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Set in the near future, “I’s” is a small story of humanity on the precipice of an unimaginable transformation in our civilization.
275 backers pledged $30,168 to help bring this project to life.

The end is nigh!

Posted by Chris Edgette (Creator)

Thank you all for your support!  We are so close!  

With just a few hours left, a little bump would help us reach our $25K stretch goal before the end!  Just a little bump!

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Just 24 hours left! New clip online!

Posted by Chris Edgette (Creator)
Today is the last day for our Kickstarter!

To celebrate, we wanted to post a snippet from the film. It is a bit of fun, the opener to a more serious bar scene - and it shows off a few of our supporters! Thanks to all of you for your interface ideas; we tried to get as many in here as possible in the short time.

And yes, it is pink. Fear not; each interface will be different, depending upon the wearer. This one just seemed to fit the character...

Thank you all for your absolutely epic support so far! In return, we are working to bring you the best film we can. If you can take just a moment to give us one last push to the finish, we will love you forever!  It would be great if we could include you all in the film!

 Best wishes, 

 Chris and the I's team

Interface test footage - check it out!

Posted by Chris Edgette (Creator)

We wanted to show people what their names, photos, and logos might look like in the film.  This clip has not had a final edit or sound, but it shows a little bit of what one of our character's interfaces will look like.  The names and logos are from real backers like you!

We welcome specific feedback about improvements.  Remember, different characters will have different "personalities" to their interfaces.  This particular viewer is a bit of a sorority girl type, so keep that in mind.


International funding options added

Posted by Chris Edgette (Creator)

Note - we have learned that we can add international options to the funding reward categories.  These international options have been added; they now show up in parallel with the original reward categories.  U.S. funders can choose either option.  Thank you Henrik!

For those who have already contributed from outside the U.S., we will ship a DVD to you regardless.

Thank you all!

Team I's

Your support will go *directly* toward improving the film!

Posted by Chris Edgette (Creator)

We were featured Singularity Hub today!

As noted in the article, we have a stretch goal of $25,000 for this final week.  Any funding we receive will go directly into improving the film.  Your support will allow us to:

- Greatly improve the quality and interactivity of the augmented reality interfaces

- Further explore the inner mind of the AI character  

- Add depth to the sound and music.

And of course the rewards are still in play!  DVDs, VIP tickets, and featured spots in the film itself are all up for grabs!

Best wishes and many thanks!

Chris and the I's team