Especially after the amount of media coverage it received at the time. Tim seems to not want to be associated with this anymore and instead we have to try to deal with a faceless company who doesn't seem to reply or even care.

    41. Missing avatar

      Luca Piantoni on

      Never received mine, after about two months...

    42. Elbert Or on

      Now I feel bad after reading all these comments...this was the first Kickstarter project I decided to support, and I still haven't received the product or any word from the people behind the project. I'm fine with longer wait times, I just wish they'd give word and be upfront on what's what.

    43. Elbert Or on

      Now I feel bad after reading all these comments...this was the first Kickstarter project I decided to support, and I still haven't received the product or any word from the people behind the project. I'm fine with longer wait times, I just wish they'd give word and be upfront on what's what.

    44. Aurelien on

      June and still nothing as well, have sent emails and haven't heard back from the guys.
      I'm not sure how they will arrive judging by the comments I've read here, for $75 I can expect a perfect product, if that's not the case I might look into filing a class-action lawsuit.

    45. Djin Park on

      It's June and I haven't received the product. I sent them several emails and they never get back. I don't understand where this is going to but I am getting impatient. Please reply back Infinite team!

    46. Brett on

      @Fab Grin I'm not sure why you got a black one instead of a white one. You won't get the suction cups though as noone got those. Somewhere along the line they decided to not include them. No actual update was given when this decision was made.

      A lot of decisions / short cuts were taken when the product was manufactured and none of us were told about the changes.

      I've had responses when I have emailed, though they didn't solve my issues.

      Truth is this project was a failure and ultimately none of us got what we pledged / paid for.

    47. Missing avatar

      Fab Grin on

      Hi ! I finally received my infinite loop, but it was the black one instead of the white one (pledge $35). And there were no suction cups ! I then sent 2 mails a week apart but never received an answer. How can I get what I paid for ??

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