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Magpie is smart GPS technology that keeps you connected to the people and things most important to you – anywhere in the world.
Magpie is smart GPS technology that keeps you connected to the people and things most important to you – anywhere in the world.
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    1. Kenny Ric Geron just now

      Any updates guys??

    2. Matthew Coleman about 17 hours ago

      So much for the promised monthly updates!!

    3. Missing avatar

      david brown 1 day ago

      Looks like we are way over due on and update even if there is nothing to report let us know how the project is going

    4. Missing avatar

      Andrew Wilson 2 days ago

      Try sending them a message through the inbox on KS. They are usually responsive that way. I was doing that, but im giving up.

    5. Missing avatar

      Nektarios Kitsos 2 days ago

      Be fair and solid to your backers as you want them too .
      Last update said”In response to expressed interest in increased updates, we will be publishing a monthly update (at a minimum) going forward.”
      I think no matter you have it or not (the update) ,you have to step up and say it to your backers. This should be known before the project that you have to keep us posted .
      Would you help/buy again someone who vanished? Sort it out please

    6. Missing avatar

      wayne millard 3 days ago

      How about a update it has been sometime with no update. Sort it out.

    7. Missing avatar

      Edward L 4 days ago

      I understand that the project isn't due to ship until February, but they said they would update monthly. Doesn't seem unreasonable to get a couple engineers and a product person together for an hour each month to write a few paragraphs and take a couple pictures.

    8. Kitty Lee 5 days ago

      have almost forgotten about having funded this -- reading from below -- an update is due today or so as promised 7 days ago...hope it'd appear...

    9. Missing avatar

      Rohil Chaddha
      6 days ago

      @Elliot and Thomas: I believe that’s its a persons perspective if he wants a refund or not... I have been at KS for a long time and have got refunds as well. Its at the disposal of creator and not KS. It doesn’t depend how long it has been funded. So if anyone has told you otherwise then I believe they have lied to you. Just few days back got my money from a creator and directly into my bank account (was transferred via KS) as the project was getting delayed and the new timeline was something by which I wont have any use of it.

      Hope this helps.

    10. Elliott Whitlow 6 days ago

      @Thomas exactly...

    11. Elliott Whitlow 6 days ago

      You know Imran I don't think they have any duty to do a refund. I am 99% sure that the terms that KS requires you to agree to makes no such allowance. Many projects will but not because they are legally required to. Once you back the project and it is funded you should consider your money spent and not expect to get a refund. I am thinking you don't understand what KS really is or how it works..

    12. Missing avatar

      Peter ang 6 days ago

      on October 14th, you wrote me: "we will have an update out in the next 2-3 weeks"
      It has been a month............

    13. Missing avatar

      Peter ang 6 days ago

      Meanwhile on Facebook...

      Hello! Are there any updates with regards to when we might be receiving our magpies? ��
      LikeShow more reactions · Reply · September 18 at 7:16pm
      Magpie Hi Grace, we post updates on our Kickstarter page directly so they are only visible to you, our backers. We are on track to ship in February 2018.
      LikeShow more reactions · Reply · October 16 at 12:35am

    14. Missing avatar

      Imran Faroqui 6 days ago

      Hi Magpie Team,

      Can you please respond to my Dm's and comments included in here?

    15. Missing avatar

      Imran Faroqui 6 days ago

      @Thomas. I am new to Kickstarter and not sure how the refund process works. I just want a refund as I am no more interested in this project. Thanks for your reply but I prefer someone from Magpie team contact me.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jakyia Cunningham 6 days ago

      I understand that yall are busy but communication is key. I would appreciate even a small update. February is around the corner.

    17. Klaus Moster 7 days ago

      Is it really that hard for you to post updates??? Extremely disappointing :-(

    18. Missing avatar

      Thomas Mul 7 days ago

      @imran What are you on about?? This project is not ready until February. How can you ask for a refund for a project that is not jet ready?

    19. Missing avatar

      Imran Faroqui on November 14

      Hi Magpie Team,

      This is my second attempt to request a refund. can you please provide me with a full refund?


    20. Missing avatar

      Adrian Bethke on November 14

      Mike Potts, you must be a true genius.

    21. Kyle Feller on November 13

      "In response to expressed interest in increased updates, we will be publishing a monthly update (at a minimum) going forward."

      Then misses October and still nothing mid november

    22. Missing avatar

      Adrian Bethke on November 13

      This is the time to be open and honest. Will this product launch on time?

    23. Elliott Whitlow on November 12

      I have backed 25 KS projects with 7 currently outstanding, 1 is currently well over deadline. I waited for one project about 16 months over the due date but it came. My point is that these projects LITERALLY never go on time so going over time is not a huge issue for me. The one thing that breeds issues is lack of communications.. Good or bad we want to know, the outlay for this project wasn't too high for me but I fully expect it to be delivered at this juncture. What they need to do is keep to updates at least every 2 weeks. Even if to say nothing more than they are on track and on schedule.

    24. Mike Potts on November 11

      Patience is a virtue. Every Kickstarter/Indigogo item I have backed has been late but they have all been delivered. Manage your expectations and be a little less like 4 year old children.

    25. KB
      on November 10

      Thanks for the info.. Creator :-)..

    26. Greg C on November 9

      Hey Magpie - thanks for the recent updates!

      I believe in you and this product. I for one would prefer a stable, a complete, robust, elegant solution that might be a wee bit late but a better product.

      I have backed a few campaigns (18+) so I understand the concerns raised and I too have been burnt badly (Super Brain Ⅱ by BG7 REX) - I for one do not hold those concerns with this backer/project and Im very excited to see the solution. better a wee bit late than not robust.

    27. Magpie Creator on November 9

      @Thomas - thanks for the support, we understand kickstarter backers are really excited to see the product, and to be fair we're two weeks behind on the update.

    28. Magpie Creator on November 9

      Hi everyone, we know you're really looking forward for an update, there is a lot of work being done on the product side with an update coming next week, sorry for the delay!

      Team Magpie

    29. Missing avatar

      Thomas Mul on November 9

      Why is Everybody So upset?? This project is done in February.. there is simply nothing to tell. They said frequent update because people keep complaining. But what the hell do you want them to tell you at this point? Yes this week the weather is nice and the project is on target??? Come on and have a little patience.

    30. Missing avatar

      Clive Dashcavich on November 8

      Where's the updates ass holes

    31. Missing avatar

      Ashley Rose on November 8


    32. Missing avatar

      Lukasz Berdowski on November 8

      Great. I backed up 3 things in kickstarter. 1st was a scam, 2nd will be a if Im lucky a year late, 3rd (this one) is starting to look like a failure. There is a reason for lack of communication. Either they have problems and are trying to overcome them and letting us know when they do or they know its a lost cause and and playing stupid. I'm done with kickstarter

    33. Missing avatar

      Luis on November 7

      any update??

    34. Angus Kennedy on November 7

      Let’s be honest, this Kickstarter was an optimistic long shot anyway... especially delivery (but the whole thing really). Still, we’d like to hear how things are going, good or bad Magpie we’re in it to hear the story!

    35. Tim Watson on November 6

      Where are the “monthly at a minimum” updates?

    36. Missing avatar

      valerie padron on November 6

      Whatever happened to "we'll be sending monthly updates as a minimum"?

    37. Diogo Serrano on November 6

      Any update, about your progress??

    38. Missing avatar

      Richard Thomas on November 4

      Hey there, I know it's not due to ship until February but might we be getting some sort of update on how the tracker is progressing soon?

      All the best

    39. Missing avatar

      Peter ang on October 29

      yesterday I was about to post the same thing..
      once I've read this: "thanks for the advice Michael! we will make sure to put updates out more often and include that in them."

      but I think I misread....

    40. Michael Banks on October 29

      Here’s what the last update promised us stating “ we will be publishing a monthly update (at a minimum) going forward. “.

      That was on the 21st Sept. it’s now the 30th Oct. No update ... WTF???
      WTF ???

    41. Nick Martin
      on October 29

      Please can we have monthly Updates? Thanks!

    42. Magpie Creator on October 14

      @Peter Ang - we will have an update out in the next 2-3 weeks

    43. Magpie Creator on October 14

      @Alex - so far there is smoke but no fire.

    44. Alex Duesman on October 9

      Still on track for a ~Feb 2018 delivery date?

    45. Magpie Creator on September 28

      @Michael Banks -- thanks for the advice Michael! we will make sure to put updates out more often and include that in them.

    46. Michael Banks on September 28

      That's part of why we join KS.. pre-production/ production is of interest to us.. keep us informed, we have an interest in development not just a final product

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