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Magpie is smart GPS technology that keeps you connected to the people and things most important to you – anywhere in the world.
Magpie is smart GPS technology that keeps you connected to the people and things most important to you – anywhere in the world.
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    1. Missing avatar

      QTX just now

      refund request

    2. Missing avatar

      Henry Figueroa about 9 hours ago

      Refund Request Please

    3. Yulico Wijaya 2 days ago

      Refund request

    4. Missing avatar

      erre 2 days ago

      How long do we still have to wait for the refounds?

    5. GeekieGirlie
      2 days ago

      I’d like a refund, please.

    6. Matthew Coleman 2 days ago

      Still waiting on my refund!

    7. Missing avatar

      Amanda Clayton 3 days ago

      Refund Request

    8. Missing avatar

      Gociux 3 days ago

      Hello - please refund me on paypal: PayPal.Me/gociux (

    9. Missing avatar

      daniel 4 days ago

      I want to receive my refund hanks

    10. Missing avatar

      Alexander Siska 5 days ago

      I have not received a refund

    11. Missing avatar

      William 5 days ago

      Hey Calum,

      this story of the limitation is strange... why don't you use wire transfers?

      The wire transfer is the easiest and fastest way, use it!


    12. Missing avatar

      Robert Paulson 5 days ago

      Any update on lifting the PayPal limitations you cited as being responsible for cancelling refunds?

    13. Missing avatar

      Jaime Alberto Sánchez Hidalgo 6 days ago

      Refund request.

      I ask for a second refund on thee same name because I have two accounts in two different emails. Please refund this one too

    14. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Scott 6 days ago

      so why wasn't I informed that you were no longr moving forward with this project. I was finally wondering when the magpie would ship, only to discover you are no longer offering. I want my refund, or send me the product as promised.

    15. Doc TB
      7 days ago

      Hi creator! Remember me ? I was one of the first to post comments here, explaining why your project looked totally unrealistic. You answered with a bunch of (now proved) lies. You now try to scam some money from backers who will forget to « ask » for a refund. Not the truth ? So just refund ALL your backers, contact them one by one, etc.

    16. Missing avatar

      E J- C
      7 days ago

      Refund has not been recieved

    17. Missing avatar

      Shayne Hoehn 7 days ago

      Refund Request

    18. Magpie Creator on February 12

      @Maggie Hott

      HI Maggie, your refund has already been processed with the Kickstarter Platform - you should have received an email from Kickstarter confirming this. We can't tell exactly when your refund was processed but refunds typically take up to 10 days from time of action from what we have seen.

      Do let us know if you have not received the refund by next week.

      Calum & Team

    19. Magpie Creator on February 12

      @Greg and any others who received a "PayPal Cancellation".

      We experienced some security issue with Paypal where they automatically cancelled some of our recent requests due to fraud flagging.

      We have been in touch with PayPal and are now waiting for the limitations to be removed from the system. Once resolved we will process the payments again,

      Apologies and thanks for your patience.
      Calum + Team

    20. Maggie Hott on February 12

      I requested a refund but have yet to see anything come through. Please let me know what needs to be done. Thanks!

    21. Greg C on February 11

      Hi - I Requested a refund many many weeks ago. Last week I got my PayPal refund....although its been cancelled?? What's going on?

    22. Missing avatar

      William Li on February 11

      Request refund

    23. Jaclyn Cribley
      on February 10

      Request refund

    24. Peat Voravit on February 9

      Refund request

    25. Missing avatar

      Firza Ikhsan on February 9

      Refund request

    26. Missing avatar

      Chris Round on February 9

      I got my PayPal refund....although its been cancelled?? What's going on?

    27. Missing avatar

      Orjor Kasneci on February 8

      Refund request

    28. Missing avatar

      Kristy Cook on February 7

      Refund Request

    29. Missing avatar

      Richard plasek on February 6

      refund request

    30. Matthew Coleman on February 6

      Still waiting for my refund. I even requested it the correct way via message not posting on here.

    31. Missing avatar

      R.R.PRABU on February 6

      Refund request

    32. Benjamin Klock on February 5

      Just got the refund to my paypal but it put a $2.80 fee which is not right and I was that refunded to me.

    33. Missing avatar

      Thomas W. on February 5

      refund request

    34. Missing avatar

      Sky on February 3

      Refund request

    35. Missing avatar

      Yoko Ueno on February 2

      Refund repuest.

    36. Nuno on February 2

      My credit card used as expired please use PAYPAL but do the refund otherwise is just stealing money from people...

    37. Kevin Paterson on February 1

      Refund request.

    38. Samantha on February 1

      Refund request, please.

      But also, I'm confused. Why are we requesting refunds? When other projects I have backed on Kickstarter failed, an automatic refund was given to ALL backers. This is clearly a failed project - deciding not to produce the product you originally pitched is a project failure. So why are we not getting automatic refunds?

    39. Missing avatar

      Rachel Beaudet on February 1

      Refund request

    40. Missing avatar

      Jay Williams
      on January 31

      refund request

    41. Missing avatar

      Brian Holt on January 31

      Refund please.

    42. Missing avatar

      LogicalShrapnel on January 31

      My credit card has expired since I pledged. How should I proceed to handle the refund?

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