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Full color 20-page booklets promoting Free Culture in a humorous, simple and engaging way.

I want to print at least a thousand Mimi & Eunice's Intellectual Pooperty mini-books: Mimi & Eunice IP comics packaged into a 5.25" x 3.5" full-color 20-page booklet. The size is perfect for carrying in a wallet or purse, to conveniently produce whenever a conversation about art, culture and commerce starts going to crazy-town. How many times have you wanted to explain the problems of copyright simply and clearly? How many times have you longed to deflate pro-patent propaganda, but gotten into a convoluted abstract argument instead? Having these little books on hand can turn a heated debate into a friendly and entertaining conversation. I know, because I carry a prototype with me.

Unfortunately those print-on-demand prototypes cost $7 each to make. But by printing a large run on a regular press, the cost of each minibook drops to $3 or less (this is my cost, not retail). I should be able to get the per-book cost significantly lower (between $1 and $2), but I'm estimating $3 here to be cautious.

The $3,000 is to pay for such a run. I will print as many mini-books as I can for $3,000 (or whatever I raise). The more booklets I can afford to print, the cheaper each booklet will be. Ideally each one will be so cheap they'll be affordable to give away, or leave in laundromats and libraries a la Jack Chick tracts.

Finished books will be available in bulk at wholesale, and at the store.

UPDATE: The more money raised, the less expensive each book will be. Having already exceeded the $3,000 goal (thank you!) the minibooks will surely be less than my conservative $3-a-piece estimate. That means I'll be sending everyone more unsigned copies than the reward states (I can't edit rewards once people have chosen them). If you receive more books than you want, you'll just have to give them away, or leave them in public places. Thanks everyone!

The books will be Free-As-In-Freedom, and carry the copyheart message: "♡ Copying is an act of love. Please copy & share." For lack of a better option, all Mimi & Eunice cartoons are released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike, also known as copyleft.


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    Your name, or any name you choose, mentioned in a Mimi & Eunice comic

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    1,000 - yes, ONE THOUSAND - minibooks drop-shipped directly from the printer to any US address. This SUPER SEEDER SAVER PACK is for people who want to seed books in their cities. Leave piles of them at your local Law School, Art College, library cafe, or bookstore; take them to your next conference; give them away at the office. These are at cost, even cheaper than wholesale. SUCH A DEAL!

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