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Walk the Globe in ATLAS: Bodymapped socks with Coffee-infused that keep your feet fresh - like a Brita filter in your shoe.

Performance Professional Doesn't Stop Here:  Visit
Performance Professional Doesn't Stop Here: Visit

The problem isn’t your feet, it’s what’s on them.

You’ve felt it. The aching, the heat, the sweat… all inside your favorite dress shoes. It’s a pain, an inconvenience, and your dress socks are to blame. 

At Ministry of Supply, we’ve challenged this, engineering a dress sock packed with performance. ATLAS is moisture wicking, designed for comfort, and built to keep you cool and supported all day long.

Atlas is like a Brita Filter for your feet: made of Coffee it filters and absorbs sweat and odor.  Bodymapped design of the sock gives you comfort and support all day. Robotically knit for precision - like 3D printing for clothes. 

Sound good? It gets better. You can be among the first to own your very own pair of ATLAS dress socks.  

Convinced? Good. Unconvinced? Even better. We’ve got tons more info for you- all about the design and technology that went into ATLAS.

UPDATE: We're excited to announce that ATLAS will be available in 3 colors and 3 striped patterns.

What does coffee do?

The moisture wicking, heat management, and comfort capabilities of ATLAS are all made possible through its unique combination of fibers, a blend made up of cotton, recycled polyester and coffee. Odor control is difficult in socks. As such, we turned to nature to find an effective way to create a fresher sock, leading us to coffee. Atlas uses coffee which has been reclaimed from coffee roasters and shops, and is processed through a pharmaceutical process to remove the coffee oils (so it won’t smell like coffee!) and is then infused into our recycled polyester yarns. 

So how does it work?

Odor molecules which are largely made of carbon are strongly attracted to the coffee. Atlas has a unique structure (kind of like a sponge with lots of surface area), which allows the particles to absorb a lot of odor. It's the same concept used in your Brita filter to absorb impurities - giving you clean, fresh water. The odor is released the when you launder your socks - returning to its full capacity.

Where’s the Proof?

Our unique Atlas yarn has been tested in the lab by using an ASTM Standard (D 5742), to compare odor control against other fabrics - it's 3X more effective at absorbing odor molecules than regular cotton!


When we set out to design the best dress sock available, we started from scratch back in the MoS labs. Great things take time, and we spent our time getting to know your feet… intimately.

Three types of mapping went into the research behind ATLAS:

Strain Analysis

We used strain analysis to map out how your feet move. Your toes, your joints, and your skin all bend, stretch, and adjust to accommodate your movements. Regular socks can’t adjust with you and end up bunching or sagging. A product of Strain Analysis, visualizing in 3D how your skin stretches and adjusts, ATLAS behaves like a second skin: moving with you and maximizing comfort.

Pressure Mapping

Pressure Mapping helped us to visualize how you apply pressure and where you need extra support in your socks. It’s the same type of technology podiatrists use to prescribe custom orthotics, but we used it to make ATLAS the most comfortable socks you’ve ever worn to work.

Thermal Imaging

We’ve used thermal imaging in the design of our shirts to identify “hot spots” and where you need ventilation. Same concept applies here. By combining information we received from pressure mapping and thermal imaging, we were able to create a sock that provides comfort and heat management simultaneously.

Armed with research, materials, and a great design, we set out to find a socially and environmentally responsible manufacturer who values innovation as much as we do at Ministry of Supply. We landed on one of the most advanced textile mills on the planet, who works with brands like Patagonia, to help us make ATLAS a reality. With them, we are able to incorporate robotic knitting (think 3D printing precision and customization, but for knitwear instead of custom action figures) to make the most intricate of designs a reality.

The Atlas dress sock is a mid-calf sock:

Prototype of the Atlas Dress Sock
Prototype of the Atlas Dress Sock
Prototype of the Atlas Loafer Sock
Prototype of the Atlas Loafer Sock


We're offering Atlas in 3-solid colors and 3-stripes, so you can have variety in your sock drawer.


As a small startup brand, we can't afford to buy minimum order quantities (around $30,000 worth of socks) if our customers aren't excited about them.  In fact, we flat-out can't afford that.  We need your help to reach these minimum order quantities, and we need your input on if we should go ahead with production.  We've spent the last 8 months in the labs working on Atlas, but before we make that final commitment and go from prototype to product, we need your backing.

The $30,000 raised will 100% fund production - we'll be able to place the minimum order quantity with our manufacturer and we'll be able to make Atlas a reality.


We are initially offering ATLAS in black for loafer and dress socks. Choose a backer level on the right side of this page and you’ll be able to specify, by size and type, each pair you want in your custom batch. To highlight the special robotic knitting process used in ATLAS, we are also including our ATMOS tee in many of our rewards. The ATMOS tee uses robotic knitting in its variable knit pattern, giving you ventilation exactly where you need it in an undershirt or in a shirt that stands alone. You choose: Crew or V-neck, white or black, size XS-XL.

Prototype of New Atmos
Prototype of New Atmos

ATLAS isn’t a reality just yet. We’ve been working hard on our prototypes, but we need your help to make ATLAS officially part of the MoS brand. We’re launching on Kickstarter to find out if ATLAS is something your workday needs, and to see if you are as passionate about your clothing’s performance as we are. Show your support by backing, liking, tweeting... whatever you can to spread the great news that there’s a better way to business wear.

The Ministry of Supply mission is to inspire confidence in every man, through professionally wearable innovation and design. We hope you’ll join us in challenging how fashion and clothing is designed and made. Trust us, it’s going to be a gamechanger.

Stay classified, Kickstarter.


We've been getting a few questions from a lot of people, so, wanted to address them via video:

1) What are the socks made out of?  Why'd you make them out of that?

MoS Founders (photo by
MoS Founders (photo by

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We learned a lot from our Kickstarter project last year. Surpassing our goal was incredibly validating for our product, and we are still blown away by how amazing the whole Kickstarter experience turned out to be. Even though sending out over 14x the gear we had originally anticipated producing wasn’t something we were entirely prepared for, we emerged from those rough couple of months a better team and a better MoS.

This time around, we know our capacity and are setting limits on the number of backers we can accommodate. We have market-ready prototypes and a manufacturer in place who is ready to scale. Our extensive preparation should allow for a smooth production and fulfillment process, but we also know from past experience that, should they arise, we are ready to tackle any challenges that come our way.


  • Know that we definitely want MoS represented all over the globe! That said, our last campaign taught us that international shipping (even to our neighbors in Canada) is... expensive. We'd really appreciate your help in covering these costs. The cost for international shipping ranges from $20 - $40 and we ask that you add that cost to your pledge amount. Also bear in mind that this doesn't include customs or duties: unfortunately these vary so much from country to country that we can't predict and include it into this cost, so please double check these before backing.

    International orders will ship via USPS International First Class, which includes shipment confirmation, but unfortunately no specific tracking data. Phone numbers will be required on the survey to help with the shipping process. Packages will be marked as “MERCHANDISE” (not as “GIFT”) in order to accurately reflect what you’ll find inside!

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  • If we are successful, all backers will be sent a survey the day after the campaign closes, which will include size and color requests. You will have TWO WEEKS to consult your life coach and/or personal stylist, meditate your options, and submit your response- we'll begin production immediately after this deadline!

    (If you miss the deadline, we'll still get your gear to you, but we'll have to wait until after the original pledges are filled to complete your request.)

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  • After the campaign closes, we will send out a survey to collect order specifics, which will include a shipping address (along with some other fun questions). If you are unfamiliar, the Kickstarter process can be a little confusing- so thanks for trying something new.

    For changes in address: We'll send out a note 1 week before we start shipping that you can respond to if you have moved since submitting your original address.

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  • We want to keep things simple so that we can get your gear to you as quickly and as accurately as possible. For this reason, backer levels cannot be combined.

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  • ATLAS is offered in Medium and Large sizes. The Medium ATLAS fits US men's shoe size 6-9, while the Large ATLAS covers men's shoe sizes 10-13. Feel free to convert from women's sizes, too!

    We want you to be completely happy with anything you purchase from MoS. We back all our products with free exchanges and refunds so you can get exactly what you want- so don't sweat sizing too much.

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  • The name ATLAS draws on the three mapping processes (Strain Analysis, Pressure Mapping, and Thermal Imaging) we used in our research of the foot. And if you wanted to compare us to the Greek god Atlas, who bore the weight of the world on his shoulders, we wouldn't be offended.

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  • Yes, ATLAS has been put to the test and the consensus is: these socks are made for lasting wear! ATLAS has undergone testing for pilling and abrasion that achieve industry standard grading, and our prototypes have reached the 8 month mark with great durability.

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