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Ministry of Supply is launching the Apollo dress shirt, building performance tech into classic style. It's from space, yes outer space.
2,798 backers pledged $429,276 to help bring this project to life.

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48 HOURS LEFT: Free Protos for Double Backers!


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The Kickstarter party continues with ATLAS socks


Spending last year on Kickstarter with you was awesome- we’ll even say it was the most memorable summer MoS has ever had. Granted, it’s the only summer we’ve had, but we can’t think of a better reason to try to make this one just as great.

You’ve got the APOLLO dress shirt, your CORE and ATMOS baselayers, and your AERO slacks... now show your feet some love with ATLAS, our performance professional dress sock.

Is ATLAS a transparent justification for hanging out with you guys more on Kickstarter because we’ve missed you so much? Maybe. But, given how awesome these socks are, we’d call it a pretty legitimate excuse.

Check them out on our new Kickstarter page. We’re excited to keep the party going all summer long.

Stay classified.

Apollo Launch, Backer Launch, and a Mystery Launch

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Hey Kickstarters,

Did you know you went to space? Well, by “you” we mean your name and by “space” we mean near-space, the kind of space accessible by weather balloon. That’s right, the 2,798 of us climbed 65,000 feet and traveled a distance of over 60 miles. Still pretty cool by our standards.

What’s that? You don’t remember the experience? Good thing we documented the whole thing. Feel free to relive the moment as many times as you wish.

Enjoy the video and keep in touch- we hope you’ll continue inventing performance professional wear with us. We might be hanging out on Kickstarter again soon... really soon.

But really- it’s going to be REALLY SOON. Are we being discreet enough?

Stay secretly incredible.

Music cred: Matt & Kim

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One Last Launch...

Hey Backers,

We’ve launched Apollo 1.0, we’ve launched Apollo 2.0 and we’ve launched Aero. Now, there’s only one more thing to launch: your names into space.

During our campaign, you helped us become the most-funded fashion project of all time (at the time). As a way to say thanks, we’re beyond excited to launch your names (and an Apollo 2.0) into space.

We're starting to make this happen. We’re getting the Insulated Payload Capsule in place, we’ve got a helium guy, we’ve bought our recovery parachute and we’re starting to write all 2,798 of your names by hand. As Apollo 13's Jim Lovell once said: “don’t worry, we’ll have it all together by launch time.”


Also, if you were wondering who beat us to become the most-funded project, it’s our friends at Flint and Tinder. They set a new record with something they call the 10-year hoodie, a sweatshirt guaranteed for a decade, and backed with free mending. Given that we are huge supporters of durable and functional clothing, check it out you're looking for another kickass project.