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This innovative, ultralight shelter protects you from all weather conditions and replaces your other gear. Leave the bulk behind.
This innovative, ultralight shelter protects you from all weather conditions and replaces your other gear. Leave the bulk behind.Our official Kickstarter has ended. However, you can still back the Shel on the Khione Website! Click "Pre-order" below.
This innovative, ultralight shelter protects you from all weather conditions and replaces your other gear. Leave the bulk behind.Our official Kickstarter has ended. However, you can still back the Shel on the Khione Website! Click "Pre-order" below.
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    1. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator 5 days ago

      Everybody check your email inbox for the latest update called, "July update on the SHEL" It should reach each of our Kickstarter backers. We'll transfer it over to the KS Updates page later this week. Thanks.

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      Jake Swink 6 days ago

      I am going to be repping this out in the Middle East as I will be moving out that way soon!

    3. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator 6 days ago

      Hi guys! I'm drafting out an update as we speak. Please email me at with the subject line July Update and I'll include an answer to your question. Thanks! (And thanks @Brian and @Andrew, an update is definitely due.) I'll try to have that ready for you in the next hour or two.
      -Caleb Lystrup

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      Brian Altherr on

      As a person who has backed several projects, I understand that there are almost always delays in making something new. In fact, I think I've only backed one project that delivered on time. I get less frustrated about delays when I'm aware of them. Your communication could be much better here.

      I dig what you guys are trying to do and would very much appreciate an update.

    5. Missing avatar

      Andrew Rodda on

      Time for another update please.

    6. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on


      Thanks for your understanding. We ARE a couple of college students learning on the fly. You'd be amazed at how fast Casey learns. Just as a quick update on what's going on with us- Casey is planning on finishing his Master's Thesis in about a week (so that he can get that out of the way and focus on Khione), and I'm defending my dissertation tomorrow. Both degrees are in mechanical engineering.

      Those excuses aside, we always can and need to do better for you. We really do want to make this a good experience for you all (especially when you get your very own Shel) and really appreciate the feedback. So keep telling us what's up. It really does help. We're still very much in learning mode and have already gotten a ton of really good feedback from you. If it's really sharp feedback, we'd prefer a PM or an email, but that's your right and we respect that.

      Caleb Lystrup

      #nerds #awesome

    7. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on

      @all of our awesome backers,

      First off, please check out the quick update.

      Also, thank you all for the support. We've gotten a bunch of great emails and messages from you. It's really motivating to hear the positive support, and we appreciate you for that.

      Would it be helpful to you if we did another live feed via YouTube? It seemed like the one last month was pretty beneficial.

      Caleb and Casey
      (If to reach us the fastest, please contact or

    8. Missing avatar

      J. A.

      I have a couple trips in mind. Would be good to know if Shel will be coming with me. ..

    9. Tom on

      My only request is that you refrain from communicating project updates by email, and instead primarily use the Kickstarter platform for updates. Also, please post the transcript or maybe the questions and answers from the youtube livestream.

      I backed another project that claimed to be lighter and smaller in the campaign than the final product that I received. It was so bad that the product shifted from something I'd take backpacking to something that had a more limited use maybe for car camping. They ended up over-engineering their product for durability. They also changed the initial color in the campaign (orange-red) to green. Hopefully you guys continue to offer the color choices and aim for the general weight and packed size of the SHEL.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ben on

      The only kickstarters that I’ve received on time have been from existing companies that have experience producing goods. This team is a group of college students that are learning on the fly. We should understand that. I too have to come up with a new plan fo my Grand Teton trip.

    11. Missing avatar

      Urs Huerzeler on

      Hey people
      Give the founders a chance! Kickstarter is like growing a plant. You can't say "grow" and the plant is growing. Everyone who likes a product now, should go in a shop and don't support kickstarter campaigns.For me the quality of the product is at the top of all.Caleb and Casey tryed to get the best out of the idea they have. I was also a little bit frustrated but, if it needs a few months more so what. Be paitence and don't loose the faith in Casey and Caleb.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ethan Schroeder on

      At this point I would be shocked if we end up ever getting anything from this project. Redesign after redesign, delay after delay. It went from 20 oz to 38 oz, which essentially makes the product useless for my intended purpose of UL backpacking.

      Another failed Kickstarter. Color me shocked.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeffery A Hogan on

      In your email dated May 11th you said "Recently we learned (from an in-person visit to our manufacturer) that we will experience another delay. " What did you learn. Please start including us on the reasons.

    14. BlueGap on

      Well, time to replan my Teton backpacking trip.... Any suggestions for underquilts?

    15. Missing avatar

      Curtis Clark on

      I guess the two thing I would like answered are:
      A) what happened (your initial pitch touted your ability to pull this off)?

      B) What can you do now to convince people that a product will actually be delivered? Extensive redesign, months of silence (after starting off being a model of communication) and a (as of now) cumulative delay of 11 months screams “death spiral” to me.

    16. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on


      Thanks for your comment. You are totally right! I personally have to take a lot of the blame for the delay. My poor planning has been frustrating to say the least, but we have learned a lot. When we visited manufactures, we learned more than we expected, like how long these kinds of things actually take. Another thing we have learned is that we needed to get some outside help to better insure YOU and our other kickstarter friends get their Shel. So thank you so much for your concern and patience. I look forward to talking with you on Tuesday.

      -Caleb Lystrup

    17. Missing avatar

      Scott Nichols on

      Caleb & Casey,

      I am sure that I am not the only one, I AM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED. It has been 3 months since we last received an updated timeline/report and now you are telling us that delivery will not occur anytime soon, it will be another 6 months and unusable for this summer's camping season.

      You started off well, giving us great feedback and updates, then dark for three months and now a six month delay. This is not a way to endear yourself to the hammocking community.

      What is our guarantee that you will deliver what you have promised?

      I hope to hear some solid project planning and information regarding the delivery on Tuesday.

    18. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on

      @Andrew @Stewart @Kyle @Curtis @J. A. @Matt @Everybody

      You all rock. Thank you for keeping us accountable! We just sent you an email regarding the timeline, so please check your inbox! As well, we thought it would be great to do a kickstarter livefeed on Tuesday, May 15 at 6 PM MST. Please chat with us then so that we can answer a lot of your questions face to face.

      In the mean time, please email with your questions so that we can have answers for you on Tuesday.

    19. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Its update season. Dont go quiet on us. Everything going smoothly? Further delays? Prod photos? Anything please...

    20. Missing avatar

      J. A.

      Curious when Shel will be completed. ..

    21. Missing avatar

      Curtis Clark on

      According to the last timeline, production was to be completed by the end of April. Given everything that’s supposed to be happening, it’s oddly silent. What’s up?

    22. Kyle

      I would also be interested in that as well.

    23. Missing avatar

      Stewart Howorth on

      I would be interested, but if I could make do with a regular Shel and a couple extra pieces of gear then I would rather do that. No sense in having gear that can only do one thing, at least in my opinion. Looks like I'll just have to find out!

    24. Missing avatar

      Andrew Rodda on

      There hasn't been much comment regarding the optional tarp attachment or size, could you give a quick update on that. Thanks.

    25. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on

      We got an update coming your way!

    26. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on

      Stewart, we love to hear about snowy hammock adventures. We are researching the market as to whether a deep winter SHEL would be a substantial need. Is this something you would be interested in? It would be heavy duty but should keep you warm!

    27. Missing avatar

      Scott Nichols on

      Ready for our update!

    28. Missing avatar

      Curtis Clark on

      When do you start production?

    29. Missing avatar

      Stewart Howorth on

      Yeah, that does help. Just trying to figure out how cold I'll be able to take this thing. If I can get away with camping in 0F with a combo of Shel, 30F bag, maybe an insulated pad/etc, that would be awesome. I know that does somewhat defeat the purpose of the Shel - to be a lightweight all-in-one - but for winter camping in the Unitas it sounds like it will be a great addition to the arsenal. Especially with the addition of the Warbonnet Blackbird top cover, which I use in the cold to great success.

    30. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on

      Stewart, thats a really good question. At higher temperatures, it would closer to a linear relationship. This is because at high temperatures, conduction and convection is linear as temperatures change and they make up a larger part of heat loss. However, when you get down to lower temperatures, radiation becomes the main source of heat loss, and this is a power to the 4 relationship! So in answer to your question, because of our reflective lining on the inside of the SHEL, it would not fall as fast. Without actually building a heat transfer model, I would guess that it would feel closer to 45 or 50F in the SHEL which would still be a significantly uncomfortable night. Does that help?

    31. Missing avatar

      Stewart Howorth on

      Just to clarify - with an ambient temp of 32F, the user will feel 60-65F inside the Shel with no other insulation? If so, is this a linear temp rating? Would 0F ambient feel like ~30F inside the Shel? Obviously there are plenty of other factors that would affect temp inside and out, but all those factors being the same is +30 the takeaway?

    32. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on

      Scott, great question. We’ll be sending out more emails in the future to confirm your address and give you a change to change it. So you’re okay to leave it for now. Hope that helps!

    33. Missing avatar

      Scott Chamberlain on

      For the email sent today to update the shipping address for the final time, when do you plan on shipping? My address is going to change mid June, so I need to know which address to give you.

    34. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on

      Good question! We'll be sending out surveys soon! Thanks for your patience.


    35. Missing avatar

      Curtis Clark on

      In the timeline on the last update it had production starting in a month (April 1st). When are you going to get specifics on color choices? Or did I miss something?

    36. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on

      @Palyn, Thanks for your kind comments. We've done out best to make the SHEL really good for you! It's definitely longer journey than we could have ever expected, so we appreciate the support.

      @Julius, Your are totally right that 2.1 lbs IS more than 20 oz. We added a little extra insulation, added more windwos, lengthened the SHEL ends etc. when we found some key opportunities for improvement in the earlier designs. The tarp currently adds 3 oz because we have some bulky metal grommets on it. We're replacing those with plastic ones to get the weight lower.

      @Neil, Absolutely. Next time we get pictures we'll be sure to do an asym lay shot and point the picture out. Just to be sure we do (because our to-do list is always endless), could you send us a reminder email at by this Thursday?

      -Caleb and Casey

    37. Missing avatar

      Neil Bunn on

      Hi @caleb and @casey, loving the progress and I'm fine with all the updated timelines. I notice in the pictures most of the time people are laying banana style, could we get some pictures of what things are like when lying asym for a flatter horizontal lay? It looks great though.

    38. Julius Daniels on

      Hey y'all, pictures look good. Question about weight. 37oz is quite a bit more than the original spec of around 20 oz I think. Does the updated weight spec include the add on awning? Would love to see the awning in place. Gracias, kickatree

    39. Palyn Sorenson on

      Hi! I just wanted to throw it out there that I don't hold it against you guys AT ALL that the production has hit delays and such. Honestly, I'm impressed and happy that ya'll are taking the time to do it right instead of rushing to production. Thanks for keeping up the communication about it. I live in Colorado Springs and am really looking forward to camping with my SHEL once the weather warms up in the Spring and Summer. Take care and rock on.

    40. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on

      Hey All,
      Let us know if you have not been getting email updates from us. We've found out some of you may have had the incorrect email on your kickstarter account and have not been seeing our email updates. You'll be getting an email from us sometime before tomorrow at noon. In order to stay connected, move our email into your primary inbox or flag it as a favorite contact so that it pops up. When we are ready to ask for your color of choice, we will be doing so via email.


      Casey and Caleb

    41. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on


      Can you send me your contact information to I'll check to make sure you get our emails.


    42. BlueGap on

      I never got any of the pictures, videos, or the new survey

    43. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on

      We sent out a recent survey about sending your information to us for shipping, etc. It's the one that says "Last Chance! Do you want your reward for backing The SHEL ... The creator needs some information from you..." The "Respond Now" button seems to not be working for a couple of you. If that is the case, no worries! We know a way around this Kickstarter glitch.

      If the respond now button is not working for you, please just send us your (1) name, (2) backer number, (3) shipping address, and (4) email in a private message to us, because that's what we're trying to finalize with the survey.

      Casey and Caleb

    44. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on

      @Brian - great point. Thanks for the reminder and the nice words! Casey was ready to send it out on Saturday, but we wanted to wait until Monday (today) because we are not as available to respond to your comments over the weekend.

      @Everybody - For some of you, the "Respond Now" button on our survey we just sent out is not working. You are getting redirected to our kickstarter page. We'll fix that ASAP. Thanks so much! We really appreciate all of you!

    45. Missing avatar

      Brian Altherr on

      First, let me say I dig what you guys are doing. I'm very interested in seeing what the final product will look like. You guys are trying to build something unique for those of us who love hammock camping. Very cool. I know that in the real world stuff happens which impacts timelines. My only advice is to stick to your communication plan (every two weeks). It is only human nature to assume the worse without information.

      Again I'm a backer who digs what you guys are doing and only wish for your success.

    46. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on

      Hey Jeffery, we are updating you guys every two weeks with a new timeline. Check out the updates section for the most recent updates. We will be sending an update late next week with the timeline again.

      Thanks for your patience



    47. Missing avatar

      Jeffery A Hogan on

      Could please list out an updated time line. I also hoped to have this in time to test in the cold and see that will not happen. Please update with each step from this point to delivery.

    48. Casey Messick and Caleb Lystrup Creator on

      Hey Dennis,

      The link and email goes to the same survey so just do one of them.


    49. Missing avatar

      Dennis Redpath on

      Casey or Caleb,

      If we completed the survey from the email we received is it still counted, or do we need to use the link? Thanks

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