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This production will create the audio book version of the novel from Radclyffe. Actress Diane Gaidry narrates this classic love story.
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Karen Wolfer

74 backers pledged $5,715 to help bring this project to life.

What A Day!

Hi from Dog Ear Audio.

What a day of emotions! I woke up this morning feeling bruised and shaken after what happened in North Carolina, and then this afternoon President Obama said he was FOR marriage equality.  Wow!

I started the day thinking, "You know, we have to take care of ourselves now more than ever."   Whether it's a sport's figure, an entertainment figure, or even a TV character, being visible is what is making the difference.  Visibility = Change.

"This is my country, too", I was thinking this morning, and I wasn't thrilled with where a few bullies were trying to take us.  And then the amazing news came on the radio that President Obama was going to make history.

Even our President said that the thing that helped him evolve, was knowing members of his staff who were in long-term relationships and raising families.  Once again, it was their visibility that changed a President's mind.

With our relatively small project, I hope to contribute to that visibility.  When this audio book is complete, I will be pushing for it to be included in every library I can reach.  There are 9,208 public libraries in the US. And for those individuals who may not be able to pledge right now, or who live in areas that are tinged a bit red, then this audio book will be a visible support to them.

As Radclyffe, the author of "Safe Harbor" has said, "I think that's what our literature does for us to this day, in this country and around the world.  It gives us the affirmation that what we feel is valued, legitimate, real, and completely normal."

And to end the day here, I just checked out numbers. A beautiful person from North Carolina just helped us reach a milestone today.  How special is that?!  Thank You! There couldn't be a more fitting end to an unbelievable day.

Let's continue to be heard.  Every donation, $1, $5, $10....will help make that happen.  Thank You.

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    1. Creator David Wolfer on May 14, 2012

      What a fine presentation done in a snazzy sound room. Neat to think this high tech stuff is nestled in the beauty of surrounding mountains. May your light on a mountain top be seen and heard throughout the nation!

    2. Creator Clifford Henderson on May 10, 2012

      I recognize that booth.