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An awesome new product that will organize all of the baby and kid gear and supplies that parents carry in the trunks of their cars.
An awesome new product that will organize all of the baby and kid gear and supplies that parents carry in the trunks of their cars.
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The Evolution of an Awesome Idea (if we say so ourselves)

Greetings Kickstarter Supporters,

The good news is, we're half-way there. The bad news? We're ONLY HALF-WAY THERE. We're writing again to share a bit more about sugarSNAP (no, there won't be a quiz afterwards) in the hopes you feel compelled to try and help us spread the word about our campaign.

Please send an email to your friends, etc. with a link to our Kickstarter page:

If we get just one donor from your outreach, our having to work on this sunny Saturday, taking precious time away from our little four-year-old twins [cue dramatic violin music here] it will all be worth it!

So, some info about how our products came to be... If you've seen our website you know we both have twins, born just 3 weeks apart.

We could not believe how much cra--- errr, STUFF, we carried with us in our gigantic diaper bags. We figured all of those many pockets would keep this stuff organized, but we quickly realized that was not the case. We could not ever find what we needed.

So, because we're both entrepreneurs at heart (and we're crazy) we thought: WE CAN DO IT BETTER. And sugarSNAP was born.

This is the first product, the sugarSNAP Files - they will transform any frazzled mom (or dad) from an overwrought, stressed-out parent frantically searching for the burp cloth, paci or baby wipe into a relaxed, blissful Mary Poppins-type.

Once we realized we had a great idea (designing smart, stylish solutions to help parents face the daunting task of gear management) we quickly realized the next area of disorganization was the car. Every parent's car becomes a total disaster area and so Car-Go was created to help tame the chaos.

We carried the idea of creating an intuitive system for packing and organizing all your baby and kid stuff in one beautiful spot from the Files to the Car-Go.

This is one of the Car-Go Files, called TOYS+TRINKETS. This is the File we take in and out of the car, it's packed with all of the age-appropriate distractions so the twins can play, read or color while we grab a bite and actually attempt to have a conversation.

And here it is!

The Car-Go in Parker, with all of the Files packed and ready to go! It really does hold everything you need and leaves plenty of room for a stroller, skateboard or scooter; grocery bags and totes and those cases of wine you haul around, just in case. (Oh, you don't do that? Never mind.)

So that's a bit more of our story, please share our products and our Kickstarter campaign so we can actually get these Car-Go units manufactured and on the market!


Tarah & Stacy


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