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This innovative, ultralight shelter protects you from all weather conditions and replaces your other gear. Leave the bulk behind.
This innovative, ultralight shelter protects you from all weather conditions and replaces your other gear. Leave the bulk behind.Our official Kickstarter has ended. However, you can still back the Shel on the Khione Website! Click "Pre-order" below.
This innovative, ultralight shelter protects you from all weather conditions and replaces your other gear. Leave the bulk behind.Our official Kickstarter has ended. However, you can still back the Shel on the Khione Website! Click "Pre-order" below.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Stewart Howorth about 18 hours ago

      Just to clarify - with an ambient temp of 32F, the user will feel 60-65F inside the Shel with no other insulation? If so, is this a linear temp rating? Would 0F ambient feel like ~30F inside the Shel? Obviously there are plenty of other factors that would affect temp inside and out, but all those factors being the same is +30 the takeaway?

    2. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on March 9

      Scott, great question. We’ll be sending out more emails in the future to confirm your address and give you a change to change it. So you’re okay to leave it for now. Hope that helps!

    3. Missing avatar

      Scott Chamberlain on March 9

      For the email sent today to update the shipping address for the final time, when do you plan on shipping? My address is going to change mid June, so I need to know which address to give you.

    4. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on March 8

      Good question! We'll be sending out surveys soon! Thanks for your patience.


    5. Missing avatar

      Curtis Clark on March 2

      In the timeline on the last update it had production starting in a month (April 1st). When are you going to get specifics on color choices? Or did I miss something?

    6. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on February 12

      @Palyn, Thanks for your kind comments. We've done out best to make the SHEL really good for you! It's definitely longer journey than we could have ever expected, so we appreciate the support.

      @Julius, Your are totally right that 2.1 lbs IS more than 20 oz. We added a little extra insulation, added more windwos, lengthened the SHEL ends etc. when we found some key opportunities for improvement in the earlier designs. The tarp currently adds 3 oz because we have some bulky metal grommets on it. We're replacing those with plastic ones to get the weight lower.

      @Neil, Absolutely. Next time we get pictures we'll be sure to do an asym lay shot and point the picture out. Just to be sure we do (because our to-do list is always endless), could you send us a reminder email at by this Thursday?

      -Caleb and Casey

    7. Missing avatar

      Neil Bunn on February 10

      Hi @caleb and @casey, loving the progress and I'm fine with all the updated timelines. I notice in the pictures most of the time people are laying banana style, could we get some pictures of what things are like when lying asym for a flatter horizontal lay? It looks great though.

    8. Julius Daniels on February 10

      Hey y'all, pictures look good. Question about weight. 37oz is quite a bit more than the original spec of around 20 oz I think. Does the updated weight spec include the add on awning? Would love to see the awning in place. Gracias, kickatree

    9. Palyn Peterson on February 10

      Hi! I just wanted to throw it out there that I don't hold it against you guys AT ALL that the production has hit delays and such. Honestly, I'm impressed and happy that ya'll are taking the time to do it right instead of rushing to production. Thanks for keeping up the communication about it. I live in Colorado Springs and am really looking forward to camping with my SHEL once the weather warms up in the Spring and Summer. Take care and rock on.

    10. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on February 9

      Hey All,
      Let us know if you have not been getting email updates from us. We've found out some of you may have had the incorrect email on your kickstarter account and have not been seeing our email updates. You'll be getting an email from us sometime before tomorrow at noon. In order to stay connected, move our email into your primary inbox or flag it as a favorite contact so that it pops up. When we are ready to ask for your color of choice, we will be doing so via email.


      Casey and Caleb

    11. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on February 6


      Can you send me your contact information to I'll check to make sure you get our emails.


    12. BlueGap on February 6

      I never got any of the pictures, videos, or the new survey

    13. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on February 5

      We sent out a recent survey about sending your information to us for shipping, etc. It's the one that says "Last Chance! Do you want your reward for backing The SHEL ... The creator needs some information from you..." The "Respond Now" button seems to not be working for a couple of you. If that is the case, no worries! We know a way around this Kickstarter glitch.

      If the respond now button is not working for you, please just send us your (1) name, (2) backer number, (3) shipping address, and (4) email in a private message to us, because that's what we're trying to finalize with the survey.

      Casey and Caleb

    14. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on February 5

      @Brian - great point. Thanks for the reminder and the nice words! Casey was ready to send it out on Saturday, but we wanted to wait until Monday (today) because we are not as available to respond to your comments over the weekend.

      @Everybody - For some of you, the "Respond Now" button on our survey we just sent out is not working. You are getting redirected to our kickstarter page. We'll fix that ASAP. Thanks so much! We really appreciate all of you!

    15. Missing avatar

      Brian Altherr on February 4

      First, let me say I dig what you guys are doing. I'm very interested in seeing what the final product will look like. You guys are trying to build something unique for those of us who love hammock camping. Very cool. I know that in the real world stuff happens which impacts timelines. My only advice is to stick to your communication plan (every two weeks). It is only human nature to assume the worse without information.

      Again I'm a backer who digs what you guys are doing and only wish for your success.

    16. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on February 3

      Hey Jeffery, we are updating you guys every two weeks with a new timeline. Check out the updates section for the most recent updates. We will be sending an update late next week with the timeline again.

      Thanks for your patience



    17. Missing avatar

      Jeffery A Hogan on February 1

      Could please list out an updated time line. I also hoped to have this in time to test in the cold and see that will not happen. Please update with each step from this point to delivery.

    18. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on January 31

      Hey Dennis,

      The link and email goes to the same survey so just do one of them.


    19. Missing avatar

      Dennis Redpath on January 31

      Casey or Caleb,

      If we completed the survey from the email we received is it still counted, or do we need to use the link? Thanks

    20. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on January 31

      Hey Ben, good question. We decided to have you guys sign into limits people from taking the survey multiple times. Does that answer your question?

    21. Missing avatar

      Ben on January 30

      Why do we need to sign in to take the survey?

    22. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on January 27

      Please fill out this survey. With the new design changes and new backers since our last survey, we'd like your input on colors again:

      Khione team

    23. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on January 27

      Curtis and Andrew,

      Thanks for both of your comments. I think a spreader bar would be a fantastic idea, however, like Curtis shared, at this point the design is locked in so that we can get the SHEL in your hands ASAP.



    24. Missing avatar

      Curtis Clark on January 27

      To add to Andrew’s comment (and my own earlier) it’s not the closeness to the face it’s the narrowness above the face.

      A pole mod would be problematic without a standardized pole (I have a small tent pole (~3 ft) that I plan to fit inside the Shel at some point). That would be one more thing to design, buy and ship.

      At this point, I would be happier to have a finalized design with fewer bells and whistles than to keep adding more (wait, weight, cost and complexity) to the Shel. I’d rather let the DIY crowd have at it: that way a user can pick and choose what they want.

    25. Missing avatar

      Andrew Rodda on January 27

      Would you consider a spreader pole mod? Maybe just some attachment posts to allow it. It may help to keep the material away from the face or hammock. I'm assuming there are already tie out points. Thanks.

    26. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on January 24

      I totally did miss the question! In answer, the zipper is in fact double sided. You can zip it from inside or outside

    27. Kyle on January 24

      Lol Idt one of the questions was answered properly... In the video, you were reaching to the outside of the tent to close the zipper. So what we are wanting to know is, is there a zipper on the inside of the tent as well?

      You started closing the zipper from the outside, while you were inside the tent, and then your filer ended up closing it the rest of the way!

    28. Missing avatar

      Scott Nichols on January 22

      Thank you for the explanation

    29. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on January 22

      Neil, that is something we are planning on sharing with tests in the coming weeks. Good feedback!

      Just as a personal response, it was easy to get in an out of. The door is large and our zippers are specially chosen so that they don't stick or bind up and last a long time. Hope that helps!

    30. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on January 22

      Hey Curtis,

      Good question. The video may make it seem like it is close to the face, but its actually quite spacious. A spreader bar is definitely something that could be incorporated but not something we can include into this design. If it is a concern for you, as a suggestion, you could hand sew tie downs on both sides of your face and tie them to some branches to increase the space around your head. Thanks for the comment!

    31. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on January 22

      Hey Scott, totally understand where you are coming from. The reason for the delay is because of the design improvements we made to the SHEL. We really wanted to provide a product that would blow your socks off in quality and functionality. Even though we could have sent our kickstarter prototype away for manufacturing and gotten this made by January like our original timeline suggested, we made the decision to improve the SHEL before we got it into your hands. We are sorry if you feel we have not been better at communicating this to you and will try harder to be more transparent.

      The new timeline might seem very top-level but we have included all the sub tasks that add up to the timeline you now see. This includes flying to China to inspect the manufacturing process, time to ship samples back and forth, time for verification and validation testing, and time to turn around manufacturing samples just to name a few.

      Does this help?

      Casey and Caleb

    32. Missing avatar

      Scott Nichols on January 21

      Kyle, True, they did post an update a few days ago. However, they have not yet addressed the reasoning behind a six-month delay from the original campaign. Nor do we have any reasonable belief that they are going to deliver as promised now in June

    33. Kyle on January 20

      They did respond with an update just a few days ago.

    34. Missing avatar

      Scott Nichols on January 19

      What’s with the continued delays? Your current timeline has delivery 6 months past the original date and missed Spring camping season. The communication regarding these delays is seriously lacking. Please respond

    35. Missing avatar

      Neil Bunn on January 16

      @Casey and @Caleb, thanks for the update. In the video the door zipper looks like it is one sided or difficult. Could you provide some more details on zipper design and usability testing?

    36. Missing avatar

      Curtis Clark on January 16

      In the video it shows the Shel as quite close to the face. Is there a way to spread this out some (a spreader bar is a fairly easy DIY)?

    37. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on January 16

      Ben, we will be sending the new specs in a couple weeks as we measure and test.

      Good question!


    38. Missing avatar

      Ben on January 16

      What’s the pack size of the new design?

    39. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on January 13

      Hi Everybody!

      Here is the latest- We posting pictures of the fabricated design on Monday, so that you all will know how it looks. It is looking so good thanks to the solid work of our fantastic seamstress and product development lead. Thanks so much for your patience! We hope you like it. Check out the update on Monday afternoon so you can see for yourself.

      -Caleb and Casey

    40. Missing avatar

      Ben on December 29

      I’m disappointed too; however, three to six month delays have been typical for most of my backed kickstarters. If it goes past June I’m going to fine another solution for my summer backpacking trip.

    41. Missing avatar

      Scott Chamberlain on December 29

      June? Really?

      Guys, I know you are new at this and trying to come out with the best product that you can, but you sold us all with a design that you described as being perfected. Now you send out an update in the month we were supposed to receive the finished product telling us that you are still working on coming up with a design that will then go on to be tested and then at some future date hopefully be manufactured?

      It’s not terribly confidence inspiring.

    42. Missing avatar

      Craig B Hanford on December 29

      OMG!!! Delivery in June!!! You are still in design phase?!?!? I warned you back in Oct to stop messing with the design (which had radically changed from what you initially offered and I signed up for) and here you are with a six month delay for something you promised to deliver in Jan 2018. Meanwhile, two of your competitors in Kickstarter have practically completed projects for hammocks already. In case you can't guess, I am not happy.

    43. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on December 27

      Hey Matt

      You beat us to it! We’re sending an update out tonight.


    44. Missing avatar

      Matt on December 27

      Status on the prototype? Colors? Updated expected delivery? Thanks.

    45. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on December 7

      Hey Curtis,
      In the update we mentioned that we'll get a revised schedule out when we have this prototype complete as that is the major bottle neck. Once that is done, we will have a clearer picture of the time frame.
      Thanks for the comment!

    46. Missing avatar

      Curtis Clark on December 7

      Welcome to Kickstarter where the constant seems to be delays (particularly when dealing with China).

      That being said, you never gave us a revised schedule. Could you please do so.

    47. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on November 27

      Hey Harry,

      We haven't sent out the color choices yet. We'll post an update when we do so that you are aware.

      Thanks for checking up!

      Casey and Caleb

    48. Harry Lowy on November 22

      Sorry to bother you, but was there an email sent out with the color choices yet? If so, I still haven’t recieved one as of 11/22.

    49. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on November 21

      We will be posting another update on Thanksgiving. Any specific questions you'd like addressed at that time? Chances are if you have the question, then somebody else is wondering as well. Please send us a kickstarter direct message with your question before Wednesday night.

      We also thought it would be fun to include some of your jokes on our packaging. So if you have more SHEL-related jokes, please send them in a direct message as well. The best ones will make it onto the packaging! (Don't post the jokes as a comment because we want them to be a surprise.) Thanks a million.


    50. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on November 8

      @Everybody, we posted an update to keep you in the loop! Please check it out. Thanks.

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