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A collaborative tabletop storygame of galactic scope and threatened ideals.
A collaborative tabletop storygame of galactic scope and threatened ideals.
392 backers pledged $7,934 to help bring this project to life.

BackerKit emails sent!

Posted by Aaron A. Reed (Creator)

BackerKit emails should have now been sent to all backers (except those at the "International Book" level, and those who didn't pledge at a reward tier). Please fill out your surveys once you get them: for those of you receiving a physical book, this is the way I find out where to ship them!

If you didn't get a survey email, check your spam folder, or log in to BackerKit directly with your Kickstarter email address. If you're still having issues with the survey, let me know: you can use the "Comment on Kickstarter" button at the bottom of this message to ask a public question, or click my name on that page and then "Contact Me" to ping me directly.

I'm an international backer, why am I not getting a survey again? The reason is because backers at this pledge level will receive a code allowing them to place their own book order at cost from DriveThruRPG. This simplifies international shipping for me, since you'll just pay for shipping yourself at the time you confirm your order. Because of this, I don't need an address or other extra info from you.

If you're a backer outside the US and Canada and selected a premium pledge tier, the cost of shipping was rolled into your pledge; so you should have gotten a survey along with the other backers.

That's it for now-- take care and talk soon!


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    1. Aaron A. Reed 2-time creator on

      I love both those games! I'll feel honored, if not entirely worthy, if I see "Archives" sitting on a shelf alongside them some day soon. :)

    2. Paul Boos

      Really looking forward to this... I have a Downfall and Fall of Magic and this sounds like a great addition to those...