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Walk the Globe in ATLAS: Bodymapped socks with Coffee-infused that keep your feet fresh - like a Brita filter in your shoe.
Walk the Globe in ATLAS: Bodymapped socks with Coffee-infused that keep your feet fresh - like a Brita filter in your shoe.
Walk the Globe in ATLAS: Bodymapped socks with Coffee-infused that keep your feet fresh - like a Brita filter in your shoe.
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    1. Ministry of Supply 3-time creator on

      Micky - just email and we'll make it right

    2. Micky Brunetti on

      A bit sad, I 'm starting to get holes in my socks.

    3. Ministry of Supply 3-time creator on

      Awesome to hear, Anderson!

    4. Missing avatar

      Anderson F Pereira on

      They finally arrived! Very very cool socks!
      Thank you by answer my questions and be so cool all the time!

    5. º¤ø ☆ 張斌明 ☆ ø¤º°°º¤ on

      Just came back from backpacking around Japan. Pretty much wore my ATMOS socks and T-shirt nearly everyday for two months (and put through the washer and dryer everyday).

      Still very impressed with the socks. After all that wear, they are still comfortable. Only issue is that the socks now look a little faded (faded after a week or so of use) and a little pilling of the fibre, which happened more quickly than I would have liked. Comfort wise they are still as comfortable as when I got them day one and no holes (touch wood) even after all the walking I did. Not sure if I can still use them as my "business" socks now, but as everyday loafer socks they are still great. Time to open up other two packs of socks!

      T-Shirt was even more amazing, very comfortable, hasn't faded and wicked away sweat amazingly. Feels and performs like a technical fibre sport t-shirt, but doesn't have a "smell" that synthetic fibres can get if left in wash or damp too long (ie mildew). Great t-shirt and is what I use everyday now as my undershirt. Never thought bamboo would make such a great, comfortable fibre.

      Overall, still very, very happy with your products. Will be buying more!

    6. Ministry of Supply 3-time creator on

      Marv - so sorry to hear about trouble you're having! Email us ( and we'll get you sorted out with a refund or replacement socks!

    7. Marv

      I have had only now the chance to look at these socks, and I must say I am quite shocked regarding the"quality". There are like a gazillion loose threads. First time I put them on, my toe got stuck in those "thread loops". These were supposed to be high-quality items, but they look more like the came from a thrift store:
      Seriously, what the hell?!
      The Tee is nice though.
      Also wished you didn't use such a wasteful packaging 4-times the necessary size. So that's where my $30 for shipping went...

    8. Bill Ruch HammerHand! on

      I've got to say! The people at MOS have Outstanding Integrity!
      I'll be back for their next project!

    9. Bill Ruch HammerHand! on

      Did you guys get my PM on the socks?

    10. Missing avatar

      Donutchan on

      I got a hole in my socks already :(

    11. Ministry of Supply 3-time creator on

      Charles - email us at and we'll get you another pair!

    12. Charles on

      The socks felt incredible the first time but with each run through the washer they seem to get worse. Now I have random black cotton balls/threads stuck on my feet every time I take them off. I don't think these will even hit three months. Sorry but it is what it is.

    13. Ministry of Supply 3-time creator on

      Jerry - definitely not supposed to be happening! We'll message you about a replacement pair

    14. J on

      Mos - I wore both pairs of the socks for about three times each. One pair seems fine but the other is losing its threads already? Is that supposed to be happening?

    15. Pam East on

      Definitely the best socks I have ever owned. I LOVE them! Ordered socks for my family for Christmas presents this year. :D

    16. Missing avatar


      I've been wearing my socks repeatedly and they've become my favorite socks I've ever owned. Great product and great customer support.

    17. Missing avatar

      T Tahere on

      Love my Atmos will be ordering more. Love my loafer socks they have become the socks i wear around the house they won't last me long cause i keep forgetting that i'm wearing them when i go outside. The business socks first wear great after that just became like a regular sock but i have not had problems with holes or anything will definitely order more of the loafer socks. Love the packaging. Yes i did cut the zip lock bag before i realised and yes i have kept them for reuse

    18. Missing avatar

      James Chung on

      Kit took care of me. Thanks!

    19. Missing avatar

      James Chung on

      Hi MoS,

      I've been busy with work and finally got around to opening my two MoS boxes. I got all of my Atmos shirts, but there aren't any socks in the shipment, were there 3 boxes shipped?

    20. Ministry of Supply 3-time creator on

      Hey Yin Yin - email us at and we'll replace the Atmos and Atlas!

    21. Yin Yin Leong

      Received my items last week. The postman actually left it at my doorstep. Eeks!

      The socks were very comfortable on my feet and I love them. But the pair I gave my dad wore out quickly and there's a hole after the only the third time he wore them.
      Also, there's a small hole on the sleeve of one of my Atmos shirt... :(

    22. Pablo Sada on

      Hi guys

      So I receive my socks some weeks ago here in Mexico. I have to say I am very very pleased with Ministry of Supply. Its becoming a very well brand and company, this due to its excellent range of products, customer services, but most importantly its quality.

      The packaging was a very nice touch, very elegant and feels luxurious. The one down side is that I felt it after as trash and to much. Yes you can recycle it but a smaller package or in bundle would be nicer, thought I don’t mind at all. Looks from the start very professional and premium
      I used the socks in the week and I can say they are very comfortable. I feel my feet well supported, feel the extra layer on the bottom. The sock with this still is very breathable which is good to keep my feet fresh and dry.
      The ATOMOS shirt I love it, feels very good beneath my shirts. Keeps me very dry, and its soft to the touch. Feels great after a long day at work.
      I am a fan of MoS and congratulate them on another success proyect. I am a Project Manager and I can say this company as well as their kickstarter campaigns are really professional, has good communication, delivery of the project in time and manner. So awesome job done! Looking forward for the next one, maybe a suit? Hope so!

    23. Missing avatar

      Colten Marble on

      Customer Service definitely took care of me, thanks!! Love the style and comfort...hopefully this set holds up better.


    24. Missing avatar

      Colten Marble on

      At least you heard back "goodn". I haven't heard anything.

    25. º¤ø ☆ 張斌明 ☆ ø¤º°°º¤ on

      Hey guys,

      I received my socks last week here in China, and have to say I am very, very happy with the socks and Atmos t-shirts I received so far.

      I'm on my feet all day, and the socks have held up perfectly. Very comfortable, my feet are very dry, and feel supported (feels like an extra layer of supportive insole).

      Usually I have very sore feet at end of each day (from low arches) but these socks have been great. The comfort and wicking is similar to my Northface Hiking socks (actually a bit better!), but these look much better with a suit! I am happy with the length and thickness. These are my semi-formal and work dress socks that feel like hiking/sports socks.

      Only socks I wear everyday now (except when hiking or playing sport). No smell, dry, supportive. Through the wash no problems. Thank you.

      The ATMOS t-shirt has worked equally as well, I ordered a size too large, but that has been okay. Usually here in Hong Kong it is very, very humid. Even though it is dryer now, sweat, humidity and pollution is still a problem, and I hate the feeling of sweaty damp undergarments and shirts. The T-shirt has kept me very dry, and importantly smell free! Again I'm very pleased.

      I've had no problems with build quality. I wear my socks and t-shirt many, many hours each day (and sometimes two when I was stuck with a cancelled flight at the airport) and still been dry and smell free! This has been one of the best Kickstarters I've supported.

      The most comfortable dress socks and undergarments I've worn yet. It's really improved my daily work life and comfort. Thank you.

      (I'm pretty much wearing your socks and t-shirt exclusively now so will order more in future!).

    26. goodn on

      Atlas offered to replace but that is good for 3 more wearings?

    27. Missing avatar

      Colten Marble on

      I feel your pain goodn. I have holes in both of my heels too!! I actually wore them 3 times though.

    28. goodn on

      Received the socks after support your kickstarter project and after 2 wearings both heels have holes in them. A little disappointing.

    29. Missing avatar

      meier stefan on

      I got my socks and its an awesome product. I'm so happy, I baked this project!!! :-) Thank you for your effort and good Updates!

    30. Missing avatar

      manuel wawrzyniak on

      i read most of the comments... not so shiny, isn't it... but it is a work in progress i suppose.

      My main criticism goes towards the packaging. I would have prefer an extra pair of socks that this sophisticated oversized box... my wife and I are product designer... we don't feel that this packaging design carries the products spirit and technicality. it is kind of old fashion "corporate" looking.... definitively not energy efficient and absolutely boring.

      As for the socks and Tshirt, quality is up there. it is my second week waring them and it works as described. It let my body cosy, warm and dry, smell free ; ). Good job.

    31. Charles on

      Got my socks last week. I could type up my opinions but the review by rfnk is 100% the way I feel.

    32. Cerity "Legendary Bottlejak" Silverhawk on

      Well i'm here after washing them. They still feel great. The patterns as expressed earlier are a bit thin. I'm not sure about 8 months of daily wear... I do anticipate some stretching of the taller tops of the profile, which is fine, i's why I usually roll down socks as they age.
      Glad to see an MoS product thats among the first 3150 people to wear them :D
      Next campaign!!!

    33. Missing avatar

      Robin on

      Canadian buyers should be aware that you'll get hit with customs fees. I was charged $28 in fees.

    34. Ministry of Supply 3-time creator on

      John - thanks for the comment! packaging was designed to be reused!

      For the care: (and this is good advice for all of your favorite machine washable clothing), just turn inside out, wash and dry on a delicate cycle.

    35. Ministry of Supply 3-time creator on

      Pierre - oh no! Email to get a reimbursement!

    36. Ministry of Supply 3-time creator on

      clump - thanks for the support!

    37. Ministry of Supply 3-time creator on

      rfnk - lets get you a refund! Email to set it up!

    38. Ministry of Supply 3-time creator on

      Carlo - we just emailed you!

    39. Ministry of Supply 3-time creator on

      Brad - sorry to hear that! It would be great if you could email with more detailed feedback so we can understand what you didn't like!

    40. Missing avatar

      clump on

      I got my socks a couple of days ago. Awesome packaging, and I find the quality excellent; I am delighted.

      @Pierre Paul: something is odd there. In Canada too, and they sent them to me by USPS, so that ends up adding about 15% taxes (HST, GST+PST), and another $10-ish in duties...not sure why you paid $60 extra for shipping (shipping to Canada was $30), and $41 tax+duties on $68 (or even the $18/sock they listed on the packing slip) seems way too much, should've been closer to $20-$25. Suggest you contact MOS, they are wonderfully response.

    41. Brad Dancer

      Got my socks - packaging amazing! Socks OK at best, don't live up to your previous products, sorry.

    42. rfnk on

      Received my socks yesterday - definitely disappointed in the quality.

      The box and packaging which the socks came in are pretty amazing. As previously mentioned by others, the zip baggies are cool. The box was well designed.

      I take out the five pair of socks I have and I can't help but feel a bit deflated. They are a bit thinner than I expected. The designs look great but once I put them on, I can see how thin they really are. I snapped the packaging off of my the first pair and saw excess threading on the toe. I took my pocket knife and cut it off. After reading the package, I discover they were made in some textile district on the other side of the globe. The padding on the bottom is less full than I anticipated. I know you tested them up to the eight month mark, but I am quite skeptical that these will last that long. I tried capturing the thinness of the socks with a photograph but my skills are lacking. They do not look on par with the images from the initial Kickstarter images.

      I am no stranger to spending this kind of money on a good pair of socks as I have many pair of merino wool, Smart Wool or Thorlo socks.

      I know it is never "fun" to hear feedback that may be tough to hear but I don't see myself picking up any of these socks in the future. The Kickstarter was fun to participate in, I'm glad you guys earned well above the 200,000 mark when your initial asking pledge was 30k but these socks were pretty disappointing to this backer.

    43. Carlo Cruz on

      Hey guys! Sitting in the Midwest wondering if I should have delivery yet - thought I'd check in here.


    44. Pierre Paul Lefebvre on

      Just to let you know, I got my socks! But shipping was costly. I live in Canada, so I paid 30$ for shipping + 30$ for intl shipping. Once it got there I had to pay an extra 41$ in shipping. So I paid 101$ in shipping for my 68$ socks.

    45. Bill Ruch HammerHand! on

      Light Grey sounds good!
      There was a folder cut out at the bottom? I kinda got exited and shredded the box like a 9 year old at Christmas, had already cot open a bag and got them on my feet by the time my wife noticed the ziplock! LOL!

    46. Missing avatar

      Jacob Cole Wilfer on

      Can you send me my tracking info?

    47. John Trembley on

      I received mine today in Portland, Oregon. Packaging looks great and so do the socks and shirt. Do you have any recommendations for how best to wash and care for both socks and shirts? The instructions on the packaging are minimal. Also I can see a lot of possible reuse of the sock and shirt packaging, was that the intent?

    48. Carl Lockrem on

      Love the socks but I think the packaging is a home run. I had them delivered to my office and people were immediately curious about the box and the name. When I opened it there was a lot of "ohh" and "cool" and "what is it" . . . who knew that socks could be so exciting. The folder cut-out at the bottom is absolutely brilliant. I look forward to the excitement my next order brings. Mission Accomplished MoS.

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