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Set in the near future, “I’s” is a small story of humanity on the precipice of an unimaginable transformation in our civilization.
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Effects shots of the next generation AI!

Posted by Chris Edgette (Creator)

In I's, the first artificial intelligence builds the next generation.  For the first time, we can show you what it looks like.

Artist Jean-Patrick Li created over fifty concepts to get us here.  Juan Pablo Monroy worked nights and weekends to bring it to reality.

We never could have done this without you.  We hope you like it!  Make sure to watch fullscreen!

Great news - A technology event featuring I's!

Posted by Chris Edgette (Creator)

Great news!!! Next Thursday (Oct. 24), I's will be featured in a technology meetup in Palo Alto by The Hive!

We will be screening new scenes from the film and discussing it live. These events draw hundreds of technology-focused folks from around the Bay Area and they fill up quickly, so if you want to come, please sign up now. The Hive gave us a bit of a head start on the announcement so that fans of the film can make it! 

 They have reached out to multiple locations, including Twitter, Google, and NetApp. We will let you know when the final location is locked down. 

I hope to see you soon! 


We have a premiere screening date!

Posted by Chris Edgette (Creator)

We have good news and bad news:

The good news is that we have a date for the first screening of I's!  On top of that, that the overhaul/creation of effects is well underway, and we are busting our butts to make it to the AFM with a full cut of the film.

The bad news is that the effects and sound have delayed completion until mid-November.  Due to a dearth of appropriate theaters in San Francisco, this leaves us with no open slots for a premiere until February.  Yes, February.  Apparently, the holiday movies take precedence over theater rentals.  

I personally have been incredibly saddened by the delay, and I humbly apologize to everyone for the wait.  We tried everything we could to get a date in the next few months.  The only upside is that holiday parties and events would have made scheduling a nightmare.

So our date is February 6th, a Thursday that manages to avoid MLK day, President's Day, Ski Week, and Valentine's Day.  Please book your calendars. 

Finally, we have a bit of news to ease the pain.  We were able to book the Kabuki Sundance main theater in San Francisco.  This is the best possible theater for a screening.  It has been recently remodeled with 500 great seats, side tables for drinks (including alcohol), a balcony, and a gorgeous screen.  It also has a posh bar for the VIP party, along with dedicated areas for attendees.  Photos are here:

We look forward to welcoming you all.  To those who cannot make it, we hope to be on the festival circuit shortly and we will be working to get DVDs your way, so we look forward to meeting you and hearing your opinions.

We appreciate everyone's patience and support, and are doing everything we can to make the premiere a spectacular event.  More details to come.

Best wishes,


Your names, photos, logos, and release forms

Posted by Chris Edgette (Creator)
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Posted by Chris Edgette (Creator)

Thank you all pushing us over our goal!!! Your kindness and generosity - from around the world - has allowed us to finish I's off in style.  We are overwhelmed and overjoyed by all the enthusiasm for this idea, for your communication, for your truly epic support!

Credit to Blair Kelly for the fantastic image, a still from the film.  It is just the beginning...

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