Knights of the Chalice 2: The Dark Arena

by HeroicFantasyGames.Com

HeroicFantasyGames.Com wants some feedback on this project. What do you like? What could be better? Anything missing?

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    1. Steve 2 days ago

      Are the circles instead of characters placeholders?

    2. Missing avatar

      jupiter999 on

      Best wishes to you. Hope to see you soon~

    3. HeroicFantasyGames.Com Creator on

      Hiya, no, it's only the toughest battle in the KotC 1 Demo that requires Disruption weapons. Everything else can be done without these weapons. KotC 2 also doesn't require you to use particular weapon enchantments.

      KotC 2 does include a module and campaign editor. Yes, it's up to a module designer to create challenges and encounters that can be overcome by various means.

      These days I'm being forced to deal with stressful issues associated with my dad's succession, so I find it hard to concentrate on preparing the KS. Hopefully I can get back to preparing the KotC 2 KS soon.

    4. Missing avatar

      jupiter999 on

      Ok, that's one of my concern.
      If I didn't create Disruption weapons, does that mean I am no way to progress the adventure?
      I hope KotC2 don't do that...
      But, wait... I think KotC2 is more of an adventure designer than mere game alone. So it's actually up to author to handle such what-if situation, am I right? And KotC2 is all the author needs to handle it, right?

    5. HeroicFantasyGames.Com Creator on

      Ah, for that encounter, I think you need to craft some ' Disruption ' weapons, then it becomes possible. Regarding KotC 2, I've finished testing the required website update - it all works now. Now I just have to finish going through my email and message backlog and I should finally be able to start looking at the KS webpage content seriously! Cheers!

    6. Missing avatar

      jupiter999 on

      I think I didn't finish the demo, because one of the encounter seems impossible to handle. But it's really fun to play anyway. Now I'm even more looking forward to KotC2! I can't help myself but scavenging everywhere to find KotC2 news, by the way, lol~

    7. HeroicFantasyGames.Com Creator on

      I'm glad that you liked the KotC 1 demo, jupiter999. Thank you for your support :-)

      I'll talk a bit on RPG Codex about the sprite system I'm envisioning for KotC 2, today.

    8. Missing avatar

      jupiter999 on

      I just played KotC 1 demo and it's superb.
      Really can't wait for more news about KotC 2!

    9. HeroicFantasyGames.Com Creator on

      Hello jupiter999, thank you for your support. I still have a number of things to prepare before I can announce a launch date for the KS campaign. Will let you know as soon as I can. I should be able to focus more on the KotC 2 KS after the release of KotC 1 on the Steam platform, scheduled on 23 August 2019. Cheers :-)

    10. Missing avatar

      jupiter999 on

      I came here because of that god damn The CRPG Book Project.
      And now I'm hooked!
      When launch??

    11. HeroicFantasyGames.Com Creator on

      Hello rpgguy, yes I have done a lot of testing and bug fixing already. I'm sure that there are more bugs to be found, but these can be fixed after the KS using backer feedback.

    12. Missing avatar

      rpgguy on

      Did you have a lot of beta testing done for Augury of chaos?

    13. HeroicFantasyGames.Com Creator on

      Hello all, thank you for your posts. Please see my post on the forum of for the latest update. rpgguy and tormy, yes, of course, there are a number of things I still need to do before launching this. It may not look like it from the outside, but every little thing takes time. No need to worry though! Slow and steady wins the race!

    14. Missing avatar

      rpgguy on

      The trailers are done so what is holding it back now?

    15. Missing avatar

      tormy on

      This KS will never start.........

    16. Missing avatar

      Fabien Grasset on

      Yes it is.

    17. Missing avatar

      tormy on

      Well, IIRC KotC 2. was developed for 9-10 years? I think Pierre said that, but I might be wrong.

    18. Missing avatar

      rpgguy on

      If it takes (at least) a month to make a trailer for a completed game, I dare not to think how long it would take to actually make this game

    19. Missing avatar

      tormy on

      That can be done with a couple of hours of is not rocket science. Come on Pierre, start the KS pushed it back by a half year already. If I remember correctly the first module and the toolset was ready in 2018 november....

    20. Missing avatar

      rpgguy on

      Will you start the project after you made KOTC1 trailer or are there other things that holding this back? ( like setting up pledge goals and such )

    21. Missing avatar

      tormy on

      Thanks for the reply, dev! Regarding spell effects: This sounds good already!
      Please hurry with the Chalice 1. thing, and start the Kickstarter. I want to play this before the summer.

    22. HeroicFantasyGames.Com Creator on

      Hello, thank you for your posts!

      tormy: The main idea is to increase awareness among people who get their games from Steam only, so that they too can participate in the Kickstarter if they are interested. I know, I am an expert in delayed gratification. But I would not be making RPGs if I wasn't, ahaha. On spell effects: Well, you can already choose the colour of a spell effect, and I'll make sure that new sound effects can be used too. Aside from that, you have access to a good number of existing spell animations. If more animations are needed, please just let me know later on.

      rpgguy: I think that it would hurt the KS greatly if I was to distribute Augury of Chaos separately. Distributing the toolset separately from the game is not an option. People who want to create a module need to play the game so that they can understand what can be done and what cannot be done and to allow them to study existing scripts and copy/paste existing scripts into their module.

    23. Missing avatar

      tormy on

      Augury of Chaos and the toolset will be backer rewards after the KS ends...However rpgguy got a point. Perhaps you should sell the toolset on your website Pierre, so people could start to work on their modules before the summer. Augury of Chaos should be KS backer reward only. [Well the KS backers would get the toolset as well of course, if they wouldn't want to buy it from the website before the KS.] I think that this could work. What do you think?

    24. Missing avatar

      rpgguy on

      Pierre: I see why the early reward won't work. But why not put Augury of Chaos on sale on your website now for people that don't want to wait? you can add all the profits into this project. This solution won't hurt the kickstarter, and in case the kickstarter fails you still would at least get some sales for your finished product.

    25. Missing avatar

      tormy on

      Thanks for the reply dev!

      1. "I want to put KotC 1 on Steam and GOG because people keep asking me."

      What is this got to do with the Chalice 2 Kickstarter? The game is ready, so I don't understand this situation (the delay thing) at all. Why do you cut your own income? I saved 25 euros for your project by the way. [I am not a rich guy..] The problem is that I wanted to spend it many weeks ago if you know what I mean. :)

      2. "About new effects, please describe exactly what it is that you are looking for?"

      Well, I think that modders should be allowed to change the spell effects graphically...and of course they should be able to change the sounds as well. Perhaps you can add these options to the editor later on?

    26. HeroicFantasyGames.Com Creator on

      rpgguy: About a pledge that would give you the reward quicker: It would not work because pledges can be cancelled before the end of the KS.

    27. HeroicFantasyGames.Com Creator on

      Hello everyone, thank you for the comments and support!

      Tormy: I want to put KotC 1 on Steam and GOG because people keep asking me. Otherwise, I would be happy with not using any third-party retailer. About new effects, please describe exactly what it is that you are looking for? About Cleric spells, yes, the game works a little bit differently from the OGL 3.5. One thing that makes Clerics better casters than with the original rules is that they do not need to prepare their spells in advance. They can choose to cast any spell from their entire list of known spells. Also, Clerics can cast Mass Harm, a very powerful spell that does not exist in the OGL 3.5. About me not replying for a week: My apologies. However, please realise that it takes time to reply to all messages thoughtfully. This is time that I cannot use to move the project forward. Of course, I will reply quickly when the Kickstarter is live.

      rpgguy: If I give an estimation of when this starts, and then I end up not being able to meet this deadline for some reason, people will not be happy. Thank you for your patience. I am the person who stands to benefit the most from launching this Kickstarter. So if it takes time, it's not because I want to delay it, it's just that I'm not ready yet. Cheers!

    28. Missing avatar

      rpgguy on

      Waiting a month after this finally starts is going to be painful. Any chance you'll consider having a higher pledge than normal that will reward the game when the kickstarter passes its goal rather than ends?

    29. David Michael Wilson on

      Ready to Kickstart, ready to play. Take my money!

    30. Missing avatar

      tormy on

      Um....where is the creator of the project? No replies for a week now.

    31. Missing avatar

      rpgguy on

      Tormy - I know the game is ready, I am wondering how long it will take to make the KOTC1 trailer

      Pierre - by not giving clerics domain spells they get 1 less spell per level than the core rules, in addition clerics have to choose spells instead of getting them all ( and they get only 2 new spells per level ) - doesn't this makes quite poorer casters compared to OGL 3.5?

    32. Missing avatar

      tormy on

      rpgguy - the game is ready, but he wants to put his old game to Steam first. If I understand correctly he is recording a trailer for that. Weird stuff. Anyways, I think this shouldn't take more than a few weeks, since he is working on it for weeks already. Well let's hope so, because everyone wants part II. and not part I. I mean I bought part I. years ago already....

    33. Missing avatar

      rpgguy on

      Do you have any estimation on when this starts? ( days?/weeks?/months? )

    34. Missing avatar

      tormy on

      Thanks for the reply dev.
      - Isn't KotC I. a 10 years old game? Why do you want to put it on Steam and GOG now that part II. is done?
      - re: adding new tileset: I am happy that it is possible to do easily
      - re: not being able to add new effects: I am unhappy. Can you add this to the editor in an expansion or something?

    35. HeroicFantasyGames.Com Creator on

      Thank you for the feedback and support everyone! I'm busy working on the KotC 1 trailer for now.

      rpgguy: Clerics only get what is given in the description of each domain. Only the domain Magic gives extra spell slots.

      Boris: Multiplayer would be really complicated to implement, so I have no plans for that.

      tormy: It's not live yet because I'd like to get KotC 1 on Steam/GOG first. Thank you for your patience. On new tile graphics: yes, definitely, such background graphics can be used in the game easily. Concerning spell effects, you are limited to existing effects.

      ChavaiotH: Thank you for your support and patience :-)

    36. ChavaiotH on

      Common Pierre let's start the project. The waiting is so hard.

    37. Missing avatar

      tormy on

      I forgot to ask: Can we add new tile graphics, tilesets and spell effects? I want to add free tilesets like this one:

    38. Missing avatar

      tormy on

      I read on the website that the engine, the first module and the editor are ready for months. Why is the project not live yet??

      PS. I think that we won't need multiplayer and DM mode in this game. If you want that, buy Fantasy Grounds.

    39. Boris Fernandez on

      Will you consider having Multiplayer for simple scenario ? With a DM mode. Your game and engine could surpass a lot of those online tools I could see out there.

    40. Missing avatar

      rpgguy on

      Do clerics get 1 additional spell per spell level from their domains like in the core 3.5 rules?

    41. Missing avatar

      Dave blanchard on

      If I could make a suggestion it would be to give a copy of the first game to backers.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jason Hardy on

      Enjoyed KotC 1 and looking forward to a more full featured game in 2! Hope this launches and gets funded!

    43. cj.coimbra on

      Well...we are waiting!
      Been waiting for this since I was young and had no kids haha!

    44. Missing avatar

      Stefanos 'netlich' Patelis on

      Can't wait!

    45. HeroicFantasyGames.Com Creator on

      Thank you xuan! :-)

    46. Missing avatar

      xuan on

      I love the hardcore style in your KS trailer, especially Pierre with a red fire eyes, so damn hardcore. :P

    47. HeroicFantasyGames.Com Creator on

      Thank you everyone for the feedback and the kind words of support!

      Valerio, thank you for the suggestion. However, Druids can summon animals in combat as a move action and they do have many good spells, so they are quite good already.

      Marco, your wish is my command. I will talk to GOG as well as Steam.

      ChavaiotH, I did finish making a KotC 2 trailer in two different versions, 13 minutes and six minutes. I also recorded myself talking for about two minutes and I edited the video to make it more interesting. My idea was to have on the KS page the six-minute trailer followed by the two-minute talk. But then I submitted the trailer to several people and they told me that we should have a shorter trailer of two or three minutes. So that's what we're planning to create. Sorry about the delay!

      Thank you for your patience everyone!

    48. ChavaiotH on

      Where is the trailer?

    49. Marco Montemaggi on

      Please put (all) your games on GOG and not only Steam. Many people, like me, don't like the Steam approach to game commerce. I think that a GOG option would be a plus for this kickstarter.

    50. Missing avatar

      Valerio Larcher on

      I would just make a little suggestion about a single class... please give Druid some love. I explain myself: the druid class you proposed lacks the two main feature of 3.5 druis, wild shapes and animal companions. I can see that wild shapes will be very difficult to implement now, especcially since you already finished the game, but please consider adding animal companions.
      I nevertheless will thorw my money at this game.
      thank you!

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Knights of the Chalice 2: The Dark Arena

Party-based fantasy computer role-playing game using the OGL 3.5 ruleset and featuring turn-based combat and hand-drawn 2D graphics.

Knights of the Chalice 2: The Dark Arena

Party-based fantasy computer role-playing game using the OGL 3.5 ruleset and featuring turn-based combat and hand-drawn 2D graphics.

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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches it's goal by the campaign deadline.