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A collaborative tabletop storygame of galactic scope and threatened ideals.
A collaborative tabletop storygame of galactic scope and threatened ideals.
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Layout Progress

Posted by Aaron A. Reed (Creator)

Greetings, Archivists! A quick note on how things have progressed on the Archives of the Sky book this month.

All the text content for the book is complete, and we've got it roughly laid out in InDesign, along with some of the art we're hoping to use and some placeholders in the remaining spots. I wanted to have something to show you all for this update, but because the layout is still rough and because we don't have permissions for all the art yet, I scratched my head a bit to come up with something. We should have something more impressive in a few weeks, but for now, here's a sneak peak at the thumbnails in my PDF viewer:

Not super thrilling, I know, but it's major progress! All the tables and sidebars and sections have been created, and the remaining work is fine-tuning them until they look the way we want.

Length-wise, the book's currently running just under 90 pages (the numbers in the thumbnails are for 2-page spreads). I expect it will get a bit longer as we give a few sections some more room to breathe and space things out a bit more, but I'll be surprised if we go over 100 pages (which was the price I budgeted the printing around).  

Over the next month, we should get to a solid draft of the book which we'll do a test printing of. Seeing it on the page will inevitably lead to a round of tweaks, and a second test print. Assuming no big surprises, we should be on track to deliver print and PDF orders by late October. More updates as we get closer!

In other news, I'll be running Archives at the Big Bad Con roleplaying convention this October in Walnut Creek, California. This is a great con centered around story-focused roleplaying games, and I always find it hugely inspiring. If you're attending, game signups start this weekend!

That's all for now-- take care, and see you under the stars!

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    1. Paul Boos

      Quick note for you... If you are in need of photos of star systems, you can use any photos, diagrams, and such that NASA produced for free. It is considered public domain. I'd personally still attribute it to NASA even if you modified it as it helps people realize one of the offshoot values the space program has....