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A collaborative tabletop storygame of galactic scope and threatened ideals.
A collaborative tabletop storygame of galactic scope and threatened ideals.
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Posted by Aaron A. Reed (Creator)

I'm happy to report that layout on the Archives of the Sky book is nearly finished! A couple previews to whet your appetite. Click through for larger versions.


As you can see, it's all coming together really nicely and I can't wait to hold this thing in my hands! We redid the layout a bit from our first draft to give things more spacing and breathing room, and I think it really paid off. The book is now coming in at exactly 100 pages and that is very likely to be its final length.

We're still working to round up the right mixture of art for the book, so that's the last piece remaining before we can do a test print. Hopefully we should have that phase wrapped up in the next couple weeks.

A couple of you have asked about the release date, which was originally by the end of the month. Thing have moved a bit more slowly than anticipated, so I'm afraid this has now pushed back a bit. I'm expected to do a test print by the last week of October, and leaving a month for iterations and changes, expect the book and PDF to ship in early December. Apologies for the delay!

If you'll be at the Big Bad Con convention in Walnut Creek, CA this weekend, say hi! I'm running Archives and a very freeform storygame called Okult by Wilhelm Person, about a group of childhood friends reuniting as adults to take on the evil in their hometown... sound familiar? It's very character-focused and should be a lot of fun.

I'm chomping at the bit to give you guys a sneak peak at artwork. Stay tuned for more on that front, and talk soon! I'll leave you with a cool image not from the book, but from space photo processor Ukstillalive. Keep wandering!


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    1. Paul Boos

      I was back re-reading this... One thing I found great in Storm Hollow is how they created an iterative cycle that described what people did to play... If you can show a cycle, that will help people remember how they come around each time. Just a thought...

    2. Aaron A. Reed 2-time creator on

      Raffaele: Cool!! I've had the book for a while now and have been really wanting to run it. It's such an elegant structure, and I love how it smoothly ties the past and present stories together. Really looking forward to the game.

      William: That's a good note! There are definitely more things like that, such as a more prominent sidebar calling out the turn order, and some bulleted steps at the start of sections outlining what's to come. But there isn't a diagram showing the structure of the game as a whole, and that's a really good idea. I'll see if there's a good spot to add it!

    3. Missing avatar

      Raffaele Manzo on

      Okult is one of my most favorite games ever. Hearing you're into it makes me even happier I've backed Archives.

    4. Missing avatar

      William Hampton on

      Somewhere in the final book, is there an if-then style flowchart, to keep players moving when they’re trying to remember the order of things? Or some equivalent? On our beta game, we had more looking-up downtime than would have been optimal for flow and momentum. It was still an awesome time, and I’m sure it would only take one or two more frames to pare that downtime to almost nothing. But if I’d had a clear and concise round-order synopsis in front of me, that first game would have moved better. (It may be that there was just such a resource in the beta text and that, in my disorganized attempts to teach the rules at the same time as playing them out, I neglected to whip it out.)