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This innovative, ultralight shelter protects you from all weather conditions and replaces your other gear. Leave the bulk behind.
This innovative, ultralight shelter protects you from all weather conditions and replaces your other gear. Leave the bulk behind.
This innovative, ultralight shelter protects you from all weather conditions and replaces your other gear. Leave the bulk behind.
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    1. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on November 8

      @Everybody, we posted an update to keep you in the loop! Please check it out. Thanks.

    2. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on November 8

      @Nathan, you can change your shipping address. We will consider it, but it is unlikely. PM us on Kickstarter and we can talk more about this.

    3. Missing avatar

      Nathan Shapter on November 7

      If I was in China at the time of the rollout would I be able to pick it up, or even just change my address to another country?

    4. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on November 7

      I think you're asking about when you'll get to choose colors. In two weeks. We are making the final design and then will provide color options.


    5. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on November 7

      Hey Nathan, unfortunately although we are doing everything we can to get the shel to you before then we won't be able to guarantee that date. Currently, our projections are putting us at us getting the product shipped from china in January which is about 6 weeks. We are anticipating getting the shel to you mid February. We will post a more comprehensive and updated timeline soon to keep you informed.

    6. Missing avatar

      Curtis Clark on November 7

      Can you please clarify the terms "soon" and "near future"?

    7. Missing avatar

      Nathan Shapter on November 6

      Hey guys, really looking forward to the rollout of the product, I just have a question to ask you, what date do you think you will have it sent out by? I'm looking at travelling from jan 14th but will wait a little longer because I don't want to spend another $200 while travelling to get something like this that isn't as good.

      I'm asking for delivery for australia, and if there is an option can I send you guys extra money for it to be sound express? I have everything on order to purchase my flights except for this! Thanks in advance!

    8. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on November 6

      Hey Greg,

      We'll definitely have an option for both you guys who like the softer options and for others who want something with a little more color. We'll get a survey sent out to you guys in the near future!


    9. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on November 6

      Hey Andrew,

      Definitely understandable about your concerns. Actually, if you go through the posts, we've both actually responded and also our most recent design changes resolves all their concerns :)

      Thanks for pointing it out though!

      Casey and caleb

    10. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on November 6

      Hey Trent!

      We'll get an update out to you guys soon!

      Casey and Caleb

    11. Greg Morphis on November 6

      Will we be able to choose the color.. the more I see the black, white and blue I see an eye sore. I'd prefer all black, no blue accents and no white screen.

    12. Missing avatar

      Andrew Rodda on November 6

      I hope you guys are reading the forum threads at, there are some significant issues being raised about the product, (none of which I can speak to directly), but it would be great to have the creators respond: gets me a little spooked to be honest.

    13. Missing avatar

      Trent Peterson on November 5

      Any quick updates? I'm dying for any little piece of info y'all can give me, super pumped for this product!

    14. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on October 25

      We definitely will! This is our plan:
      - Consolidate feedback from the backers
      - Create the final prototype
      - Put up a new video and updated pics.

      Casey and Caleb

    15. Missing avatar

      Craig B Hanford on October 24

      Creator, Thanks for your response and clarification.

      Based upon some of the other comments posted, might I suggest you post some updated pics to the campaign site and perhaps a video of a prototype of the new design to help us better grasp your vision. You probably already gave that some thought, but I wanted to put it out there.


    16. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on October 24

      Great questions and comments Tom. Lets see if I can help clarify :)

      The SHEL will still be completely closed. The windows in these industrial design drawings are illustrating the SHEL when the windows are completely open just so we can communicate the positioning of the windows better. These windows can all be closed up.

      And as for your comment with the person with their leg through the window, definitely something you won't be able to do as there will be mesh there. Thanks for catching that!

      The zipper for sure will not be seeing stress. In the design, we will attach two anchor points along the tension line that the SHEL can be anchored too, but will still allow rotation as you get in through the door. So when you sit on the door, only the hammock will take your weight and not the SHEL.

      Let us know if you have any other questions Tom!


      Casey and Caleb

    17. Tom on October 24

      I looked at the survey and new pictures and I was a bit dismayed at the changes from the original product. It looked like the roof was missing. I was initially concerned about lack of airflow on warmer nights but now it looks completely open.

      One picture shows the person with their leg through the window -- but I thought it would be screened. I was also under the impression that SHEL could be made cooler simply by making the underquilt lower and providing less insulation. Meanwhile the SHEL would protect the user adequately from any wind.

      Regarding the zipper -- this does make sense to me -- how else to seal the SHEL? I was under the impression it was one piece - one shell that fit around the entire hammock, and a zippered "door" would be convenient for entering the hammock, but would never be under any stress because the users weight isn't actually pressing on the SHEL.

    18. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on October 23

      Thanks for your thoughts. We'd love to get your feedback on future products as we develop them. That will make the next Kickstarter even better for our backers.

      You're right that the photos can make the SHEL look appear pretty cold; we should have included some pics with the windows up, so that you could see that it fully encloses. The windows all appear open in the pictures, but they function exactly as you see in the Kickstarter video. The SHEL is actually a little warmer with the changes we're suggesting. Great question. Your two cents on the design adjustment (ie zipper) are also much appreciated.

      We know that it can be frustrating to have the product evolve after you've already grown attached to a previous iteration. It's hard for us to. But we are convinced that this new version is much better, and better meets the specifications we promise on our webpage and on Kickstarter. It's our way of fulfilling our initial spec commitment, at the cost of more effort on our end and a short-term inconvenience to our awesome backers like you. We can't wait to send the SHEL to you!

      Thanks for your patience, Craig.


    19. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on October 23

      @Curtis -
      1: Yes, we'll assume you want the rainfly unless you specify otherwise in your order. We'll confirm all the orders before we ship out.
      2: Yes, it's detachable.
      3: Our best estimation is that the weight is about even in both cases (~20oz). Here's why: adding the zipper and rainfly and 2 more windows are balanced out by removing material used in the the wide opening on top.
      Great questions. Thanks Curtis.

    20. Missing avatar

      Craig B Hanford on October 22

      Creator, took the survey but I have an additional comment. Overall, not happy with dramatic new look and design, but I'll go with it even though it is not what first caught my eye. What I still don't understand from the photo and description is how you will achieve your comfort temp with full reflectivity given the new door, windows, etc.? I think your half door idea will create more problems for you and customers. To me, a full length zipper (if you have a zipper at all) is more efficient for the user on entry and exit. (Similar to your competitor project - Go Hammock.) If you want to offer new things or meet more customer preferences, then design and create a new model to offer. At some point the design phase has to end and you go to production. My 2 cents. Thx.

    21. Missing avatar

      Curtis Clark on October 21

      Saw the update and the survey—looks good but I still have a few questions:

      1: It has an "optional" tarp. Does this mean we have to specify if we want it or not?

      2: Is the tarp detachable?

      3: How have the changes affected the weight (And how much does the tarp add by itself)?

    22. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on October 20

      Andrew, thanks for the video recommendation! We love Dutch here at Khione Outdoor Gear!

      Casey and Caleb

    23. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on October 20

      Hey BlueGap and Khione Backers!

      We are currently working on the email and will get this out to you tomorrow morning. Look for it in your inbox at about 11am :)

      Hope you all have awesome weekend plans and that you stay warm if you are heading outside!


    24. BlueGap on October 20

      So, when does the survey come out?

    25. Missing avatar

      Andrew Rodda on October 20

      Check out Dutch's latest youtube video, he has added a zipper entry to his winter hammock sock.

    26. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on October 15

      @All, thanks for your messages and emails. Sometimes they pile up, so we will do our best to be prompt. We like talking to you and hearing your thoughts.

      @Nathan, your comment came at a good time. Friday. The answer is Friday (Oct 20th). We will send out clear images of the new design then. It will come with (you guessed it) a survey.

      We are working to get better pictures drawn up that illustrate the differences. That way all of you can know that the ins and outs of the zipper entrance and other imprmovements better. We will do our best to have those images to you in full clarity by the 20th of October. As well, we are going to send out one big survey that asks everything we still need to know from you all (and thanks for all of your feedback through surveys this far.) Seriously, thank you for being such great backers. We really want the SHEL to be as good as possible for as many of you as possible. We will try to accommodate those of you who might not fit the middle of the bell curve too--though, we hope the illustrations will help you see why we like the changes so much.

      Talk to you soon!
      Caleb and Casey

    27. Missing avatar

      Nathan Frank on October 15

      I’m really excited with the shel and the involvement in this process, I am curious if there is a rough estimate that is available for when we will be updated next. Also, could people have the choice of having/not having a zipper entrance on the shel, so two different models. I personally like the idea of the zipper but understand the cons of it. Perhaps there could be a way to seal the zippered entrance with a Velcro flap(s), while putting the zipper in a position damage would not occur, and enter through an end. Thanks for your commitment.

    28. Missing avatar

      Lee Holden on October 13

      Found the e-mail thanks, it was just hiding :)

    29. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on October 12

      Hey Dennis and Lee,
      Can you send me an email and I will send it out to you.

      Thanks for following up guys!


    30. Missing avatar

      Dennis Redpath on October 11

      If there is an email that went out earlier this week then I don't seem to have received it

    31. Missing avatar

      Lee Holden on October 10

      I didn't get an email with the updates either?

    32. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on October 9

      Hey backers, we realized that there may have been some misunderstanding with the design changes we explained in our last email. So we are going to work on some graphic design renderings and images to help convey these changes before we send out a survey to get your thoughts. We'll work as fast as we can to get this out to you. We really appreciate our group of backers, you guys are seriously the best! Feel free to message us with questions, concerns, fears, worries, joys, or jokes. We love them all.
      - Casey and Caleb

    33. Freek on October 9

      @BlueGap. You state you have experience with zippers breaking. You may already be aware but with tents and in the near future, with the SHEL, it is recommended you open up the zippers completely before packing up. Doing this prevents a lot of stress on the zipper and possible failure.

    34. Nathan Vredenbregt on October 9

      Could you possibly post the pictures of the rainfly and the attachment points to the SHEL.

    35. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on October 9

      BlueGap, thank you for sharing your thoughts. The rainfly will be an optional add-on. The SHEL will still be water proof so that you don't need the extra shelter if you don't want it.

      We will send out a survey later today to collect feedback about these design changes. Thanks man!

      -Casey and Caleb

    36. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on October 9

      Thanks for the feedback Aileen! We are definitely optimizing the design for both the diagonal and straight lay, hence the bigger windows. We will for sure get a walk-through on video detailing the features and use-cases for the SHEL.


    37. BlueGap on October 8

      Pardon me, it just barely came through. I think the zipper is a great idea, but in my experience they break easily. I'm mainly not a huge fan of having the rainfly septate. The reason I loved this is because I just had to set up one thing and then I was done. I don't want to have to stake up a whole extra rainfly. It's just alot of extra effort that I thought I wouldn't have to put forward with this design. I'd rather just be stuck in my hammock for the night.

    38. BlueGap on October 8

      I didn't get an email with the update. Is there any way I can get one?

    39. Missing avatar

      Aileen on October 8

      I am hoping that when you start shipping them out you will have more thorough videos showing set up (all the possible configurations), use (all the possible ways of entrance, exit, etc.), breakdown, and packing - more tutorial like, NOT quick cuts like your video now. It would also be great to see it being used by two people and diagonal sleepers, since your package included a double hammock.

    40. Missing avatar

      Aileen on October 8

      The new changes seem like good improvements. I had been worried about getting in and out when it's raining if the only option was to slide the shell back and expose the hammock. And the windows seemed small. I am wondering if there will be good window placement for diagonal sleepers. I trust any changes you make will be for the best user experience and appreciate that you are not charging more for design changes. I'm looking forward to camping next spring!

    41. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on October 8

      Everyone, thank you so much for your feedback via messages and email. We've received overwhelming positive feedback with a few concerns raised and we will do our best to address them. We will not be able to respond today as we have a company policy to try our best not to work Sundays. So sit tight and we will get back to you tomorrow! Thanks!
      Casey and Caleb

    42. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on October 8

      Hey Ben, we will get back with you tomorrow about your comments. We really appreciate your feedback and will work with you so that you are entirely happy with the final SHEL design or we will make sure you get your refund back. It is totally understandable that you may not be happy about the changes. Thank you for voicing your opinion, we really value everyone's insights.

    43. Ben Carter
      on October 8

      Additionally, I am upset because a survey was already conducted, the results were already integrated into the design before the campaign ended, and now changes are being disclosed to backers post-campaign which are directly opposed to what was decided following the survey DURING the campaign.

    44. Ben Carter
      on October 8

      A zipper is one more thing to break and let water through, and I appreciated the original design for openings. An integrated rain fly cuts down on complexity and increases the number of points that can break. The additional internal overhead heat shield is added heat and noise, which is especially rough when it is warm out and raining, when I don't want to open more ventilation. Your product went from being exactly what I needed to fill a hole in my backpacking gear to being a redundant copy of what is already offered in the market and which I already own. All three points are non-negotiable for me. Unless you're team is going to offer a product nearly identical to what was promised as of the end of the kickstarter campaign, I would prefer a full refund.

    45. Missing avatar

      Neil Bunn on October 8

      @ben I read through the changes, and they seem to be reasonable progression in design and probably due to some early testing feedback. Which changes are the concern and perhaps @casey and @caleb can respond with more detailed rationale? Worth discussing since the design clearly isn't finalized yet!

    46. Ben Carter
      on October 8

      If you'd are making the changes you just sent out POST CAMPAIGN then I want a refund.

    47. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on October 7

      @Nathan and everybody-

      Thanks for your patience. You didn't miss out. We are two days behind on the survey. It will be coming on Monday if we aren't able to finish it tonight. I would say Sunday, but we have a company policy of not doing any work on Sunday if we can help it.

      Also, Casey Messick and I are so grateful to have such a cool group of backers. You have all been so good about keeping in communication with us. If any of you have individual questions, we want to answer them. Send us a message. We will do our best to get to your message as soon as we can. Thank you all.

      Caleb Lystrup

    48. Nathan Vredenbregt on October 7

      Were the surveys sent out for the shopping address and all

    49. Tom on September 27

      This seems like the perfect hammock sleep system -- lightweight, compact, integrated underquilt and tarp / mosquito net. And the ridgeline providing shape to the SHEL, a place to hang gear and a light. It will be interesting to see this in action -- will it be possible to adjust the underquilt distance while inside?

      I've seen similar products that meet some of the needs -- like the Mummypod - a sleeping bag that goes around the hammock, but in less than ideal situations still needs some kind of mosquito net and/or tarp.

      I recently helped to fund another recent Kickstarter -- the Crua Hybrid - Hammock / Mosquito Net / Rain Fly / Bivy / Pad / Sleeping Bag -- but it came out way over-engineered and too bulky / heavy to consider carrying it for backpacking.

    50. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on September 26

      Caleb, we're currently working on those different color options and design and will send you a survey about it once we're done. Hang tight!

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